October 2022 New Releases

The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
Alyza Liu at S&S/McElderry has bought The Ones We Burn by Rebecca Mix. This debut YA fantasy follows a blood-witch whose mission to assassinate the prince she is betrothed to is compromised by the discovery of a deadly plague—and by the beautiful princess intent on stopping it. Publication is set for fall 2022; Kiana Nguyen at Donald Maass Literary brokered the deal for world English rights.

Royal Blood by Aimee Carter (Delacorte)
Kelsey Horton at Delacorte has acquired, in a best bid auction, three titles in YA series Royal Blood by Aimee Carter, a contemporary reimagining of the royal family pitched as The Princess Diaries with murder. After a 17-year-old American girl is exposed as the King of England's illegitimate daughter, she soon finds herself in an even bigger royal scandal as the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Publication for the first book is planned for fall 2022; Rosemary Stimola with Allison Remcheck at Stimola Literary Studio brokered the six-figure deal for North American rights.

Dark Room Etiquette by Robin Roe (HarperCollins) - moved from May 2022.
Sixteen-year-old Sayers Wayte has everything—until he’s kidnapped by a man who takes it all away. A man who tells him that the privileged life he’s been living is based on a lie.

To survive, Sayers must forget the world he once knew, and play the part his abductor has created for him. But as time goes by, the line between fact and fiction blurs, and Sayers begins to wonder if he can escape without losing himself entirely.

October 4th
Painted Devils by Margaret Owen (Henry Holt)
"Margaret Owen's PAINTED DEVILS, the sequel to LITTLE THIEVES, in which the con artist goddaughter of Death and Fortune accidentally starts a cult, only to face off with the deity she made up when it manifests and claims her ex as a virgin sacrifice, to Tiffany Liao at Holt Children's, with Jess Harold editing, in a significant deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2022, by Victoria Marini at Irene Goodman Agency (world)."

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