March 2025 New Releases


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Solving For the Unknown by Loan Le (Simon and Schuster) - moved from September 2023, then from 2024.
"Loan Le's SOLVING FOR THE UNKNOWN, a YA contemporary and a companion novel to A Pho Love Story, which follows the main character's best friend and an older sister as they navigate new and old relationships, and grow closer during their college's upcoming forensic science competition, to Krista Vitola at Simon & Schuster Children's, for publication in summer 2023, by Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret (world). "

Wish Upon a K-Star by Kat Cho (Disney Hyperion) - moved from May 2025.
Rebecca Kuss at Disney Hyperion has acquired Wish Upon a K-Star by Kat Cho, a spin-off of her Once Upon a K-Prom, where a PR snafu means WDB idol Moonster must join Korea's most popular fake dating variety show with Seoul's newest K-drama darling in order to get their careers back on track—but what kind of disaster awaits them when they actually start to fall in love? Publication is set for May 2025; Beth Phelan at Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency negotiated the deal for world rights.

March 4th
You Belong Here by Sara Phoebe Miller and Morgan Beem (First Second) - YA graphic novel, moved from October 2024.
A young adult graphic novel following Essie through heartbreak, star-crossed romance, teen drama, and the question on every high-school senior’s lips: where do I belong?

It’s the first day of senior year and seventeen-year-old Essie Rosen is already over it. Her best friend went off to college and barely responds to her texts, her brother’s on the other side of the country in rehab, every conversation with her mom becomes a fight, and her long-term boyfriend, Bruno, feels weirdly distant. Essie’s counting down the days until she can escape her Long Island hometown and join her bff at NYU, where she’s SURE she’ll get into the acting program she’s dreamed about for years.

But when Essie gets dumped AND botches her college audition, her entire trajectory changes. Instead of doing community theater, she ends up slumming it in the school play, where she’s cast opposite the unexpectedly charming Christopher Sun…the younger brother of the drug dealer who got Essie’s brother hooked. Is he the perfect rebound—or the worst decision Essie could make?

Love Me Tomorrow by Emiko Jean (Flatiron)
Sarah Barley at Flatiron has bought Love Me Tomorrow, a new two-book series by Tokyo Ever After author Emiko Jean. Pitched as To All the Boys I've Loved Before with a How I Met Your Mother speculative twist, it follows a 17-year-old girl who doesn't believe in love until she starts receiving letters from the love of her life—writing to her from years in the future. Publication is tentatively slated for winter 2025; Erin Harris at Folio Literary Management and Joelle Hobeika and Sara Shandler at Alloy Entertainment sold North American rights in an exclusive submission.

March 11th
Igniting Fate by Jean Louise (Inkyard Press) - moved from January 2024, then from June 2024.

This epic sequel to Waking Fire follows a girl forced to leave home for the first time to confront her destiny—and the ancient evil dragon god set to destroy the world.

What Wakes the Bells by Elle Tesch (Fiewel and Friends) - previously titled Of Rusted Throats.

Emily Settle at Feiwel and Friends has bought Of Rusted Throats by debut author Elle Tesch, a dark YA fantasy about a keeper of the bells in a sentient city built by long-gone saints. When the soul of a vengeful saint escapes his prison, Mina must decide how far she'll go to save her city—and who she's willing to kill to do it. It's slated for publication in winter 2025; Tara Gonzalez at Erin Murphy Literary Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

March 13th
I Am Not Jessica Chen by Ann Liang (Inkyard Press) - moved from Summer 2024, then from Spring 2024.
Claire Stetzer at Inkyard Press has acquired, in an exclusive submission, Ann Liang's I Am Not Jessica Chen. After getting rejected by every Ivy League she applied to, a teenage art student makes a wish to become her enviably perfect cousin, Jessica Chen—only to wake up in Jessica's body, and discover firsthand the cost of being the “model" student at an elite, cutthroat academy. Publication is slated for summer 2024; Kathleen Rushall at Andrea Brown Literary Agency handled the deal for world English rights.

March 18th
His Mortal Demise by Vanessa Le (Roaring Brook Press)

These Violent Delights meets Divine Rivals in the explosive finale to The Last Bloodcarver duology - with a riveting medical magic system and lush Vietnam-inspired romantasy world.

Kochin is a heartsooth -- a rare being with the ability to heal any wound. Any wound, that is, except death.

Intent on defying nature and bringing Nhika back to life, Kochin keeps her body in a life-preserving casket and waits for a miracle. Stricken with grief and descending into madness, Kochin realizes the answer to his desperate quest can only lie in one place: Yarong, the lush yet battle-ridden island the first heartsooths called home.

Months later, Nhika wakes in a familiar manor-house, with Kochin nowhere to be found. As she traces his footsteps across Theumas, she discovers the haunting path he walked to bring her back, and a world changed by war.

When Kochin discovers the true and grisly way to resurrect a person from the grave, he must decide exactly how much he is willing to sacrifice, in order to reunite with the woman he loves...

Don't miss this stunning dual-POV follow up to THE LAST BLOODCARVER, where morals will be tested, hearts pushed to the limit, and fates determined once and for all. Vanessa Le's jaw-dropping sequel is a bloody and luscious spectacle to be devoured in one sitting.

Witchlight by Susan Dennard (Tor Teen) - moved from 2022, then from 2023, then from June 2024 and July 2024.
Paths converge and prophecies unfold as Safi and Iseult—the legendary Cahr Awen—fight their way across the Witchlands to heal the final Origin Well. With ancient figures rising from the past, the Raider King’s armies gathering for war, and the magic at the heart of everything dying too fast, the entire world is now on the brink of collapse.

But when Safi and Iseult reach the Air Well with the Bloodwitch Aeduan at their side, they discover too late that Eridysi's Lament is not the prophecy they thought it was—and their journeys are only just beginning.

The House No One Sees by Adina King (Feiwel and Friends)
Kat Brzozowski at Feiwel and Friends has acquired Adina King's YA debut The House No One Sees, a hybrid verse and prose novel in which a teenage girl confronts the dark labyrinth of her childhood home and her mother's opioid addiction to save the light she trapped inside and mend her fractured past. Publication is slated for winter 2025; Ginger Knowlton at Curtis Brown brokered the deal for North American English rights.

March 25th
Lovely Dark and Deep by Elisa A. Bonnin (Feiwel and Friends) - previously titled Exiles of Ellery West, moved from Spring 2024.

From author Elisa A. Bonnin comes Lovely Dark and Deep, a YA dark academia novel exploring magic, loneliness, and the power of found family.

Hidden off the coast of Washington, veiled in mist, there is an island that does not appear on any map. And on that island is Ellery West.

Ellery West has always been home for Faith. After an international move and a childhood spent adjusting to a new culture and a new language, the acclaimed school for magic feels like the only place she can be herself. That is, until Faith and another student walk into the forest, and only Faith walks out.

Marked with the red stripe across her uniform that designates all students deemed too dangerous to attend regular classes, Faith becomes a social pariah, an exile of Ellery West. But all she has to do is keep her head down for one more year to graduate, and she gets to keep her magic. Because when students fail out of Ellery West, they have their magic taken away. Forever. And Faith can't let that happen.

Except terrifying things are still happening to students, and the dark magic that was unleashed in the forest still seems to be at work. To stop it, Faith and the other Red Stripes will have to work together, risking expulsion from the magical world altogether.

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