March 2022 New Releases

All Kingdoms Must Fall by Kosoko Jackson (Sourcebooks Fire)
Annie Berger at Sourcebooks Fire has bought world rights to Kosoko Jackson's second novel, All Kingdoms Must Fall. Pitched as Attack the Block meets Internment for the Black Lives Matter movement, it follows a high school junior who, during a police brutality protest, teams up with a hacker to shut down a device that creates an impenetrable dome around Baltimore. Publication is scheduled for March 2022; Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret negotiated the deal.

Dig Two Graves by Gretchen McNeil (Disney Hyperion)
Kieran Viola at Disney-Hyperion has acquired world rights to Dig Two Graves by Gretchen McNeil (author of the #murdertrending series and Get Even, currently streaming on Netflix). Pitched as a YA Strangers on a Train with a queer twist, the novel follows school pariah Neve, who meets her new best friend Diane at summer camp, where they jokingly fantasize about killing each other's bullies—until those fantasies become disturbing realities, and Neve finds herself blackmailed into committing murder. Publication for Dig Two Graves is planned for March 2022, with another YA novel to follow in March 2023; Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown negotiated the two-book deal. 

March 1st
The Lost Dreamer by Lizz Huerta (FSG)

A stunning YA fantasy inspired by ancient Mesoamerica, this gripping debut introduces us to a lineage of seers defiantly resisting the shifting patriarchal state that would see them destroyed—perfect for fans of Tomi Adeyemi and Sabaa Tahir.

Indir is a Dreamer, descended from a long line of seers; able to see beyond reality, she carries the rare gift of Dreaming truth. But when the beloved king dies, his son has no respect for this time-honored tradition. King Alcan wants an opportunity to bring the Dreamers to a permanent end—an opportunity Indir will give him if he discovers the two secrets she is struggling to keep. As violent change shakes Indir’s world to its core, she is forced to make an impossible choice: fight for her home or fight to survive.

Saya is a seer, but not a Dreamer—she has never been formally trained. Her mother exploits her daughter’s gift, passing it off as her own as they travel from village to village, never staying in one place too long. Almost as if they’re running from something. Almost as if they’re being hunted. When Saya loses the necklace she’s worn since birth, she discovers that seeing isn’t her only gift—and begins to suspect that everything she knows about her life has been a carefully-constructed lie. As she comes to distrust the only family she’s ever known, Saya will do what she’s never done before, go where she’s never been, and risk it all in the search of answers.

With a detailed, supernaturally-charged setting and topical themes of patriarchal power and female strength, The Lost Dreamer brings an ancient world to life, mirroring the challenges of our modern one.

One For All by Lillie Lainoff (FSG) - release date announced by author on twitter.
Melissa Warten at FSG has acquired Lillie Lainoff's #OwnVoices YA debut, One for All. In this gender-bent retelling of The Three Musketeers, Tania, who has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, trains as a Musketeer and finds sisterhood, friendship, and secrets that could lead her to save all of France—and maybe even reveal the truth behind her father's murder. Publication is slated for winter 2022; Jennifer Wills at the Seymour Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

March 8th
Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye (HarperTeen) - although cover still lists a 2021 release date, a 2022 release date has since been confirmed.
ImageKristin Pettit at HarperCollins has acquired world rights to #PitchWars alum Deborah Falaye's YA fantasy Blood Scion. Inspired by Africa's child soldier crisis and set in a West African fantasy world, the novel follows a young Scion—the all but extinct descendants of the ancient Orisha gods—who is drafted into the very military that has hunted her kind for centuries. Stealing the opportunity to uncover what happened the night her mother disappeared, she will do anything to learn the truth—even if it means becoming the killer the army demands. Victoria Marini at Irene Goodman Literary Agency did the deal. 


March 15th

Being Mary Bennet by JC Peterson (HarperTeen)
Alice Jerman at HarperTeen has acquired Being Mary Bennet, plus an untitled standalone, by JC Peterson. This YA romantic comedy debut follows a girl who discovers she is the Mary Bennet of her own life, and resolves to become the main character of her story. Publication is scheduled for winter 2022; Amy Elizabeth Bishop at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret handled the two-book deal for North American rights.

March 22nd

A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin
(Fiewel and Friends) - previously titled Heart of Severed Leaves.

Judy I. Lin's sweeping debut A Magic Steeped in Poison, first in a duology, is sure to enchant fans of Adrienne Young and Leigh Bardugo.

I used to look at my hands with pride. Now all I can think is, "These are the hands that buried my mother."

For Ning, the only thing worse than losing her mother is knowing that it's her own fault. She was the one who unknowingly brewed the poison tea that killed her—the poison tea that now threatens to also take her sister, Shu.

When Ning hears of a competition to find the kingdom's greatest shennong-shi—masters of the ancient and magical art of tea-making—she travels to the imperial city to compete. The winner will receive a favor from the princess, which may be Ning's only chance to save her sister's life. But between the backstabbing competitors, bloody court politics, and a mysterious (and handsome) boy with a shocking secret, Ning might actually be the one in more danger.

A Million Quiet Revolutions by Robin Gow (FSG)
Trisha de Guzman at FSG has bought, at auction, North American rights to Robin Gow's A Million Quiet Revolutions and an untitled second project. The YA novel in verse is a love story between two transgender boys who come out to each other the weekend before their senior year. They choose their names after they discover the lives of two revolutionary soldiers who were assigned female at birth and lived as men. Together, they explore their identities and search history for the often untold stories of queer people like them. Publication is slated for winter 2022.

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