September 2024 New Releases




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Build a Girlfriend by Elba Luz (Simon and Schuster)

Dainese Santos at Simon and Schuster has acquired at auction Build a Girlfriend by Elba Luz, pitched as a reverse How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. 18-year-old Amelia is said to be cursed, like all the women in her family, to never keep a partner. Determined to break the curse, she sets out to find all her exes, research why they broke up with her, and become the perfect partner—and maybe get revenge on an old ex along the way. Publication is slated for fall 2024; Emily Forney at BookEnds Literary did the two-book deal for world English rights

Secrets of a Lost Diary by Santiago Cohen (Fantagraphics Underground Press) - YA graphic novel, not yet added to Goodreads.
Gary Groth at Fantagraphics Underground Press has acquired Secrets of a Lost Diary, a YA graphic novel by Mexican-American artist Santiago Cohen, a story of two diaries that touches on the impact of dementia in a family, historical trauma and the Holocaust, LGBTQIA+ in two generations, and immigration. Publication is scheduled for September 2024; Anna Olswanger at Olswanger Literary did the deal for world English rights.

September 3rd
Immortal Dark by Tigest Girma (Little, Brown)

A dark fantasy romance where one girl must join a secret society of vampires in order to find her missing sister.

Hidden in our world, a society of vampires originating in Africa, are bound to twelve human Houses. Each House represents a bloodline more cutthroat than the next. To ensure peace and inherit their House legacy, human children of these elite families must study at an elite secret university.

Lost Heiress, Kidan Adane grew up far from Uxlay University. She is obsessively protective, mildly nihilistic, and willing to do anything to save her loved ones. When her sister, June, disappears, Kidan is convinced a vampire stole her—her own House vampire to be exact, the alluring yet dangerous Susenyos Sagad.

To find June, Kidan must study at Uxlay and live with Susenyos. It doesn’t matter that Susenyos’ violence speaks to her own and tempts Kidan to surrender to a life of darkness. She will find her sister and kill him at all costs.

The Monstrous Kind by Lydia Gregovic (Delacorte)
An atmospheric, haunting, romantasy inspired by Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, set in a Regency England about two sisters fighting to hold on to their manor while deadly monsters prowl along its perimeters—perfect for fans of House of Salt and Sorrows and Anatomy: A Love Story.

Merrick Darling’s life as daughter of the Manor Lord of Sussex is better than most. Unlike the commoners, she is immune to the toxic fog that encroached on England generations earlier. She will never become a Phantom—one of the monstrous creatures that stalk her province’s borders—and as long as the fires burn to hold them back, her safety is ensured. She wants for nothing, yet she will never inherit her family’s Manor. She must marry smartly or live at the kindness of her elder sister, Essie.

Everything is turned on its head, though, when Merrick’s father dies suddenly. Torn from her New London society life of ball gowns and parties, Merrick must travel back to her childhood home, the Darling estate of Norland House, and what she finds there is bewildering. Once strong and capable, Essie is withdrawn and frightened—and with good cause. A recent string of attacks along the province’s borders has turned their formerly bucolic countryside into a terrifying and unpredictable landscape. The fog is closing in and the fires aren’t holding, which makes Merrick and Essie vulnerable in more ways than one. Because the Phantoms are far from the only monsters in Merrick’s world, and the other eleven Manor Lords are always watching for weakness.

Revealing her and her sister’s current state to the rest of the Manors is out of the question, but when Essie goes missing, it’s clear that Merrick needs help. Only, who can she trust when everyone seems to be scheming, and when all she holds true feels like it’s slipping right out of her grasp?

When Haru Was Here by Dustin Thao (Wednesday Books) - moved from 2022, then from December 2023, January 2024, August 2024 and November 2024.
We Are Okay meets Wandavision in this novel about loss, and learning to let go.

After the death of his best friend, Eric Ly creates imaginary scenarios in his head to deal with his grief. Until one of them becomes real when a boy he met last summer in Japan finds his way back into his life. When he least expects it, Haru Tanaka walks into the coffee shop and sits down next to him. The only thing is, nobody else can see him.

In a magical turn of events, Eric suddenly has someone to connect with, making him feel less alone in the world. But as they spend more and more time together, he begins to question what is real. When he starts losing control of the very thing that is holding him together, Eric must finally confront his reality. Even if it means losing Haru forever.

Celestial Monsters by Aiden Thomas (Fiewel and Friends) - moved from 2023.

New York Times-bestselling author Aiden Thomas returns to the beloved world of The Sunbearer Trials in Celestial Monsters, a heart-stopping duology finale, in which three young semidioses travel through a dark monster-infested world, facing down chaotic Obsidian gods, in a quest to save their friends and return the sun to the sky.

Teo never thought he could be a Hero. Now, he doesn’t have a choice.

The sun is gone, the Obsidian gods have been released from their prison, and chaos and destruction are wreaking havoc on Reino del Sol. All because Teo refused to sacrifice a fellow semidiose during the Sunbearer Trials.

With the world plunged into perpetual night, Teo, his crush Aurelio, and his best friend Niya must journey to the dark wilderness of Los Restos, battling vicious monsters while dealing with guilt, trauma, and a (very distracting) burgeoning romance between Teo and Aurelio. Once more racing against the clock, the trio are determined to rescue the captured semidioses and retrieve the Sol Stone. With it, Sol and their protective light can return and order can be restored.

Now the future of the whole world is in their hands.

Shadows of Perl by J. Elle (G.P. Putnam and Sons)
The dazzling romantic fantasy world of House of Marionne continues in this dark and deadly sequel full of forbidden magic, devastating lies, and broken hearts. A must read for fans of Stephanie Garber, Leigh Bardugo, and Alex Aster.

Unleash the darkness. Claim your power.

Quell Marionne’s explosive final Rite of Induction to House Marionne sent shockwaves through the magical world, unearthing long buried secrets and her own deadly power. But she paid a steep her family and her love. Fleeing Chateau Soleil for House of Perl, for once Quell is celebrated instead of shunned. She has finally found somewhere to belong. But secrets lurk in every House, and Quell’s quest to find her mom threatens to lead her deeper into the shadows.

Assassin Jordan Wexton, second-in command of the Dragun brotherhood, must protect the source of all magic, the Sphere. Yet the biggest threat to the Sphere is Quell Marionne—the girl he loved, until she claimed the deadly, outlawed toushana. As the Sphere cracks and war brews among the Houses, can the only way to save the world be to kill his own heart?

Now, these two lovers-turned enemies must confront their competing ambitions and conflicting loyalties. Or die. The future of magic hangs on their decision.

Compound Fracture by Andrew Joseph White (Peachtree Teen)
New York Times bestselling author Andrew Joseph White returns with an Appalachian thriller, in which a trans autistic teen survives an attempted murder, only to get drawn into the generational struggle between the rural poor and those who exploit them.

In 1917, Saint Abernathy—socialist, young father, and figurehead of a labor strike in the mountains of West Virginia—was publicly executed by law enforcement. In 2017, Miles Abernathy—his great-great-grandson—wakes up in the hospital, the latest casualty of a blood feud that began with the railroad spike hammered into Saint’s mouth.

Miles, a seventeen-year-old trans boy, knows he’ll never see justice. The sheriff’s son and his friends leave destruction in their wake, dead bodies and trauma too deep to dig out. If Miles speaks up, says they’re the ones that did this to him? He’ll be lucky if his parents are alive enough to flee the state.

But then Miles accidently kills one of the boys who hurt him, and Saint Abernathy is back, a century’s worth of fury and revenge, saying that Miles might be the one to end this feud once and for all. To free his family from a hundred years of cruelty, all Miles has to do is finish the job.

The Ghost of You by Michael Gray Bulla (Quill Tree Books)
In this poignant sophomore YA novel, a transgender teen must grapple with a longtime friendship fracturing and a new romance budding, all while being haunted by his grief from his brother’s death.

Everything has felt wrong since Caleb’s brother died, so when he sees a black cat that seems off, he doesn’t think anything of it. But when he looks closer, the cat doesn’t appear to have a clear face. It looks like it’s been smudged out. And he keeps following Caleb around. Haunting him. So Caleb calls him Ghost.

Caleb is trying to return to his normal life, but he can’t stop feeling distant and numb. Even being assigned to work on a school project with Emmett, the lead singer for a punk rock band, just feels like another blip. But as Caleb’s feelings for Emmett grow, so does the distance he has put between himself and his best friend, Tanya. Can Caleb stop running from his grief in order to save his friendship and discover Ghost’s true purpose?

Guava and Grudges by Alexis Castellanos (Bloomsbury)
Ana Maria Ybarra dreams of becoming a world-famous pastry chef, but dreams have a cost. Her family can barely keep the family business running, let alone pay for culinary school. Ana Maria helps out at the family bakery, Café Y Mas, whenever she can, but they are struggling while the rival Cuban bakery across the street, Morales Bakery, is doing better than ever with their Instagram famous desserts. Ana Maria's only hope is winning a recipe competition, which has a grand prize big enough to pay for culinary school. But then the ultimate distraction shows up in her small town: Miguel, a boy she spent one magical day with six months ago, and who she never thought she'd see again. Ana Maria thinks maybe fate has brought them together again for a reason-- until she learns the horrible truth that Miguel is a Morales.

A Ybarra cannot be associated with a Morales-let alone fall for one. But when Miguel offers to help Ana Maria with the competition, she is so desperate to win she can't turn him down. All she needs to do is keep Miguel at arm's length and keep their deal a secret from their families. After all, teaming up with Miguel is just business, nothing more…right?

The Thirteenth Child by Erin A. Craig (Delacorte)
There once was a very foolish huntsman who lived at the heart of the Gravia Forest…”

Hazel Trépas has always known she wasn’t like the rest of her many siblings. Born a thirteenth child and promised away to one of the gods, she spends her childhood waiting for her godfather—Merrick, the Dreaded End—to finally arrive.

When he does, he tells Hazel her future. She will become a great healer, known throughout the kingdom for her precision and skill. To aid in her endeavors, Merrick blesses the young girl a gift.

But all gifts come with a price…

The Loss of the Burying Ground by J. Anderson Coats (Candlewick) - moved from 2025.
In this twisting, page-turning read, shipwrecked teen girls from opposing sides of a long war must find common ground in order to survive.

When the Burying Ground goes down in neutral waters, it sends the delegations from two warring nations—and the peace treaty they were about to sign—to the bottom of the ocean. The only survivors are a pair of teen girls: Cora, daughter of a Duran newspaper man, and Vivienne, lady’s maid to an Ariminthian princess. Neither has known a time when war between their two countries did not rage, but now they must learn to trust each other if they are to find sustenance, avoid dangerous pirates, and have any hope of rescue from the remote island they washed up on. However, in the midst of a conflict steeped in fierce national identity, propaganda, disinformation, and radicalization, finding a common path forward seems nearly impossible, for both Cora and Vivienne and their respective countries. But when the teens’ politically charged rescue seems likely to extend the war, Cora and Vivienne realize they do have a shared purpose: peace. If only it isn’t too late.

Luminous Beings by David Arnold and Jose Pimienta (Viking) - YA graphic novel.
A wholly original graphic novel from New York Times bestseller David Arnold and comic artist Jose Pimienta.

When a group of teens decides to make a documentary about humanity’s recent brush with extinction (via undead squirrels), their quest for top-notch gear leads them on a 24-hour wild goose chase through rowdy nightclubs and once-familiar neighborhoods, perilous castles and off-grid RVs, and at every turn—people. Some more eccentric than others, all leading quiet lives of love and loss in a strange new world.

With nothing but their phones, the Squad documents these encounters, along with a slew of hijinks and misadventures throughout the night. The resulting footage becomes (and is indeed filled with) Luminous Beings, an accidental documentary, not about the past, or how shit hit the fan, but how people came together to answer the ultimate question: where do we go from here?

Girlmode by Magdalene Vissago and Paulina Ganucheau (Balzer + Bray) - YA graphic novel.
A recently transitioned girl starting life at a new high school tries to figure out exactly who she is—while trying to manage who everyone else wants her to be—in this funny, unexpected, and affecting new graphic novel from Eisner-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio and breakout artist Paulina Ganucheau.

The last thing Phoebe Zito wants is to be noticed. The newest kid at Sally Ride High School, newly arrived in Los Angeles, and newly transitioned, she’s just trying to blend in while she figures out exactly who she is. But with her mom checked out, her dad still adjusting to having a daughter, and no guidebook to how to be a girl, that isn’t going to be easy.

Enter Mackenize Ishikawa. She’s the girl that all girls want to be, and all the boys want to be with—and, Mackenzie has decided, Phoebe’s new best friend. Macca knows what it takes to survive and thrive as a girl in high school: No matter who Phoebe wants to be, or who she wants to date, she’s going to need someone having her back while she figures it all out.

Phoebe soon realizes what Mackenzie knows too well: Being true to yourself is going to mean breaking some hearts. But as Phoebe discovers exactly what kind of girl she is—and what kind of girl everyone around her thinks she’s supposed to be—she worries one of those hearts is going to be her own.

Please Be My Star by Victoria Grace Elliott (Scholastic/Graphix) - YA graphic novel.
A wonderfully fun and unique reimagining of The Phantom of the Opera as a teen rom-com set in high school!

Erika knows that people find her weird and off-putting. Instead of making friends, she finds solace in talking to herself and obsessing over handsome actors and pop stars. When she starts attending a new school, her loneliness takes on a life of its own and she develops a new the cutest boy in her theater class, Christian. For some reason, Christian is kind to her and even agrees to star in the play that she wrote for him, and Erika starts to find a creative voice that might lead to new friendship and romance. But the more time Erika spends with Christian, the more she wonders what he sees in a creep like her. Can Erika somehow write her way into the center of her own heartfelt love story? Or does Christian have an ending of his own in mind?

The Dagger and the Flame by Catherine Doyle (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
In the dark underbelly of a beautiful city, two rival assassins are pitted against each other in a deadly game of revenge, where the most dangerous mistake of all is falling in love in this searing young adult fantasy.

In Fantome, a kingdom of cobbled streets, flickering lamplight, beautiful buildings, and secret catacombs, Shade-magic is a scarce and deadly commodity controlled by two enemy the Cloaks and the Daggers—the thieves and the assassins. On the night of her mother's murder, seventeen-year-old Seraphine runs for her life. Seeking sanctuary with the Cloaks, Sera’s heart is set on revenge. But are her secret abilities a match for the dark-haired boy whose quicksilver eyes follow her around the city?

Nothing can prepare Sera for the moment she finally comes face-to-face with Ransom, heir to the Order of Daggers. And Ransom is shocked to discover that this unassuming farm girl wields a strange and blazing magic he has never seen before. As the Cloaks and the Daggers grapple for control of Fantome’s underworld, Sera and Ransom are consumed by the push and pull of their magic…and the deadly spark and terrible vengeance that keeps drawing them back together.

The Art Thieves by Andrea L. Rogers (Levine Querido) - moved from May 2024.
TO: Angel Wilson (
FROM: Stevie Henry (
Thanks for coming to see me; but by the time you read this, it will be too late. No one will have started to panic, yet; but in less than two months nothing will be the same. What came first, The Chicken or the Egg Flu? I wish it mattered. But let’s just say, maybe go back to wearing a mask, bathing in sanitizer, and avoid birds and eggs for a bit…

I did not kill my brother. I did quite the opposite, really.

It’s the year 2052. Stevie Henry is a Cherokee girl working at a museum in Texas, trying to save up enough money to go to college. The world around her is in a cycle of drought and superstorms, ice and fire … but people get by. But it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

When a mysterious boy shows up at Stevie’s museum saying that he’s from the future — and telling her what is to come — she refuses to believe him. But soon she will have no choice.

From the author of the Walter Award-winning Man Made Monsters comes a YA novel that conjures our futures in startling life – the ones that we are headed towards, and the ones we can still work towards.

A Second Chance on Earth by Juan Vidal (Holiday House)
A father, a friend, and a favorite book help a teen boy understand love and loss in this moving and vivid YA novel-in-verse.

Have you ever/encountered a book that/KO’d you, Iron Mike Tyson style?
A book that made you ponder/if every other book ever written/was even good?

For sixteen-year-old poet and b-baller Marcos Cadena, that book is the beat-up copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude he finds among his late father’s possessions after Papi is killed in a motorcycle accident.

Marcos’ papi has always loomed large in his eyes. So when Marcos travels from Miami to his parents’ childhood home of Cartagena, Colombia to spread Papi’s ashes, he brings his father’s book with him, convinced that Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece holds the key to understanding Papi’s life and accepting his death.

In Cartagena, Marcos doesn’t really feel at home among the affectionate but unfamiliar Cadena clan. Instead, he befriends 18-year-old Camilo, a taxi driver and fellow García Márquez fan who appoints himself Marcos’ unofficial tour guide. Together, the two boys explore the landscape of Cartagena, from the picturesque streets of Old Town to the poor neighborhood where Camilo grew up. But when Camilo reveals a troubling secret about his former life as part of a local gang, Marcos must ask himself whether everyone deserves a second chance.

Woven through with themes of friendship, family, and forgiveness, this poignant coming-of-age novel is also a love letter to Colombia and to the books of Gabriel García Márquez.

This Book Kills by Ravena Kaur Guron (Sourcebooks Fire) - previously published in the UK, moved from September 1st.

I'll make it clear from the I did not kill Hugh Henry Van Boren. I didn't even help…Well, not intentionally.

All Jess Choudhary wants is to keep her head down, do her work, and make it through high school without any problems. As a scholarship student—and one of only two students of Indian heritage—her future at the elite school depends on her ability to keep a low profile and spotless record. But when one of the most popular and richest kids in the school ends up dead in the exact same way as a character in a short story she wrote, Jess unintentionally finds herself at the center of the investigation.

And then Jess receives an anonymous text thanking her for the inspiration.

As rumors run rampant about who the murderer could be, Jess knows if she doesn't solve this mystery herself, she'll finally have something in common - she'll be dead too.

Repeat After Me by Jessica Warman (Entangled Teen) - previously titled Me You and the Redo.
Stacy Abrams at Entangled Teen has bought world rights to Repeat After Me by Jessica Warman, a sex-positive, darkly comedic contemporary YA novel with a time loop twist pitched as Palm Springs meets the surrealist humor of A.S. King. Publication is scheduled for fall 2024; Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger Agency brokered the deal.

Welcome to Fear City by Sarah Dvojack (Union Square Kids)
Suzy Capozzi at Union Square Kids has acquired Sarah Dvojack's Welcome to Fear City, an illustrated YA horror novel set in 1977 New York City, about a teenage girl and her friends contending with an ancient, evil force while the rest of the city is obsessed with the serial killer later known as the Son of Sam. Ardyce Alspach will edit; publication is slated for fall 2024. Linda Camacho at Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency negotiated the deal for North American rights.

Us In Ruins by Rachel Moore (HarperTeen)

Songlight by Moira Buffini (HarperCollins)

It Don't Come Easy by Eric Gansworth (Levine Querido) - moved from 2023.

Stealing Snow #2 by Danielle Paige (Bloomsbury)
- moved from 2023.

Phantasma by Kaylie Smith (Second Sky)
September 10th

Gita Desai Is Not Here to Shut Up by Sonia Patel (Penguin/Nancy Paulsen Books)

It’s eighteen-year-old Gita Desai’s first year at Stanford, and the fact that she’s here and not already married off by her traditional Gujarati parents is a miracle.

She’s determined to death-grip her good-girl, model student rep all the way to med school, which means no social life or standing out in any way. Should be easy: If there’s one thing she’s learned from her family, it’s how to chup-re—to “shut up,” fade into the background. But when childhood memories of her aunt’s desertion and her then-uncle’s best friend resurface, Gita ends up ditching the books night after night in favor of partying and hooking up with strangers.

Still, nothing can stop the little voice growing louder and louder inside her that says something is wrong... And the only way she can burst forward is to stop shutting up about the past.

To the Bone by Alena Bruzas (Rocky Pond Books)
This moving and tragic love story is also a starkly honest look at Colonial America, set during the “Starving Time” in Jamestown.

It’s 1609 at James Fort, and Ellis has recently arrived from England with Henry Collins and his wife, who she serves as their indentured help. To orphaned Ellis, James Fort is an opportunity – a fresh start in a new world. And now that she has fallen for the bold and glorious Jane Eddowes, she feels even more hopeful about her future. Foolishly hopeful, for soon she comes to understand the horrible realities of her home: the crimes that her fellow settlers have committed against the Native Americans there, the terrible shortage of food they are facing as winter draws near, and the cruelty of her employer, both to her and to his pregnant wife. Ellis will call upon all her fortitude, but will it be enough?

Gripping, shocking, and exquisitely told, this is crucial U.S. history seen through the eyes of an extraordinary fictional teenager.

Ida, in Trouble and in Love by Ida B. Wells (Little, Brown)
Before she became a warrior, Ida B. Wells was an incomparable flirt with a quick wit and a dream of becoming a renowned writer.

The first child of newly freed parents who thrived in a community that pulsated with hope and possibility after the Civil War, Ida had a big heart, big ambitions, and even bigger How to be a good big sister when her beloved parents perish in a yellow fever epidemic? How to launch her career as a teacher? How to make and keep friends in a society that seems to have no place for a woman who speaks her own mind? And – always top of mind for Ida – how to find a love that will let her be the woman she dreams of becoming?

Ahead of her time by decades, Ida B. Wells pioneered the field of investigative journalism with her powerful reporting on violence against African Americans. Her name became synonymous with courage and an unflinching demand for racial and gender equality. But there were so many facets to Ida Bell and critically acclaimed writer Veronica Chamber unspools her full and colorful life as Ida comes of age in the rapidly changing South, filled with lavish society dances and parties, swoon-worthy gentleman callers, and a world ripe for the taking.

How to Lose a Best Friend: An MTV Friendzone Novel by Jordan Casomar (MTV Books) - moved from Fall 2023.
When a teen expresses romantic interest in his best friend, her unexpected reaction sends their relationship into a tailspin in this heartfelt and honest novel giving a new look at first love—and outcomes that aren’t happily ever after.

Zeke’s world is crashing down around him, but there’s one thing—or rather one person—keeping him afloat. Imogen. His ride or die. His day one homie. His best friend. The only thing that has kept him from asking Imogen out is her parent’s “no dating until sixteen” rule.

Now with Imogen’s sixteenth birthday around the corner, Zeke can finally be her boyfriend. Only, Imogen doesn’t seem to be in tune the unspoken understanding Zeke thought they that in their will-they-won’t-they, they definitely would. Instead, Imogen starts going out with her crush, Trevor, and Zeke makes it his mission to show her she made the wrong choice.

Meanwhile, Imogen has been thrown off-kilter by everyone’s reactions to her move in the game she didn’t know she was playing. Suddenly, she’s hit with accusations of leading Zeke on for years, and she doesn’t even have a best friend to lean on after finding out Zeke was always counting down the days until their friendship could turn romantic—shattering her trust. Tensions reach a boiling point at a disastrous party, and Zeke insists Imogen choose between him and Trevor. Torn between the easy option and following her heart, Imogen makes the only call she can…but is she prepared for the consequences?

Desert Echoes by Abdi Nazemian (Balzer + Bray)
From the award-winning author of Like a Love Story and Only This Beautiful Moment comes a suspenseful contemporary YA novel about loss, love, and the mysteries of the desert.

Fifteen-year-old Kam is head over heels for Ash, the boy who swept him off his feet. But his family and best friend, Bodie, are worried. Something seems off about Ash. He also has a habit of disappearing, at times for days. When Ash asks Kam to join him on a trip to Joshua Tree, the two of them walk off into the sunset . . .but only Kam returns.

Two years later, Kam is still left with a hole in his heart and too many unanswered questions. So it feels like fate when a school trip takes him back to Joshua Tree. On the trip, Kam wants to find closure about what happened to Ash, but instead finds himself in danger of facing a similar fate. In the desert, Kam must reckon with the truth of his past relationship—and the possibility of opening himself up to love once again.

Desert Echoes is a propulsive, moving story about human resilience and connection.

Warrior of Legend by Kendare Blake
(Quill Tree Books) - title and author announced on publisher website but not yet updated on Goodreads.
Picking up where #1 New York Times bestselling author Kendare Blake’s epic fantasy Champion of Fate left off, Reed is now an Aristene, but old flames and old foes rear their heads during her next quest.

Reed is officially a member of the immortal order of the Aristene. She even has a new name: Machianthe. It’s everything she’s ever dreamed of—so why isn’t she happy?

Maybe it’s because every hero she helps can only find glory at the cost of their life. Or maybe it’s because she can’t stop thinking about the prince she left behind.

Now Reed looks for any opportunity to help with low-risk hero’s trials. And a princess looking for a glorious marriage? Nothing could be less dangerous. But Hestion is one of the suitors, and while Reed is occupied trying to win him back, an old danger is gaining strength.

To battle the growing threat, the Aristene must band together, but the order has never been more divided. Will Reed be able to survive this war with her chosen family and her heart intact?

The Temptation of Magic by Megan Scott (Inkyard Press) - moved from May 2024.
Nicole Palmer has needed to study the supernatural art in a local Cornish manor for years. Encoded in it is the last message from her mother on how to stay safe from The Wake—the organization that governs all supernaturals. As an Empyreal, Nicole has the ability to hunt and kill dangerous creatures, making her invaluable. But if her power was ever triggered, they would find her, use her, and then kill her.

Like they did her mother.

Securing an undergraduate research role to study the collection, Nicole discovers her greatest enemy—one of The Wake’s Empyreals. Kyan McCarter is their best hunter, stationed at the manor to track and kill a deadly creature, but when they realise a painting’s been stolen by his prey, Nicole and Kyan are forced to work together to find it.

As the creature threatens to expose Nicole’s power, her tenuous alliance with Kyan threatens her heart. If Kyan finds out what she is, he’ll hunt her next—or risk execution. No one disobeys The Wake and survives. Especially not when the art they’re seeking holds the key to a conspiracy that could get them both killed, and change the lives of creatures, and humans, forever.

SERPENT AND DOVE meets A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, in this luxurious, forbidden romance.

One Step Forward by Marcie Flinchum Atkins (Versify) - YA novel in verse.
One Step Forward is a powerful historical fiction novel in verse about Matilda Young—the youngest suffragist to be arrested and imprisoned for lawful protests during the time leading up to the passage of the nineteenth amendment (1915–1920).

At only nineteen years old, Matilda Young is arrested for protesting in support of women’s suffrage, making her the youngest suffragist to be imprisoned and mistreated for lawful protests. But her story began years before this moment. Raised in an activist family, Matilda wondered for years if she could be as courageous as her older sisters. Could she take a stand for her own rights and those of women across the country?

For seventy years, women had been campaigning for the right to vote—the right to have an equal voice in electing officials and in determining the direction of the country. But joining the protest movement came with plenty of risk. Women were routinely harassed and arrested—and worse.

Told in powerful verse, One Step Forward follows Matilda’s coming-of-age journey as she takes her first step into action. Amid the backdrop of World War I, Matilda realizes she has no choice but to join in the fight at home for women’s suffrage. Her story vividly highlights the extreme mental, physical, and emotional battles faced by the protestors leading up to the passage of the nineteenth amendment. It also reveals the bravery and spirit of the women who paved the way for future generations to have a say in determining their own fate.

Till The Last Beat Of My Heart by Louangie Bou-Montes (HarperCollins) - previously titled Don't Fear the Reaper.
Cemetery Boys meets The Taking of Jake Livingston in Till the Last Beat of My Heart, a speculative young adult romance by debut author Louangie Bou-Montes where the sixteen-year-old Afro-Latinx son of the local mortician accidentally reanimates the dead body of the boy he had more than friendly feelings for and has to uncover the truth about his family’s necromantic abilities to keep him alive for good.

When you grow up in a funeral home, death is just another part of life. But for Jaxon Santiago-Noble, it’s also part of his family’s legacy. Most dead bodies in Jaxon’s town wind up at his house; his mom is the local mortician, after all. He doesn’t usually pay them much mind, but when Christian Reyes is brought in after a car accident, his world is turned upside down.

There are a lot of things Jaxon wishes he could have said to his once best friend and first crush—and this might be his last chance. But what was only supposed to be a short visit downstairs to the mortuary for a final goodbye turns into an accidental resurrection. If inadvertently reanimating the boy who got away wasn’t enough, Jaxon isn’t sure he’s done a great job since he didn’t know he could do it in the first place.

As Jaxon exhumes his late father’s past to uncover the truth about his abilities, the more he learns about his necromancy, the more he realizes that Christian’s running on borrowed time—and it is almost out. Navigating dark, mysterious magics and family secrets, Jaxon realizes that stepping into an inherited power may also mean opening up old family wounds if he wants keep the boy who he may have more than friendly feelings for alive for good.

Murder on a Summer Break by Kate Weston (HarperTeen)
Amateur sleuths and wannabe influencers Kerry and Annie are back on the case when a social media festival inspires some killer content—and several on-camera influencer deaths—in this page-turning and sidesplitting sequel to Murder on a School Night from author and comedian Kate Weston.

After catching the menstrual murderer red-handed, Annie and Kerry are now the Tampon Two, Barbourough’s most famous—well, only—detective duo. So Annie (and decidedly not Kerry) is enjoying her five minutes of fame.

Except life in the spotlight seems to be a magnet for death these days. After a famous prankster is found dead with a condom stretched over his entire head, the Tampon Two are on the scene at their small village’s Festival of Fame to catch another killer.

Honestly, Kerry doesn’t know how she ended up here again, but this might be her one chance to prove to the folks at the local paper that she has what it takes to be a reporter—and to prove to herself that she doesn’t need her boyfriend, Scott, to save the day. Or even Annie, who definitely has stars and hearts in her eyes investigating all these influencers.

With Annie distracted, Kerry has to work quickly, before one more live stream can be cut off by yet another grisly death. And this time, the murderer might be following her—and not just on social media—in their quest to create some truly killer content.

Tiger's Tale by Colleen Houck (Blackstone)
From New York Times bestselling author Colleen Houck, Tiger’s Tale is a new installment in the Tiger’s Curse series that reimagines the epic fantasy that delighted readers with romance, danger, and magic, leaving them breathless and yearning for more.

Two sisters.

One terrible choice.

Stasia and Verusha Stepanov are twin sisters, raised in the ever-expanding Kievian empire. Though their Imperial home is an opulent palace, sumptuously decorated with the finest artifacts, treasures, and discoveries, the tsarevnas spend most of their time training with the elite guard.

Because they know a choice is coming.

With their father lost in the recent war and their mother unable to rule due to a crippling illness, the young women know that one of them will have to ascend to the throne, marry, and begin producing heirs. The other would then be free to join the elite guard and seek out a destiny of her own making.

Just as the sisters decide a duel will determine their futures, the loser rising to become the next tsarina, a strange monk appears at the palace, offering them all they desire in exchange for a pair of old trinkets their father left them. When they refuse, however, the monk releases a deadly curse upon their people—one only they can break.

Old Wounds by Logan-Ashley Kisner (Delacorte) - moved from 2025.
Erin and Max are two trans kids who are just trying to get to California. Max is desperate to finally be able to transition, and Erin is longing to understand why she’s on this trip to begin with, after Max suddenly broke up with her two years earlier.

But when they find themselves stranded - and eventually separated - in the creepy woods of rural middle-America, they suddenly have much bigger problems.

First, there’s the creature that, according to legend, feeds on girls, hunting them through the shadows. And then there are the locals, who are searching for a female sacrifice. If either of them hope to survive to see the sunrise, Erin and Max will have to come together and stop running: from their attackers, from each other, and, ultimately, from themselves.

This Fatal Kiss by Alicia Jasinska (Peachtree Teen)
Spirit away with a whimsically supernatural fantasy filled with dark magic and flirty, polyamorous romance.

Cursed to haunt a river of the magical bath town in which she drowned, Gisela is a water nymph with dreams of returning to the mortal world and reuniting with the family she left behind. All it takes is a kiss from a living boy or girl, and luring unsuspecting tourists should be simple enough…except that everyone flees from her deathly pallor.

And then there is Kazik. The broody, demon-hunting grandson of a local witch who annoyingly strives to be rid of unholy spirits like Gisela. After Kazik botches Gisela’s exorcism, she strikes up a deal. She won’t tell the other spirits that he’s losing his magic, if he agrees to help her earn a kiss. But Gisela’s plan goes awry when Kazik also falls for the devilishly handsome young man they’ve targeted—someone who could be linked to Gisela’s troubled past.

Roam in enchantment with a memorably quirky cast of characters in this queer poly romantasy. Smoothly woven with engaging, multiple perspectives, this is a perfect pick for cozy reading!

Vanish by Sophie Jordan (HarperTeen) - re-release of a 2014 book.
The second book in the addictive, romantic Firelight trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan is perfect for fans of Laini Taylor, Tahereh Mafi, and Claudia Gray.

After revealing herself as a draki to hunters to save Will, the boy she loves, Jacinda and her family must return to the safety of the pride. But her fellow draki no longer trust Jacinda, so her sister, Tamra, and their prince, Cassian, are among the few who will even talk to her.

Jacinda longs for Will to keep his promise and come find her, even though she knows it is not only unlikely, it is dangerous. When, against all odds, he does track her down, Will’s reappearance sets in motion a deadly chain of events that nobody can stop.

In New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan's dramatic follow-up to Firelight, forbidden love burns brighter than ever.

They Thought They Buried Us by NoNieqa Ramos (Carolrhoda Lab)
Amy Fitzgerald at Lerner/Carolrhoda Lab has acquired the YA novel They Thought They Buried Us by NoNieqa Ramos (The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary). Sixteen-year-old Yuiza, a proud queer Boricua from the Bronx, loves to make horror movies, and find themself living in one when they're sent to an elite boarding school that holds sinister secrets. Publication is planned for fall 2024; Laurie McLean at Fuse Literary handled the deal for world rights.

I'm the Grim Reaper by Graveweaver (VIZ Media) - YA graphic novel.
Julia Patrick at VIZ Media has acquired, in a four-book deal, Graveweaver's YA graphic novel series, I'm the Grim Reaper, based on the webcomic of the same name, in which a girl named Scarlet dies and makes a Faustian bargain to become a grim reaper and deliver souls to the underworld. Publication of the first book is scheduled for 2024; Britt Siess at Britt Siess Creative Management negotiated the deal for world rights.

September 17th
We Are Hunted by Tomi Oyemakinde (Feiwel and Friends)
A boy must work with his family and other resort guests to make it off an island after the animals turn feral, in Tomi Oyemakinde's We Are Hunted, where White Lotus meets Jurassic Park for the young adult audience—exploring guilt, spectacle, and the dangers of capitalism!

Experience paradise, reimagined.

When 17-year-old Femi Fatona and his older brother are forced to accompany their dad to an island resort, Femi is not looking forward to it. After all, he hasn't exactly been getting along with either of them lately. Not much is known about the resort they'll be staying at, as it’s on a newly-discovered island and shrouded in nondisclosure agreements, but it at least promises to be full of all the extravagant luxuries they're used to.

Once they arrive, Femi is thrilled to find that the island is filled with new and spectacular species of plants and animals, along with out-of-this-world technology. But he soon realizes that sometimes pretty exteriors hide ugly truths—truths that are begging to come to light.

But those truths come with a price. And, when the island is thrown into chaos from feral animal attacks, what was meant to be a peaceful bonding experience quickly becomes the stuff of nightmares. Femi will have to put aside tensions with his family and figure out who they can trust, in order to escape the animals, the island, and his own guilt at the part he may have played in all of this.

What Is This Feeling? by Robby Weber (Inkyard Press)
This joyful romp from Robby Weber, perfect for fans of Jason June and Morgan Matson, follows a boy who will do anything to win his drama club's scavenger hunt in New York City, even if it means teaming up with a tech crew loner…and discovering unexpected sparks between them.

Theater star Teddy McGuire is ready for all his dreams to come true. He and his best friend, Annie, have been counting down the days to the end-of-the-year drama club trip to New York City. To make it even more magical, if they can win the annual scavenger hunt, they’ll get a chance to meet their popstar idol, Benji Keaton.

But the universe has other when Annie can’t go on the trip, Teddy is forced to room with tech crew loner Sebastian, who has no interest in the scavenger hunt—or Teddy—and seems to have a secret agenda of his own.On a larger-than-life adventure across the city, the boys will discover a lot more than what’s on their checklist, including masquerade mishaps, obstacles of Jurassic proportions, Hollywood starlets, and, most surprisingly of all, sparks beginning to fly between them. In a story about chasing your destiny, Teddy and Sebastian are about to learn the secret to making their own luck.

The Night Owls by A.R. Vishny (HarperTeen)
Clara loves rules. Rules are what have kept her and her sister, Molly, alive—or, rather, undead—for over a century. Work their historic movie theatre by day. Shift into an owl under the cover of night. Feed on men in secret. And never fall in love.

Molly is in love. And she’s tired of keeping her girlfriend, Anat, a secret. If Clara won’t agree to bend their rules a little, then she will bend them herself.

Boaz is cursed. He can’t walk two city blocks without being cornered by something undead. At least at work at the theatre, he gets to flirt with Clara, wishing she would like him back.

But when Anat vanishes, and New York’s monstrous underworld emerges from the shadows, Clara suspects Boaz, their annoyingly cute box office attendant, might be behind it all.

But if they are to find Anat, they will need to work together to face down demons and the hungers they would sooner bury. Clara will have to break all her rules—of love, of life, and of death itself—before her rules break everyone she loves.

Serpent Sea by Maiya Ibrahim (Delacorte) - moved from 2022, then from 2023.
Get swept away by the sequel to the instant Sunday Times bestseller Spice Road!

In this romantic fantasy set in an Arabian-inspired land, Immani must use her magic to navigate the serpent sea—and her heart—to save her people from an invasion after the enchantment that once protected them has been shattered.   As a Shield Immani is sworn to protect her land from the monsters across the city but as the Harrowlanders begin preparing supplies, horses and their greatest weapon—spice magic—she knows it is only a matter of time before the invasion begins…and it will be a losing battle.  But Immani also knows that the only true way to fight magic is with monsters. If she can restore Qayn’s stolen powers, together they can summon an army to save Sahir. Forming an alliance with a former King turned monster might seem like the riskiest thing she can do but things are made even more dangerous by the fact that his magic is in the form of three jewels that once were encrusted in his crown but are now hidden beyond the dessert. 

A forbidden quest to find the jewels might be the only way to combat the Harrowlanders but as Immani journeys across the sea, she will discover serpentines and other scaled creatures warriors have only heard about in myths…and that can strike at any moment.  One wrong move could cost her life—and everyone she loves. But Immani may find there is more than meets the eye crossing the serpent sea…and betrayal cuts deeper than any dagger.

Seasons of Flesh and Flame by A.G. Howard (Bloomsbury) - moved from 2023.
New York Times bestselling author A.G. Howard continues her dark, compelling YA fantasy series about twins separated by a family curse.

Lark Loring spent three years trapped in the magical world of Mystiquel, held captive by the Goblin King and forced to power the realm with her imagination. Until her sister, Nix, found her way into Mystiquel and offered herself up as a captive instead.

Now that Lark is back in the mortal world, her uncle and her former boyfriend, Clarey, are desperate to bring her sister back. The portal between the worlds only opens on Halloween night, which means they have a year to plan their rescue. But Lark's not so sure about the rescue part-because when they switched places, Lark finally discovered the truth: Lark was never meant to be the Goblin King's captive, Nix was. But Nix let him take Lark in her place.

Lark has been forever changed by her imprisonment, but she hides her growing darkness from her uncle and Clarey, letting them think she's on their side. As Halloween night approaches, she's haunted by one question: will she save Nix, or finally get her revenge?

Set in a gritty, atmospheric world filled with magical creatures, New York Times bestselling author A.G. Howard continues her thrilling fantasy series full of romance, twists, and betrayals.

If Anything Happens to Me by Luanne Rice (Scholastic) - previously titled The Girl Who Knew Too Much, moved from 2022.
From celebrated New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice comes a hotly anticipated YA thriller about two girls desperate to catch a murderer who's still on the loose.

Oli Parish is numb after the death of her sister Eloise. She was her other half who went missing one day and was later found buried in the woods. And the killer? He's still on the loose. This should scare Oli but nothing gets in the way of her visiting the site in the woods where her sister's body was discovered. Oli can sense Eloise's spirit there.

But on one of her visits, Oli hears a voice calling for help and then she sees a hand clawing its way through the dirt. But this is no ghost -- it's a young girl named Iris. She has no memory of what happened to her and how she ended up in the same shallow grave as Eloise. But Oli knows that Iris must in some way be connected to her sister's murder. Together, the two girls team up to try to help Iris recover her memory and unravel the mystery of who is behind the crimes.

Their detective work leads them all around Oli's seemingly idyllic small town -- and to her shock, to a classmate of hers named Harry, who may or may not be looking for a desperate way to help his ailing sister... and at the expense of other girls.

Told in Luanne Rice's breathtaking prose, and at a breakneck pace, this riveting mystery about sisters, hope, and the fight for what's right is perfect for fans of Family of Liars and A Good Girls' Guide To Murder.

Ruin Road by Lamar Giles (Scholastic)
Sometimes a little fear is a good thing...

Cade Webster lives between worlds. He's a standout football star at the right school but lives in the wrong neighborhood--if you let his classmates tell it. Everywhere but home, people are afraid of him for one reason or another. Afraid he's too big, too fast, too ambitious, too Black.

Then one fateful night, to avoid a dangerous encounter with the police, he ducks into a pawn shop. An impulse purchase and misspoken desire change everything when Cade tells the shopkeeper he wishes people would stop acting so scared around him, and the wish is granted...

At first, it feels like things have taken a turn for the better. But it's not just Cade that people no longer fear--it's everything. With Cade spreading this newfound "courage" wherever he goes, anything can happen. Fearless acts of violence begin to escalate in both his neighborhood and at school. Something monstrous is clearly at work and it's up to Cade to stop it. But just what did he buy and what's the price to undo the damage? After all, the devil's in the details.

Forget Me Not by Gry Kappel Jensen (Arctis Books USA) - originally published in Denmark.
A fantastical romance with Norse roots that's a thriller murder mystery!

Chamomile, Kirstine, Victoria and Malou are back at Rosenholm Academy to start a new school year. But in addition to the lessons in runic magic, clairvoyance and Norse mythology, the girls also have something completely different to worry about. A crime from the past draws threads to the present, and the girls have committed themselves to solving the murder mystery that casts a shadow over Rosenholm.

An ominous prediction causes the seriousness to dawn on them, while the questions loom large. And each of them harbors deep secrets that threaten to tear them apart before they can fulfill the promise they made. Time is running out and it could end up being fatal...

Forget Me Not is the exciting sequel to the fantasy novel Roses and Violets and volume two in the Rosenholm trilogy.

The Lies We Conjure by Sarah Henning
(Tor Teen)
Knives Out meets The Inheritance Games with magic in this standalone supernatural thriller by Sarah Henning: thirteen witches, a locked-room murder, and two non-magical sisters trapped in a deadly game of Clue

Ruby and her sister Wren are normal, middle-class Colorado high school students working a summer job at the local Renaissance Fest to supplement their meager college savings.

So when an eccentric old lady asks them to impersonate her long-absent grandchildren at a fancy dinner party at the jaw-dropping rate of two grand—each—for a single night…Wren insists it’s a no-brainer. Make some cash, have some fun, do a good deed.

But less than an hour into the evening at the mysterious Hegemony Manor, Ruby is sure she must have lost her mind to have agreed to this.

The hostess is dead, the gates are locked, and a magical curse ensures no one can leave until they solve both her murder and the riddles she left behind—in just three days. Because everyone else at this party is a powerful witch. And if the witches realize Ruby and Wren are imposters? The sisters won’t make it out of Hegemony Manor alive.

They Watch From Below by Katya de Becerra (Page Street)
Sabine Velde, a teen podcaster on the hunt for a big idea, finds inspiration in her mother’s old lecture notes from the Concepts of Modern Natural Science, a freshman subject from decades ago. Hidden between the notes is a handwritten “If I disappear, know that they took me.”

Sabine suspects the message is from Dr. Julia Rogoff, the enigmatic professor who taught the subject—she disappeared twenty years ago.The message launches Sabine straight into the heart of an old campus mystery which, to this day, keeps students and faculty wary of the shadowy “Pale Men”, believed to be the omens of death.

As Sabine untangles the clues surrounding Julia’s long-ago disappearance, she believes the Pale Men are the ones being referenced in the message. But they do not want to be found. Sabine’s investigation lands her in the crosshairs of the vicious occult society that might be responsible for Julia’s fate, while her mother’s entanglement with the society twists everything Sabine thought she knew about herself, pushing her toward the point of no return.Will she resist the magicians or lose herself to their dark thrall?

My Fairy God Somebody by Charlene Allen (Katherine Tegan Books)

September 24th

Our Deadly Designs by Kalyn Josephson (Roaring Brook Press)
The Shadows Between Us meets The Scorpio Races in the epic conclusion to NYT bestselling Kalyn Josephson's This Dark Descent, called "a fierce and darkly magical thrill ride" by acclaimed author Ava Reid.

The Illinir may be over, but the race for Enderlain’s future has just begun. The hunt for the old king’s lost heir is on, and the first to find them will win the throne.

Mikira has allied herself with the rebels in pursuit of the lost heir, but the deeper her search takes her, the closer she gets to the royal family's wicked past.

Ari is struggling to control her own growing power as she grapples with a dark secret that may be her undoing — and the truth behind Damien's greatest foe.

Damien, the new head of House Adair, joins the race to find the heir and secure the crown. But as his influence at court grows, so does his paranoia and hunger for power.

Reid is trying his best to stay true to the friend who's always had his loyalty — and the flame who has his heart — while trapped in a web of chaos and lies.

But a darker force is festering in Enderlain’s underbelly, and Mikira, Ari, Damien, and Reid will need to find a way back to each other — and themselves — before the kingdom is torn apart. Hearts will be broken and new bonds will be forged in this explosive finale to This Dark Descent, where spellbinding fantasy meets Jewish mythology in a cut-throat race for the throne — and Enderlain’s survival.

Rabbit and Juliet by Rebecca Stafford (Quill Tree Books)
Seventeen-year-old Rabbit has been struggling to stay above water since her mom died. In the span of a year and half, her small Georgia town has become unbearably hellish: Her ex-boyfriend, resident golden boy Richard, turned into an unrelenting stalker; her friends are nonexistent; and her dad is campaigning hard for Functioning Alcoholic of the Year.

But all that changes when the sarcastic, gorgeous, and frustratingly impenetrable Juliet Bergman walks into Rabbit's life. All hard angles and James Dean bravado, Juliet throws Rabbit a life preserver just before her depression threatened to sink her.

Then one morning, Rabbit's ex-best-friend Sarah--Richard's current girlfriend--shares a horrific discovery about Richard and his crew that pitches Rabbit back into darkness. The three girls vow to enact revenge on the boys for what they've been doing to unsuspecting girls at parties. With Juliet leading the charge and demanding blind loyalty from the girls, Rabbit falls harder for her than she thought possible. It isn't until Rabbit is faced with a startling act of violence that she must decide how far she's willing to go--for herself, for Juliet, and for justice--when love and grief threaten to topple everything.

Faeries Never Die by Various YA Authors (Feiwel and Friends)

Faeries Never Lie, the next young adult collection in the Untold Legends series edited by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker, is filled with fourteen short stories to revel in, that center faeries of varying genders and cultures!

There’s something to be said for starting your first day in faerie boarding school, for chasing a faerie through Chang’an during the Tang Dynasty, for searching for the missing part of your throuple who may have run away with a faerie prince, for descending into madness after spending countless nights plagued by the same faerie dream—and much more.

Fly into this revelry filled with tricksters, lovers, monsters, and the like, in this exciting collection for those who love faeries and those who are experiencing them for the first time!

Edited by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker, Faeries Never Lie features short stories from beloved authors Nafiza Azad, Holly Black, Dhonielle Clayton, Christine Day, Chloe Gong, Tessa Gratton, Kwame Mbalia, Ryan La Sala, L.L. McKinney, Anna-Marie McLemore, Kaitlyn Sage Patterson, Rory Power.

Everything Glittered by Robin Talley (Little, Brown)
It’s 1927 and the strict laws of prohibition have done little to temper the roaring 20s nightlife, even in the nation’s capitol. Everyone knows the booze has never stopped flowing, especially amongst the rich and powerful, and seventeen-year-old Gertrude and her best friends Clara and Milly are determined to get a taste of freedom and liquor, propriety be damned.  

But after sneaking out of the Washington Female Seminary to visit a speakeasy, they return to discover that their controversial young headmistress, Mrs. Rose, has been murdered.    Reeling from the death of her beloved mentor, Gertrude enlists her friends in her quest to clear Mrs. Rose’s reputation, while trying to keep her own intact.

But in Prohibition Washington, it’s difficult to sidestep grifters, bootleggers, and shady federal agents when investigating a murder. And with all the secrets being uncovered, Gertrude is finding it harder and harder to keep her attraction to her best friends hidden.     A proper, upscale life is all Gertrude has ever known, but murder sure makes a gal is all that glitters really gold?

The Hysterical Girls of St Bernadette's by Hanna Alkaf (Simon and Schuster)
An all-girls private school is struck with mysterious cases of screaming hysteria in this chilling dark academia thriller haunted by a deeply buried history clawing to the light.

For over a hundred years, girls have fought to attend St. Bernadette’s, with its reputation for shaping only the best and brightest young women.

Unfortunately, there is also the screaming.

When a student begins to scream in the middle of class, a chain reaction starts that impacts the entire school. By the end of the day, seventeen girls are affected—along with St. Bernadette’s stellar reputation.

Khadijah’s got her own scars to tend to, and watching her friends succumb to hysteria only rips apart wounds she’d rather keep closed. But when her sister falls to the screams, Khad knows she’s the only one who can save her.

Rachel has always been far too occupied trying to reconcile her overbearing mother’s expectations with her own secret ambitions to pay attention to school antics. But just as Rachel finds her voice, it turns into screams.

Together, the two girls find themselves digging deeper into the school’s dark history, hunting for the truth. Little do they know that a specter lurks in the darkness, watching, waiting, and hungry for its next victim…

Aisle Nine by Ian X. Cho
Black Mirror meets Superstore in this laugh-till-you-cry YA novel about Jasper, a seventeen-year-old check-out clerk who lost his family, his memory, and maybe the love of his life when demons erupted out of the hell portal that opened up in the discount mart where he works. Now it’s up to Jasper to stop the apocalypse that’s coming on Black Friday—from rising star debut author Ian X. Cho.

This Black Friday will be the darkest yet.

Even though the world is filled with portals to hell and bloodthirsty demons pop out of them on the reg, Jasper spends his days and nights working as a check-out clerk at the Here For You discount mart. Sure, there’s even a hell portal in aisle nine, which means he could be maimed, dismembered, or even eaten whole during every shift, but at least at the mart he can be near his crush, Kyle Kuan. That she doesn’t seem to even notice that he exists seems about right to Jasper, because Jasper can’t remember anything that happened to him before his accident five months ago, either.

But when Jasper and Kyle learn they both share a frightening vision of the impending apocalypse, they realize that they have at least this common: They have to save the world. Because ready or not, on Black Friday, all hell will break loose, starting in aisle nine.

Perfect for fans of Grasshopper Jungle or The Last of Us comes Aisle Nine, the debut young adult novel from rising star Ian X. Cho.

A Constellation of Minor Bears by Jen Ferguson (Heartdrum)
Award-winning author Jen Ferguson has written a powerful story about teens grappling with balancing resentment with enduring friendship—and how to move forward with a life that’s not what they’d imagined.

Before that awful Saturday, Molly used to be inseparable from her brother, Hank, and his best friend, Tray. The indoor climbing accident that left Hank with a traumatic brain injury filled Molly with anger.

While she knows the accident wasn’t Tray’s fault, she will never forgive him for being there and failing to stop the damage. But she can’t forgive herself for not being there either.

Determined to go on the trio’s post-graduation hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, even without Hank, Molly packs her bag. But when her parents put Tray in charge of looking out for her, she is stuck backpacking with the person who incites her easy anger.

Despite all her planning, the trail she’ll walk has a few more twists and turns ahead. . . .

Discover the evocative storytelling and emotion from the author of The Summer of Bitter and Sweet, which was the winner of the Governor General's Award, a Stonewall Award honor book, and a Morris Award finalist, as well as Those Pink Mountain Nights, a Kirkus Best Book of the Year!

Signed Sealed Dead by Cynthia Murphy (Delacorte) - previously published in the UK.
True-Crime obsessed Paige, and her family, move across the Atlantic to her father's eerie hometown, and it's not long before she uncovers the town's dark history - a string of unsolved murders and disappearances in the 90s.

And then notes start appearing at their dilapidated old home, about the secrets the house is keeping. The clues lead Paige to a diary concealed in the walls that belonged to one of the missing girls. Could this be the key to solving a quarter-of-a-century mystery, or will this make Paige the next target?!

She Waits For You Beyond the Dark by Kristin Simmons (Tor Teen)
"Death is not an ending, it’s simply the next chapter. Do not be afraid to turn the page...."

It’s been one month since Ian’s reunited friends escaped the hellish game of Meido and saved him. The survivors may have sealed the gate to the world of the dead shut and destroyed Empress Izanami, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still reeling over the challenges they endured in her grim game. They can relax back in the world of the living, taking solace in the fact that they rescued Ian from the nightmare that tried to steal him away. There’s just one problem—Ian didn’t come home alone.

The empress—now possessing Ian's heart—hitched a ride into the world of the living and the only way to free Ian from her grasp, yet again, is to find three artifacts for her, sacred objects which have been hidden across many realms.

Unwilling to leave Ian behind a second time, Ian’s friends dive into a new deadly game, with challenges that not only test their mettle, but demand sacrifices—including their very lives. If they don’t solve each terrifying new task and retrieve the empress’s artifacts, Ian will be lost forever, but if they do, it's the end of their world as they know it.

There’s only one person the empress hasn’t accounted for, but he hasn’t been human in a long time, and he may not have the time to master his yōkai powers fast enough to save his friends.

Pick the Lock by A.S. King
From Michael L. Printz Award winner A.S. King, a weird and insightful new novel about a girl intent on picking the lock of her toxic family with punk rock and opera.

Jane’s mother is an artist constantly on tour to earn a living and support the family. While her mother is away, Jane lives in a Victorian mansion with her younger brother and their controlling, mendacious father and aunt, both of whom have conspired to confine Jane and Henry’s mother to a system of pneumatic tubes whenever she’s at home. Pick the Lock follows Jane’s bizarre and brilliant journey to rediscover and reconnect with her mother through punk rock and opera.

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