April 2022 New Releases

Fractured Path by J.C. Cervantes (Disney Hyperion) 
San Francisco, California

The 1960s are bursting with music and movement and love in San Francisco, perfect for a budding artist like Blake. Unfortunately, she feels barred from the art world by both her gender and her multi-racial heritage, making it tough to land an internship that could put her on the map. That, plus the fact that Blake’s family has been notoriously riddled with bad luck, makes her feel like she can’t catch a break. Things only get worse when Blake starts to have ominous, confusing visions that grow stronger and more frequent, prompting Blake’s aunt and uncle to tell her about a long-lost family heirloom that could be the key to everything. Fueled by the ambiguous clues in her visions, Blake sets out on a journey through the city to retrieve her ancestors’ legendary mirror. But Blake is not the only one looking for it. Soon she must attempt to unleash her own dormant powers . . . or else risk all she holds dear.

April 1st
Sound Check by Jennifer Fenn (Roaring Brook Press)

Win is a remarkably gifted percussionist. He's also profoundly deaf and plays the drums with his shoes off so he can feel the music through the soles of his feet. He has it all: he's in a band on the verge of breaking out, and he's madly in love with Tristen, their lead singer. The only thing he could ever want: to hear Tristen sing.

Sound Check is told in alternating narratives. The A side - Win decides to get a cochlear implant that will allow him to hear. The B side - Win and Tristen's love story from the day they first met to the day Win heard Tristen for the first time. And in the silence between the tracks? Heartbreak.

April 5th
Scout's Honor by Lily Anderson
(Henry Holt)

Tiffany Liao at Holt has bought, at auction, world English rights to Scout's Honor by Lily Anderson, a YA novel following Prudence Perry, a biracial Puerto Rican teen born into a family of highly ranked Ladybird Scouts, elite monster hunters masquerading as a prim and proper ladies' social club. Prue gave up her tea set and daggers after her best friend was killed, but now must return to the scouts to face the biggest monster of all: her past.

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