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Queen of Faces by Petra Lord (Henry Holt)
"In a multi-house auction, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Books, has acquired Queen of Faces, the first book in a fantasy trilogy by debut author Petra Lord. Peter Knapp and Stuti Telidevara at Park & Fine Literary and Media sold North American rights for seven figures to Brian Geffen, with Claire Wilson at RCW Literary Agency representing Lord in the U.K. and Debbie Deuble Hill at IAG handling film and television rights.The story is set in a world where the rich buy and swap designer bodies like clothes, while the poor, like teenage Ana, are stuck with whatever they can find and afford, such as the broken male body she has inhabited from a young age. With nothing but her illusion magic and quick thinking at her disposal, she must learn to navigate a cutthroat magical academy in order to earn a new body before the one she’s in breathes its last breath. Her counterpoint is Nell, an elite from a wealthy family, soon to be forced into a body swap by her disapproving mother. The two characters are “diametrically opposed dark mirrors of each other,” said Lord, who is trans and biracial, and structured the story to explore the trans experience from multiple perspectives."


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