Monday 5 February 2018

Your Guide to 2019 YA Releases


Hi guys! 

I've had such an amazing reaction from my 2018 list that I thought I'd start compiling my 2019 list ASAP. Because (at the time of writing this), it's a year until these books even start coming out, most of them don't have release dates yet. So in the undated section, I've just organised them by season for now, and then eventually I will put them in month categories when this info is released.
I hope this is helpful!

If you are an author (or publicist, publisher, editor or any other lovely publishing person), and you have a book you'd like on this list, just shoot me an email at the email on my contact page, or twitter DM me, or comment here. I'd also love to review any of these, just email me :)
I hope that this is helpful!