Monday 28 August 2017

My Favourite Things About the Online Book Community

I've been feeling so much love towards the online YA book community lately. With all the attacks coming from far and wide, it's been amazing to see people coming together as such a wonderful community. People are so accepting and kind too, and so many people have been very kind to me. We still have a lot to do with regards to welcoming teens and promoting diversity, but WE ARE AWESOME, and I love you all <3 So without further ado, here's the top five reasons why I love the online book community.

1) It's so accepting! Seriously, the YA community is one of the kindest, most accepting communities ever. When I first decided to start blogging, I was so nervous that no one would want to read my blog or talk to me, but people have welcomed me with open arms. I've had so many wonderful bookish chats and made so many wonderful friends. I always want to meet others though, so DM me any time if you want to be bookish friends! <3

2) We're kind and we stick up for each other. As with any online community, there's going to be drama and disagreements. That's part of having different people in a community who have very strong differing opinions. But I think we're getting a lot better at accepting each other's opinions, and being kind. At the same time, the YA community is awesome at defending each other against bullies or trolls and promoting unheard voices. Positivity is so important. *throws party for whole book community and provides cake*

3) The community is kind of kick-butt! Who saw the book community sort out the New York Times bestseller scam this weekend? Woah! I think the lovely Laura Silverman summed up my thoughts on this. We are powerful and slightly crazy!