Sunday 4 March 2018

My Fave Bookish People - Part 1 (Bloggers)

One of my favourite things about the Internet has been the opportunity to find out about and meet lots of lovely bookish people. There are so many kind people on the Internet to chat about books with (and drool over their bookshelves ;D).

And I love finding new bookish people so much, so I thought I'd share some of my faves in the hope that you can find some new faves. Some of these people are personal friends of mine who I think are very talented, some of them have no idea I exist. Some are super popular, some are rising stars. I hope you find some new faves here!

Note: I decided to restrict my lists to about 25-30 people per category, just so that they didn't go on forever! If you aren't on here, it doesn't mean I don't love you and your content, just that I either had a temporary lapse of memory or that I just couldn't fit everybody in! If I listed everybody bookish that I love, we'd have a seriously huge post. This is just a taste of some of my faves
  • Brittany at Brittany's Book Rambles - I met Brittany in real life in 2015, and she is literally the sweetest. She has the best taste in books and she's my number one go to person for recommendations if I need a new book to read. Plus her blog is GOALS - her blog design is beautiful and her reviews are super honest and in depth.
  • Emily at Emily J Mead - I've mentioned Emily in my bookstagram section too, because her photos are so so beautiful! I love her pastel aesthetic and I always really enjoy reading her wrap ups and hearing all her thoughts on the books she reads.
  • Shannon at It Starts At Midnight - Shannon's blog was one of the first I ever visited, back when I started reading book blogs, and I can honestly say she has been such a big inspiration for me in my book blogging life. My favourite feature on It Starts At Midnight are her mini-reviews and Inarticulate Book Musings series. She also recently posted an awesome post on book unhauling which was awesome! Check her out!
  • Cait at Paper Fury - who doesn't love Cait?! I think Cait might honestly be my biggest blogging inspiration and I ADORE her blog and trust her opinions so much. She's also the sweetest and I always squeal so loud whenever she is kind enough to comment on my posts. You're the best Cait! *throws cake*
  • Michelle at Pink Polka Dot Books - I've loved Michelle's blog for a long long time. She recently posted that it is her 6th blogoversary and I can't believe how the time has flown - I've been reading for at least 5 of those 6 years and her blog has been awesome all along. Also, she is THE BEST at choosing awesome gifs to go along with her posts ;)
  • Jeann, Jenna and Aila at Happy Indulgence - the girls at Happy Indulgence never fail to make me happy! Their reviews are interspersed with fabulous discussion posts and great videos on the their booktube channel. I love your blog, girls!
  • Rissi at Finding Wonderland - I love reading all of Rissi's posts. She doesn't only review YA books but also TV shows and movies, and I always appreciate her fun, well thought-out posts!
  • Kai at Quartz Feather - Kai's blog is simply awesome. My favourite thing about her posts is the format. She interweaves pictures, quotes and her thoughts into her reviews and I always have such a fun time reading them. She hasn't been posting much recently though, and that makes me sad. I miss your face, Kai!
  • Chiara at Books For a Delicate Eternity - oh my goodness, doesn't Chiara have the most beautiful blog ever!? Not only that, but her book taste is impeccable and her cat rating system is wonderful. She also has open-able trigger warning boxes at the end of her reviews which I think is a wonderful idea.
  • Anisha at Sprinkled Pages - Anisha's wonderful reviews are accompanied by beautiful photos and great descriptions. She also has a wonderful booktube channel which I would thoroughly recommend.
  • Cait at A Page with a View - in addition to having a truly beautiful blog, Cait's book reviews are extremely thorough and I feel I can always trust her opinions. I also LOVE the titles pictures for each review - go to her blog and you'll see what I mean.
  • Stacee at Adventures of a Book Junkie - I've been following Stacee's blog for the longest out of any of these in this list and that is because it is awesome. I swear, Stacee has super reading powers, she reads so many books a month, but she never slacks on providing awesome reviews. I also always love reading her event recaps, which make me feel like I'm right there with the authors.
  • Alexa at Alexa Loves Books - I love reading all of Alexa's posts! Especially her monthly retrospectives and sequel spotlights. She also has the most beautiful bookshelves!
  • Alex, Jesse, JM and Liv at Arctic Books - Arctic Books is one of my go-to blogs when I want to find some thoughts on a new book I want to read. All of the bloggers write such wonderful reviews and they post so frequently that I can check every day and there's always a great new post.
  • Tracy and MC at Cornerfolds - the ladies at Cornerfolds are the best! I've met both Tracy and MC in person and they were both so lovely, and their blog is wonderful. I especially love all their graphics in their posts.
  • Analee at Book Snacks - oh my goodness, I just love Analee's blog so much. I love the way she writes, and she makes all of her posts super engaging.  Her recent post on the pressure of own voices reviews was also super interesting and important.
  • Carina at Carina's Books - I'm a long time follower of Carina's blog and I love reading it so much. My favourite posts of hers' are ones on her extensive book collection and her stacking the shelves posts. Carina has a book-lover's dream of a collection.
  • Hafsah and Asma at Icey Books - these girls have the most amazing blog! Also, Hafsah's book comes out next year and I am so so excited. We Hunt the Flame sounds amazing and I cannot wait to read it.
  • Tiff at Mostly YA Lit - Tiff has the most gorgeous blog design, with these beautiful watercolour graphics, but not only that, she also writes wonderful posts and shares my love of the To All The Boys I've Loved Before Series.
  • Madeline at Reverie Pages  - I am so in love with Madeline's blog. Not only does she have the most gorgeous design, I'm constantly in awe of her original, captivating posts. I particularly loved her recent posts on Unpopular bookish opinions and book trope that make me cringe.
  • Alexandra, Madeline, Priscilla, Haley, Kaitlin and Chelsea at Twirling Pages - what I love most about Twirling Pages is that I get to hear thoughts on YA books from their intended audience - teens. All six girls are fabulous writers and I eagerly watch my inbox for their posts.
  • Hazel at Stay Bookish - Hazel is a superstar in the book blogging world, and for good reason. Not only does she write a wonderful blog, she also produces a YA Book Zine filled with beautiful photos, great interviews and fab reviews. I love everything she makes.
  • Fadwa at Word Wonders - Fadwa is one of my fave bookish people, and a huge blogging inspiration for me. I love reading her reviews, and I've learnt so much from her blog.
Now for the best part: who are your favourite bookish people? I want to find some new faves! Also, would you be interested in another one of these posts on booktubers, and then maybe another on bookstagrammers? Let me know!