June 2024 New Releases



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It's Only a Game by Kelsea Yu (Bloomsbury)
Camille Kellogg at Bloomsbury has bought debut author Kelsea Yu's It's Only a Game, a YA thriller in which Marina Chan and her friends are blackmailed into playing a video game with deadly consequences that forces them to lie, trespass, and steal in real life. But the deeper into the game they get, the more Marina realizes that whoever is pulling the strings knows too much about the past she's tried to leave behind. Publication is set for spring 2024; Jennifer Azantian at Azantian Literary sold world rights.

June 1st
We Mostly Come Out at Night by Various YA Authors (Running Press Kids) - moved from May 2024, previously titled Queer Beasties, release date not completely clear.
From Grendel and the Big Bad Wolf to Godzilla and Pennywise the Clown, monsters have served as projections of what society fears, misunderstands, and rejects.

They are the quintessential metaphors for the other.

But in QUEER BEASTIES: 15 Weird & Wondrous Monster Tales, we present stories that proudly embrace monsters as an emblem for queerness. Stories that subvert the concept of “normal” and flip it on its head. Stories that celebrate monsters in all of their glorious strangeness, while reveling in what makes them fascinating, unusual, and powerful. Stories that affirm the beauty, strength, individuality, and worth of what society too often considers monstrous and unwanted.

Stories that queer the very notion of what it means to be a monster.

With contributions from both established and emerging voices in young adult and speculative fiction, QUEER BEASTIES: 15 Weird & Wondrous Monster Tales rehabilitates the image of the monster as a heroic symbol of difference.

June 4th
There Is A Door In This Darkness by Kristin Cashore (Dutton) - moved from May 2024, release date and description not yet updated on Goodreads.
A magic-tinged contemporary YA about grief and hope from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of the Graceling Realm novels.

Wilhelmina Hart is part of the infamous class of 2020. Her high school years began with the election of Donald Trump and they ended with COVID. Now Wilhelmina, like so many of her peers, is in limbo, having deferred college because of the pandemic. Compounding the national trauma of 2016 to 2020, Wilhelmina has wrestled with the devastating loss of one of her three beloved aunts shortly after the 2016 election. This is a loss she felt so keenly that she’s spent the last years deep in her personal depression, only obscured by the seemingly endless waves of national trauma. Now on the cusp on the most consequential election in living memory, Wilhelmina may have found a door in her darkness and perhaps the courage to pass through it, if she can decipher the bizarre messages that keep appearing in her life.

Hearts That Cut by Kika Hatzopoulou (Razorbill)
In this heart-pounding, much-anticipated sequel to Threads That Bind, Io will face threats even more dangerous and players even more powerful as she discovers what it will mean to follow—or defy—her fate.

It’s been five weeks since Io left Alante to follow the golden thread, and she’s no closer to finding the god on the other end. She spends her days in constant, grueling travel and her nights worrying over the fate-thread she shares with Edei—which seems to be fraying. Making matters worse, she and Bianca soon realize that their only lead has shaken them off, snapped the golden thread, and disappeared.

But not before Io gathers some crucial clues. Her investigation leads her to a new mystery, a rash of sibling disappearances across the Wastelands that seems to be connected to the murders in Alante. And all signs point to Nanzy, the golden city, as the center of the whole conspiracy.

As Io and Bianca make their way to Nanzy, they make powerful enemies, find allies new and old, and uncover a horrifying plot that traces back centuries. The more Io learns, the more she begins to suspect that the future of the world may truly rest on her shoulders. But she will have to determine how much of the future is her choice—and how much is simply her fate.

Annie LeBlanc Is Not Dead Yet by Molly Morris (Wednesday Books)

Every ten years in the strange little town of Lennon, California, one person is chosen to return from the dead…

Wilson Moss entered the town’s top-secret contest in the hopes of resurrecting her ex-best friend Annie LeBlanc, but that doesn’t mean she thought she’d actually win. Now Annie’s back and Wil’s ecstatic—does it even really matter that Annie ghosted her a year before she died…?

But like any contest, there are rules, and the town’s resurrected dead can only return for thirty days. When Wil discovers a loophole that means Annie might be able to stay for good, she’s desperate to keep her alive. The potential key? Their third best friend, Ryan. Forget the fact that Ryan openly hates them both, or that she and Wilson have barely spoken since that awkward time they kissed. Wil can put it aside for one month; she just needs to stop thinking about it first.

Because Wil has one summer to permanently put an end to her loneliness—it’s that, or lose her only friends…again. But along the way, she might have to face some difficult truths about Annie’s past and their friendship that, so far, she’s left buried.

Four Eids and a Funeral by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and Adiba Jaigirdar (Feiwel and Friends)
Ex-best friends, Tiwa and Said, must work together to save their Islamic Center from demolition, in this romantic story of rekindling and rebuilding by award-winning authors Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé & Adiba Jaigirdar!

Let’s get one thing straight, this is a love story.

These days, Said Hossain spends most of his time away at boarding school. But when his favorite hometown librarian Ms. Barnes dies, he must return home to New Crosshaven for her funeral and for the summer. Too bad being home makes it a lot harder to avoid facing his ex-best friend, Tiwa Olatunji, or facing the daunting task of telling his Bangladeshi parents that he would rather be an artist than a doctor.

Tiwa doesn’t understand what made Said start ignoring her, but it’s probably that fancy boarding school of his. Though he’s unexpectedly staying through the summer, she’s determined to take a page from him and pretend he doesn’t exist. Besides, she has more than enough going on, between grieving her broken family and helping her mother throw the upcoming Eid celebration at the Islamic Center—a place that means so much to Tiwa.

But when the Islamic Center accidentally catches fire, it turns out the mayor plans to demolish the center entirely. Things are still tense between the ex-friends but Tiwa needs Said’s help if there’s any hope of changing the mayor’s mind, and Said needs a project to submit to art school (unbeknownst to anyone). Will all their efforts be enough to save the Islamic Center, save Eid, and maybe save their relationship?

When Mimi Went Missing by Suja Sukumar (Soho Teen)
Alexa Wejko at Soho Teen has bought When Mimi Went Missing, a debut novel by Suja Sukumar.  In the YA thriller, Tanvi has no memory of the night her perfect, popular cousin Mimi disappeared, but she doesn’t dare tell the cops. If they discover the awful fight the cousins had, Tanvi’s violent past will make her the prime suspect. When the clues point to murder, Tanvi must revisit the darkest night of her life and discover what really happened to Mimi, before she is framed for the crime.  Publication is scheduled for 2024; Zabé Ellor at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency negotiated the deal for world rights.

Dance of the Starlit Sea by Kiana Krystle (Peachtree Teen) - moved from April 2022, then from June 2023, some editions dated July 2024.
“Hades and Persephone” meets Daughter of Smoke and Bone in a sweeping, romantic cottagecore paranormal YA from debut author Kiana Krystle.

Lila Rose Li’s mother always called her an ocean of a girl. For years, she pushed herself to become the ballerina her parents would approve of. But when she collapses on stage and her parents reproach her, she snaps. Sent away for losing her temper, Lila arrives at her aunt’s cottage on Luna Island with dashed dreams, but she’s quickly buoyed by the island’s charm. Perhaps here among the cobblestone streets, ivy-covered boutiques, and whispered myths of angels, she can finally curb the tempest inside her that’s made unworthy of love?

Damien Drake’s father always said he was too soft to carry on the family tradition. As Angel of the Night, it’s his duty to select a new bride for the Devil every seven years—a sacrifice which guarantees life on Luna Island will continue to thrive. During the last Tithe, Damien brought shame upon the family for trying to rescue his first love from sacrifice. This time, he’s determined to fulfill his duty with utmost obedience and earn back his family’s trust.

When Damien spots Lila on a yacht at sea, he knows he’s found the Devil’s perfect match. Her anger is powerful, and when she dances, flowers spring from her step. What he doesn’t expect is to find someone whose trauma reflects his own, who understands what it’s like to be a disappointment to one’s family, and whose power may actually be enough to end the Tithe once and for all.

Lady of Steel and Straw by Erica Ivy Rodgers (Peachtree Teen)
In this YA fantasy debut, a tenacious heroine with a dark gift must defend her family's legacy and faith from a handsome enemy.

Lady Charlotte Sand was born to calm the restless dead, but her power has grown unpopular thanks to the newly ascendant religion of the Silent Gods. Worse, her family’s ancestral Guardian, a lavender scarecrow who was once a defender of the crown, hasn’t woken for a new heir since her father’s sordid death. With other Guardians also reduced to pitiful bags of herbs on distant farms, the Order of the Old Gods is a struggling remnant filled with political exiles. But darkness stirs in Niveaux, and the spirits of the dead are turning into vengeful wraiths with alarming frequency.

Captain Luc de Montaigne is a pious follower of the Silent Gods, and he comes calling on Sand Manor with orders to collect the magic hearts of every sleeping Guardian. His success would purge the kingdom of the Old Gods once and for all, but Charlotte proves defiant and triggers a faction war. As an army of the dead amasses and dormant warriors stir from slumber, Luc and Charlotte grapple with a forbidden kill the other and step closer to victory—or yield to the electricity between them. The hearts they stand to lose may, in fact, be their own.

Drown Me With Dreams by Gabi Burton (Bloomsbury)
In the second book in this dark and seductive YA fantasy duology, a siren must decide if saving her kingdom is worth betraying the boy she loves.

Saoirse Sorkova is on the run. Accused of several murders, her siren identity compromised, even the newly crowned King Hayes can't protect her if she's caught. The only way to save her life is to send her on a dangerous mission across the magical barrier that surrounds the kingdom.

Forced to travel with Carrick - once her best friend, now her greatest betrayer - she begins to unravel multiple plots that threaten the safety of her family, the livelihood of the entire kingdom, and her future with Hayes. And the more time she spends with Carrick, the harder it is to keep hating him...

Soon, Saoirse is forced to what if Hayes isn't the right ruler for the kingdom? And if he's not, is she willing to betray her king - and her heart?

Featuring an all Black and Brown cast, a forbidden romance, and a compulsively dark plot full of twists, this thrilling YA fantasy series is perfect for fans of A Song Below Water and To Kill a Kingdom.

Two Sides To Every Murder by Danielle Valentine (Razorbill)
From the author of How to Survive Your Murder comes another twisty, meta thriller about two teens returning to the site of the Camp Lost Lake murders to uncover long-buried family secrets.

Most peoples' births aren't immortalized in a police report. Unlike Olivia, who was born in the middle of a massacre. Literally. Despite such an auspicious start, Olivia’s life has been pretty perfect. Until she discovers the man she calls dad is not her biological father. And the only place she knows to seek answers about her paternity is the site of the murders, Camp Lost Lake, where her mom worked until that deadly night.

Most people don’t spend their formative years on the run with an alleged murderer. Reagan did, and she’s had enough. In the court of public opinion, her mom has been tried and found guilty of the deaths at Camp Lost Lake 17 years ago. Since that night, Reagan and her mom have been in hiding, and she’s determined to find evidence to exonerate her mom once and for all.

Luckily for Olivia and Reagan, Camp Lost Lake is finally reopening. Providing the perfect opportunity to find answers. As Olivia and Reagan delve deeper into the camp's history, they uncover a tangled web of family secrets. But someone else is desperate to keep the past hidden, even if it means committing murder— again .

As darkness falls, the only way to uncover the truth of what occurred all those years back is to unmask the killer. If they can survive.

Looking for Smoke by K.A. Cobell (Heartdrum)
Since moving to the Blackfeet Reservation with her parents, Mara Racette has felt like an outsider, taunted by her tight-knit classmates for growing up far away. So, when a local girl includes Mara in a traditional Blackfeet Giveaway to honor her missing sister, Mara thinks she’ll finally make some friends.

Instead, a girl from the Giveaway, Samantha White Tail, is found murdered.

Because the members of the Giveaway group were the last to see Samantha alive, each becomes a person of interest in the investigation:

New-girl Mara, who hated Samantha for being particularly cruel.

Grief-stricken Loren Arnoux, who was Samantha’s best friend until her sister’s disappearance drove a wedge between them.

Class-clown Brody Clark, whose unreciprocated crush on Samantha is an open secret.

And tough-guy Eli First Kill, who has his own complicated history with Samantha.

Despite deep mistrust, the four must now take matters into their own hands and clear their names. Even though one of them may be the murderer.

In her powerful debut novel, Looking for Smoke, author K. A. Cobell (Blackfeet) weaves loss, betrayal, and complex characters into a mystery that will illuminate, surprise, and engage readers until the final word.

Unending by Ivelisse Housman (Inkyard Press) - some editions dated March 2024, release date not clear.
In this high-octane conclusion to the Unseelie duology, which Andrew Joseph White calls “a portal to a   world of glimmering fae   and blistering magic,” two sisters discover that the things that make them different can lend them more power than they ever imagined.

Isolde Graygrove has always put her changeling twin sister first. But ever since Seelie returned from the faerie realms with a newfound confidence in her magic and secrets she’s keeping even from her twin, Isolde can’t help but wonder: who is she, if not her sister’s protector?

Seelie knows there are some problems even magic can’t solve. Like the distance between her and Isolde, the terror of her growing and unfamiliar emotions for Raze, or the fact that the world’s last firedrake has imprinted on her like a baby duckling. Still, she can’t help but try.

When Seelie accidentally splinters the three realms, tangling the human and faerie worlds together into something new, the vicious faerie Gossamer is determined to take full advantage of the chaos unleashed. Seelie and Isolde will need to spill their secrets, decide who they can trust, and navigate the sinister glamour of the faerie courts to save humankind and fae alike.

Furious by Jamie Pacton and Rebecca Podos (Page Street YA)
After years racing go-karts and looking up to her mother, a celebrity Formula 1 racer, Jojo Emerson-Boyd should be starting her own racing career. But when she loses her mom in a tragic crash, Jojo’s future comes to a screeching halt. Now her dad won’t let her get a license, much less race. Instead, she’s stuck working at her grandmother’s mechanic shop in the sleepy small town of Dell’s Hollow.

But Jojo’s heart quickens when Motorcyle Girl Eliana “El” Blum shows up at the shop. El grew up on the motocross circuit sidelines, watching her sister and idol Maxine compete. When El mysteriously loses all contact with Max, she’s determined to find her, with her first clue leading straight to the mechanic shop, and to Jojo.

United by fate, the two quickly bond over Mario Kart showdowns and the Fast & Furious films. As their friendship shifts into something more, they’ll have to confront both their growing romance and the grief woven into their complicated families if they hope to chase down their dreams and make it across the finish line.

The Lamplighter by Crystal J. Bell (Flux)
It’s an honor to bring light to the dark.

The whaling village of Warbler is famous for its lucky ship figureheads—and infamous for people disappearing into the nightly fog. In this murky locale, the lamplighter position is synonymous with safety and protection, and it’s a position Temperance assumes when her father is found hanging from one of the lampposts. Though Tempe proves competent, the town is still hesitant to let a woman handle this responsibility.

When a girl goes missing after two lamps go out, Tempe’s ability to provide for her mother and younger sister hangs in the balance. She scrambles for answers, hindered at every turn by the village authorities’ call for her removal. As more villagers vanish under her watch, Tempe discovers unsettling truths about the famous Warbler figureheads and her own beloved father. But her warnings of a monster are ignored, even by her own family. Now she must follow the light out of her own fog of despair, as she faces the choice to look the other way or risk speaking out and possibly dooming herself and her sister to be among the lost.

Sunrise Nights by Brittany Cavallaro and Jeff Zentner (Quill Tree Books)
Alexandra Cooper at Quill Tree has acquired, in a five-house auction, world rights to Sunrise Nights by Brittany Cavallaro and Jeff Zentner. Pitched as a YA Before Sunrise, it tells the story, in verse and dialogue, of a boy and a girl who make a connection on Sunrise Night—a final-night tradition at an arts camp that gives campers free reign to roam the campus and town until dawn—and make a pact not to communicate until the next Sunrise Night; instead, for one night each summer, they learn, and then re-learn, who they are and who they could be to each other. Publication is set for June 2024; Taylor Haggerty at Root Literary represented Cavallaro, and Charlie Olsen at InkWell Management represented Zentner.

One Killer Problem by Justine Pucella Winans (HarperTeen)
Lily Kessinger while at HarperTeen bought One Killer Problem by Justine Pucella Winans (Bianca Torre Is Afraid of Everything); Alice Jerman will edit. The comedic YA mystery follows Gigi, a bisexual teen with IBS and an attitude, who convinces her murder-mystery obsessed, bookish best friends to investigate the suspicious death of their favorite teacher. Publication is scheduled for summer 2024; Jordan Hamessley at New Leaf Literary & Media did the deal for world English rights.

June 6th

Of Jade and Dragons by Amber Chen (Viking)
IRON WIDOW meets SIX CRIMSON CRANES in this immersive silkpunk fantasy, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Chloe Gong.

Eighteen-year-old Aihui Ying dreams of becoming a brilliant engineer just like her beloved father - but her life is torn apart when she arrives a moment too late to stop his murder, and worse, lets the killer slip out of reach. Left with only a journal containing his greatest engineering secrets and a jade pendant snatched from the assassin, Ying vows to take revenge into her own hands.

Disguised as her brother, Ying heads to the capital city, and discovers that the answer to finding who killed her father lies behind the walls of the prestigious Engineers Guild - the home of a past her father never wanted to talk about. With the help of an unlikely ally - Aogiya Ye-yang, a taciturn (but very handsome) young prince - Ying must navigate a world fraught with rules, challenges and politics she can barely grasp, let alone understand.

But to survive, she must fight to stay one step ahead of everyone. And when faced with the choice between doing what's right and what's necessary, Ying will have to decide if her revenge is truly worthwhile, if it means going against everything her father stood for...

Spilled Ink by Nadine Hashimi (Quill Tree Books)

Bad Graces by Kyrie McCauley
(Katherine Tegan Books) - unclear if this is the final release date.

June 10th
Where Wolves Don't Die by Anton Treuer (Levine Querido)
Ezra Cloud hates living in Northeast Minneapolis. His father is a professor of their language, Ojibwe, at a local college, so they have to be there. But Ezra hates the dirty, polluted snow around them. He hates being away from the rez at Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation. And he hates the local bully in his neighborhood, Matt Schroeder, who terrorizes Ezra and his friend Nora George.

Ezra gets into a terrible fight with Matt at school defending Nora, and that same night, Matt's house burns down. Instantly, Ezra becomes a prime suspect. Knowing he won't get a fair deal, and knowing his innocence, Ezra's family sends him away to run traplines with his grandfather in a remote part of Canada, while the investigation is ongoing. But the Schroeders are looking for him. . .

From acclaimed author Anton Treuer comes a novel that's both taut thriller and a raw, tender coming-of-age story, about one Ojibwe boy learning to love himself through the love of his family around him.

June 11th

The Ghost of Us by James L. Sutter (Wednesday Books)
One Last Stop meets Cemetery Boys in this swoony YA romance from beloved author James L. Sutter.

Eighteen-year-old ghost hunter Cara is determined to escape life as a high school outcast by finding proof of the supernatural. Yet when she stumbles upon the spirit of Aiden, a popular upperclassman who died the previous year, she learns that ghosts have goals of their own. In the wake of his death, Aiden’s little sister, Meredith, has become a depressed recluse, and Aiden can’t pass on into the afterlife until he knows she’ll be okay. Believing that nothing pulls someone out of a slump like romance, he makes Cara a deal: seduce Meredith out of her shell and take her to prom, and Aiden will give Cara all the evidence she needs for fame. If not, well—no dates, no ghost.

Wooing the standoffish Meredith isn’t going to be easy, however. With Aiden’s coaching, Cara slowly manages to win Meredith over—but finds herself accidentally falling for her in the process. Worse yet: as Meredith gets happier and Aiden’s mission nears completion, his ghost begins to fade. Can Cara continue to date Meredith under false pretenses, especially if it means Aiden will vanish forever? Or should she tell Meredith the truth, and risk both of them hating her? And either way, will she lose her only shot at proving ghosts are real?

Icon and Inferno by Marie Lu (Roaring Brook Press) - moved from April 2024.
Spies meet romance meet popstars in this thrilling follow up to Stars and Smoke by bestselling author Marie Lu.

A year has passed since superstar Winter and secret agent Sydney Cossette went undercover - on a dangerous mission to bring down the baddest man in London.

Winter hasn't stopped thinking about Sydney since, and she's been trying not to think about him

Family secrets and nasty newspapers has Winter desperate to re-enter the secret world. And it's not long before he gets his chance.

Sydney is back, and this time the mission goes right to the heart of the United States of America. A rescue gone wrong, an assassination attempt - and the return of an old flame - puts Winter right back into the action . . . and into a country on the brink of chaos.

And when a murder accusation has Sydney on the run, suddenly it's not just a life at stake, but all-out war.

The Wilderness of Girls by Madeline Claire Franklin (Zando)
An unflinching YA debut about a troubled teen who discovers a pack of feral girls in the woods and is swept up in the ensuing Are the Wild Girls of Happy Valley lost princesses from a faraway land, as they believe, or are they brainwashed victims of a deranged kidnapper?

In her ambitious debut perfect for fans of Sadie and The Hazel Wood , Madeline Claire Franklin crafts a gripping exploration of how the world teaches young girls to cage their wildness―and what happens when they claw themselves free.

After being placed in foster care, Rhi is hungry for a fresh start and begins working at the Happy Valley Wildlife Preserve. While in the woods, she stumbles upon a surreal a pack of wolves guarding four feral and majestic girls. After Rhi gains their trust, they reveal that they’re princesses from another land, raised by a magical prophet they call Mother―and they're convinced Rhi is their lost fifth sister.

Unsure what to believe, Rhi ushers the girls to civilization, where they’re met with societal uproar and scrutiny, dubbed by the ravenous media and true crime junkies as “The Wild Girls of Happy Valley.” Desperate to return to their kingdom, the girls look to Rhi for help. Rhi knows the girls are deluded, but at the same time she’s drawn in by their boldness and authenticity―traits she is afraid she has lost within herself. And when Rhi witnesses strange phenomena she can’t quite explain, the line between fantasy and reality grows blurry.

As the hunt for answers intensifies, Rhi must make a decision that will change the course of her lives and the lives of her Wild Girls forever.

Brownstone by Samuel Teer and Mariana Julia (Versify) - moved from 2022.
"Featuring a biracial Latinx teenager who spends the summer fixing up an old building with the Guatemalan American father she barely knows."

Tempest by K. Ibura (Quill Tree Books) - not yet added to Goodreads.

June 18th
Twelth Knight by Alexene Farol Follmuth (Tor Teen)
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Atlas Six (under the penname Olivie Blake) comes Twelfth Knight , a YA romantic comedy and coming of age story about taking up space in the world and learning what it means to let others in.

Viola Reyes is annoyed.

Her painstakingly crafted tabletop game campaign was shot down, her best friend is suggesting she try being more “likable,” and school quarterback Jack Orsino is the most lackadaisical Student Body President she’s ever seen, which makes her job as VP that much harder. Vi’s favorite escape from the world is the MMORPG Twelfth Knight, but online spaces aren’t exactly kind to girls like her―girls who are extremely competent and have the swagger to prove it. So Vi creates a masculine alter ego, choosing to play as a knight named Cesario to create a safe haven for herself.

But when a football injury leads Jack Orsino to the world of Twelfth Knight, Vi is alarmed to discover their online alter egos―Cesario and Duke Orsino―are surprisingly well-matched.

As the long nights of game-play turn into discussions about life and love, Vi and Jack soon realise they’ve become more than just weapon-wielding characters in an online game. But Vi has been concealing her true identity from Jack, and Jack might just be falling for her offline…

The Calculation of You + Me by Serena Kaylor (Wednesday Books)
A calculus nerd enlists her surly classmate’s help to win back her ex-boyfriend, but when sparks start to fly, she realizes there’s no algorithm for falling in love.

Marlowe Thompson understands a lot of things. She understands that calculus isn’t overwhelmingly beautiful to everyone, and that it typically kills the mood when you try to talk Python coding over beer pong. She understands people were surprised when golden boy Josh asked her out and she went from weird, math-obsessed Marlowe to half of their school’s couple goals. Unfortunately, Marlowe was surprised when Josh dumped her because he’d prefer a girlfriend who was more romantic. One with emotional depth.

But Marlowe has never failed anything in her life, and she isn’t about to start now. When she’s paired with Ashton Hayes for an English project, his black clothing and moody eyeliner cause a bit of a systems overload, and the dissonant sounds of his rock band make her brain itch. But when she discovers Ash's hidden stash of love songs, Marlowe makes a desperate deal to unleash her inner romantic heroine: if Ash will agree to help her write some love letters, she’ll calculate the perfect data analytics formula to make Ash's band go viral.

As the semester heats up with yearning love notes and late nights spent with a boy who escapes any box her brain tries to put him in, Marlowe starts to question if there’s really a set solution to love. Could a girl who has never met a problem she couldn’t solve have gotten the math so massively wrong?

Sisi Americanah by Jane Igaharo (Feiwel and Friends) - moved from 2023.
Sisi Americanah—the Young Adult contemporary romance debut from Jane Igharo—sees a teenager move from Nigeria to America and navigate her senior year with the help of classic teen movies and a new crush, while working through grief and the rigid expectations of her mother.

17-year-old Enore Adesuwa doesn’t dive into things, she wades in very carefully. So when she and her mother and sister move from Nigeria to America shortly after her father’s death, she wants to be as prepared as possible for attending an American high school. Her cousin, Adrian, doesn’t have time to explain the ins and outs to her but, luckily, he recommends the perfect research teen movies.

Still dealing with grief but armed with a list of rules of survival (including no drawing attention to herself) gathered from these beloved movies, Enore is ready as she’ll ever be for senior year. But when she meets Davi Santiago, it may be much harder than she thought to keep to her rules. Because not only is he super thoughtful (and okay, very good looking), he encourages Enore to share her incredible singing voice. She prefers the background but it just might be time for her to take center stage, even in spite of her mother’s own strict rules and desires for her.

With help from Davi, some new friends who don’t quite fit the roles she expects them to play, and her younger sister, can Enore get through senior year with a new passion, new boldness, and new love?

Mask of the Ruthless by Katy Rose Pool (Henry Holt)
Cursebreaker Marlow Briggs must deal with the aftermath of her fake romance with one of the most powerful nobles in the illustrious—and deadly—Evergarden society , all while uncovering the mystery behind her mother's disappearance. T his edge-of-your-seat duology finale is perfect for fans of Veronica Mars , These Violent Delights, and Chain of Iron .

Caraza sits poised on the edge of chaos. Tensions rise between the Five Families and trouble brews in the Marshes—and Marlow is at the center of it all. In the tragic aftermath of the Vale-Falcrest wedding, Adrius refuses to speak to her, publicly vowing to find a wife before the year is out. Despite her heartbreak, Marlow is still intent on breaking his curse. To do so, she’ll have to play loving daughter to the man who cast it. But the closer she gets to her father, the more she starts to question if he’s really the villain she’s made him out to be.

Marlow has learned by now that in a city steeped in secrets and lies, not everything is as it seems. As the lines between enemy and ally blur, Marlow must decide who to trust—and how high a price she’s willing to pay for the truth.

June 24th
Feathervein by Tonya Hurley (Feiwel and Friends) - release date moved several times, some editions dated June 1st.
Wren, a lonely girl with a gift for communicating with birds. She leaves behind a fractured family to investigate her mother's mysterious disappearance on a birding expedition in the Louisiana bayous, and enters a world steeped in folk magic.

June 25th
Crashing Into You by Rocky Callen (Henry Holt) - previously titled Juramento.
In this fiercely moving YA romance novel, Leti Rivera's love of street racing is put to the test when tragedy strikes her family and threatens to tear her apart from the boy she's falling for―perfect for fans of Netflix's Atypical , The Fast and The Furious , and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter .

Leti dreams of becoming a famous female street racer. But while she's at ease behind the wheel, she feels out of place in the stifling halls of fancy Philmore Academy. Her only daily refuge is listening to the rhythmic tapping of the shy classmate she's never spoken to―Jacob, a boy on the autism spectrum. Curious to know more about this gentle, quiet boy, Leti invites Jacob to join her on a car ride, and as they experience the thrill of the wind racing through their hair, they start to fall for each other.

But when tragedy soon strikes following a race, Leti blames herself and swears an oath to give up driving. But will she be able to keep her promise when racing could be the very thing that saves Jacob... and herself?

Children of Anguish and Ancarchy by Unknown YA Author (Henry Holt) - moved from 2020, then from 2021, then from 2023.
Featuring gorgeous spray-painted and stenciled edges, dazzling metallic foil designs on the jacket and case, and an exclusive endpaper map that reveals new unexplored territories, Tomi Adeyemi’s #1 New York Times -bestselling Legacy of Orïsha series comes to an earth-shaking conclusion.

New allies rise.
The Blood Moon nears.
Zélie faces her final enemy.
The king who hunts her heart.

When Zelie seized the royal palace that fateful night, she thought her battles had come to an end. The monarchy had finally fallen. The maji had risen again. Zélie never expected to find herself locked in a cage and trapped on a foreign ship. Now warriors with iron skulls traffic her and her people across the seas, far from their homeland.

Then everything changes when Zélie meets King Baldyr, her true captor, the ruler of the Skulls, and the man who has ravaged entire civilizations to find her. Baldyr’s quest to harness Zélie’s strength sends Zélie, Amari, and Tzain searching for allies in unknown lands.

But as Baldyr closes in, catastrophe charges Orïsha’s shores. It will take everything Zélie has to face her final enemy and save her people before the Skulls annihilate them for good.

Six More Months of June by Daisy Garrison (Flatiron Books)
A romantic debut about the exhilarating highs and messy lows that swirl together when high school comes to an end, perfect for fans of Carley Fortune and Jenny Han

Golden boy Caplan and bookish Mina have been unlikely soulmates since third grade. Bound by growing up in single-mother households on the same cul-de-sac in Two Docks, Michigan, their friendship exists miraculously outside their high school's social order. Mina is class valedictorian, expected by her late father's parents to attend his Ivy alma mater; Caplan is laughing off prom-king predictions and the fear that he's peaking too soon. When Cap's skateboard-toting, detention-dodging best friend confesses his feelings for Mina, she is whisked into a social life she never imagined, bumping shoulders with the likes of Caplan's queen-bee girlfriend. Caplan is determined that things stay just as they've always been, while Mina faces the perils and privileges of opening her heart just in time to say goodbye. As the sun sets on senior year, everything glows. What will Cap and Mina discover in the last-chance light?

We Shall Be Monsters by Tara Sim (Nancy Paulsen Books) - moved from 2023.
Frankenstein meets Indian mythology in this twisty, darkly atmospheric fantasy where the horror is not the monsters you face but the ones you create.

When her sister Lasya dies, Kajal vows to bring her back to life using any means necessary. But in preventing Lasya from rejoining the cycle of reincarnation, her sister’s soul turns corrupt and warps into a bhuta—a violent, wraith-like spirit hell-bent on murdering those who wronged it in life. With each kill, her sister’s bhuta becomes stronger and angrier, and Kajal’s chances of resurrecting Lasya with her soul intact grow slimmer.

Blamed for Lasya’s kills and declared a witch, Kajal is locked away with little hope of escape until two strangers who label themselves rebels arrive and offer to help free her. The catch: She must resurrect the kingdom’s fallen crown prince, aiding a coup to overthrow the usurper who murdered the royal family decades ago. Desperate to return to Lasya’s body, Kajal rushes to revive the prince…Only to discover that she hasn’t resurrected the crown prince, but another boy entirely.

All her life, Kajal has trusted no one but her sister. But with Lasya dead and rebels ready to turn her over to the usurper’s ruthless soldiers, Kajal is forced to work with the boy she mistakenly revived to find the right prince—before the rebels discover her mistake, or Lasya’s bhuta finally turns its murderous fury on the person truly responsible for her death: Kajal.

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