September 2022 New Releases


Seoulmates by Susan Lee (Inkyard)
Rebecca Kuss at Inkyard has acquired, at auction, Seoulmates, along with a second untitled novel by Susan Lee. In this YA debut, recently dumped high school nobody Hannah Cho must face her unresolved feelings for her childhood best friend, Jacob Kim, when he returns to their San Diego hometown as the newest K-drama heartthrob—and blackmails her into completing his summer bucket list with him before he's thrust back into stardom in Korea. Publication is slated for fall 2022; Taylor Haggerty at Root Literary brokered the two-book deal for world English rights.

September 1st
The Princess in the Piazza by Ben Hatke
 (Roaring Brook Press)

Roaring Brook has bought The Princess in the Piazza, a YA novel from Ben Hatke. The book follows Sebastian, an American teenager spending the summer in Italy, who falls in love with a Renaissance princess who has been dead for 500 years, and finds himself swept up in her ages-old conflict with a sinister wizard.

September 20th
What the Fact?! by Dr. Seema Yasmin (Simon and Schuster) - YA Non-fiction, moved from January 2021.
From acclaimed writer, journalist, and physician Dr. Seema Yasmin comes a much-needed, timely book about the importance of media literacy, fact-based reporting, and the ability to discern truth from lies.

What is a fact? What are reliable sources? What is news? What is fake news? How can anyone make sense of it anymore? Well, we have to. As conspiracy theories and online hoaxes increasingly become a part of our national discourse and “truth” itself is being questioned, it has never been more vital to build the discernment necessary to tell fact from fiction, and media literacy has never been more vital.

In this accessibly-written guide, Dr. Seema Yasmin, an award-winning journalist, scientist, medical professional, and professor, traces the spread of misinformation and disinformation through our fast-moving media landscape and teaches young readers the skills that will help them identify and counter poorly-sourced clickbait and misleading headlines.

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