September 2026 New Releases



September 1st
Tempest by K. Ibura (Quill Tree Books) - moved from June 2024.

After her mother passed away in Hurricane Katrina, Veronique moved to her mawmaw’s house in the Louisiana countryside. Mawmaw always said that Veronique needed to hide her power over the wind, but one day, she has to use it to save a neighbor’s son from drowning. To protect Veronique, her mawmaw immediately sends her to live with her aunt in New Orleans.

NOLA is nothing like Veronique could have imagined—she’s finally attending traditional school, she gets to bond with cousins that she’s never met, and she even rides on her first highway. Though she quickly falls in with a group of friends at school—and one boy that she’d like to be more than her friend—there’s also a higher risk of discovery in the city. When one of her cousins’ friends figures out the truth, V learns about a secret organization called the Vaunted that comes after people with elemental magic.

The Vaunted is closing in, and V will be forced on the run to hide from their sinister intentions. V’s left with two major questions: Can she trust anyone? And will she ever get a chance to be a normal girl again?

September 12th
Stealing Snow #2 by Danielle Paige (Bloomsbury) - moved from 2023, then from 2024.

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