May 2025 New Releases


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The Glittering Edge by Alyssa Villaire (Little, Brown)
Ruqayyah Daud at Little, Brown has acquired, at auction, debut author Alyssa Villaire's YA fantasy novel The Glittering Edge and a sequel, about a teenage girl in small-town Indiana who is tossed into a decades-long magical feud between two families in order to save her mother's life—a quest that will involve witch covens, first love, and a secret that will change her town forever. Publication of the first book is slated for summer 2025; Peter Knapp and Stuti Telidevara at Park & Fine Literary and Media sold North American rights.

Lemon At First Sight by Steven Salvatore (Bloomsbury)
Author of AND THEY LIVED Steven Salvatore's LEMON AT FIRST SIGHT, a romance pitched as loosely inspired by My Best Friend's Wedding with a gay twist, about a budding TikTok food blogger who schemes to win back the love of his life at a family wedding in an Italian lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast, to Camille Kellogg at Bloomsbury Children's, by Jessica Regel at Helm Literary (world English).

May 1st
Sound Check by Jennifer Fenn (Roaring Brook Press) - moved from April 2022, then from July 2023, then from July 2024.

Win is a remarkably gifted percussionist. He's also profoundly deaf and plays the drums with his shoes off so he can feel the music through the soles of his feet. He has it all: he's in a band on the verge of breaking out, and he's madly in love with Tristen, their lead singer. The only thing he could ever want: to hear Tristen sing.

Sound Check is told in alternating narratives. The A side - Win decides to get a cochlear implant that will allow him to hear. The B side - Win and Tristen's love story from the day they first met to the day Win heard Tristen for the first time. And in the silence between the tracks? Heartbreak.

May 6th
Up in Smoke by Nick Brooks (Henry Holt) - description not yet updated on Goodreads.
Perfect for fans of Karen McManus and The Hate U Give, this edge-of-your-seat thriller from the critically-acclaimed author of Promise Boys follows Cooper and Monique as they seek to exonerate Monique's brother in a murder investigation and learn what they really mean to each other—all while Cooper hides a shocking secret.

After an officer-involved shooting claims the life of a Black kid, Cooper King is convinced to attend a local march by Jason, the closest thing he has to a big brother. But against Cooper's better judgment, they don’t protest—they loot. Then, the unthinkable happens: gunshots ring in the air and someone ends up dead. After Cooper flees the scene, footage shows up on the news of four teens in ski masks near the scene of the murder—Cooper and his friends. Just as Cooper fears he might get wrongfully charged, a suspect is taken into custody: Jason.

Hiding the truth from Monique, Jason's sister and Cooper's longtime crush, that he was among the looters, Cooper and Monique set out to investigate what really happened to clear Jason's name and find the true killer. If they fail, Jason will get locked up for a crime he didn't commit—and possibly drag Cooper along with him.

Of Earthly Delights by Goldy Moldavsky (Henry Holt) - description not yet updated on Goodreads.
A contemporary YA gothic romance about a dark family secret, a lush, mysterious garden, and a love that never dies, from New York Times bestselling author Goldy Moldavsky.

Aspiring artist Rose Pauly is not happy moving from her home in New York City right before her senior year of high school. But on her first miserable day in Connecticut, she meets Hart Hargrove. The two share an immediate, undeniable connection.

Hart introduces Rose to his slice of paradise–the immense private garden nestled behind the Hargrove family mansion. There, the two spend a fever dream of a summer together. But as their bond blossoms into love, Rose can't shake the feeling that all is not as it seems.

When Rose uncovers the truth about the garden, she's forced to question how genuine her love story truly is. But Hart can't bear to lose Rose, and he will stop at nothing to save their relationship.

Posing haunting questions about beauty and desire, this is an atmospheric and darkly romantic tale that will enthrall readers.

You and Me on Repeat by Mary Shyne (Henry Holt) - YA graphic novel, previously titled Graduation Day, description not yet updated on Goodreads.
In this swoony and hilarious debut rom-com graphic novel, two former friends are trapped in a time loop together, repeating their high school graduation day over and over and over—for fans of Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me, Pumpkinheads, and Groundhog Day.

Chris O’Brien has a genius plan: If he can share the perfect first kiss with his crush, Andy, then of course he’ll break free from the time loop that has him repeating graduation day over and over…and over.

Alicia Ochoa thinks Chris’s plan is doomed. Valedictorian and a total nerd, she knows it’ll take more than a kiss to escape the loop they’re trapped in together. Besides, Chris may be a hopeless romantic, but Alicia doesn’t think he has a real shot with Andy.

Once close friends, Alicia and Chris have history—lots of it. As they got older, the pair fell out after Chris ditched her for the “cool kids” and left her in the dust. But when you’re looping side by side, you never know if friendship might rekindle or what new feelings could spark along the way.

Heir of Storms by Lauryn Hamilton Murray (Roaring Brook Press)
Kate Meltzer and Emilia Sowersby at Roaring Brook have acquired, at auction, Heir of Storms, the first novel in the Storm Weaver series from debut author Lauryn Hamilton Murray. Sarah J. Maas meets Red Queen in an epic fantasy that follows Blaze, a Rain Singer, as she's pitted against other Etheri, masters of elemental powers, to become the ruler of a kingdom where crowns aren't inherited, they're won. Publication is planned for spring 2025; Penguin Random House UK sold North American rights.

Fitting Indian by Jyoti Chand and Tara Anand (HarperCollins) - YA graphic novel, moved from June 2024, then from October 2024.
Clarissa Wong, while at HarperCollins, bought world rights to Fitting Indian by Jyoti Chand, illustrated by Tara Anand; Megan Ilnitzki will edit. Pitched as Never Have I Ever meets Spinning, this YA graphic novel follows Nitasha as she navigates pressure and expectations from her traditional South Asian family, the challenges of high school—and her mental health. Publication is set for winter 2024, Chad W. Beckerman at the CAT Agency represented the author and the illustrator.

May 20th
Everyone Sux But You by Kelsey Wroten (Henry Holt) - YA graphic novel.

Mark Podesta at Holt has acquired, at auction, Everyone Sux But You by Lambda Award-winning artist and author Kelsey Wroten, a YA graphic novel set in the early aughts about an apathetic lesbian punk who learns—in the wake of her mother's death and on the verge of confessing her feelings for her best friend—that caring might just be cool, with echoes of Daria, Ladybird, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Publication is planned for winter 2024; Edward Maxwell at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates negotiated the deal for world English rights.

May 27th
And They Were Roommates by Page Powars (Roaring Brook Press) - moved from 2024, changed publisher from Delacorte to Roaring Brook Press.

A hilarious, unputdownable second-chance-romance about the most unlikely, gay roommate mishap. Perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Gwen & Art Are Not in Love.

Romance is the last thing on Charlie’s mind.

On his first day at Valentine Academy for Boys, Charlie’s carefully crafted plan to hide his identity as the school’s only trans student is set in motion. Only to be immediately destroyed. Charlie has been assigned the worst roommate in the world (possibly the universe): Jasper Grimes, the boy who broke Charlie’s heart the year before he transitioned.

Except, Jasper doesn’t recognize Charlie.

Who knows how long until Jasper realizes the truth? Charlie has one shot at freedom and a dorm room all to himself, but only if he helps Jasper write love letters on behalf of their fellow students first. No problem. Charlie can help Jasper with some silly letters.

Long nights spent discussing deep romantic feelings with Jasper? Surely, no unintended consequences will arise…

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