June 2023 New Releases



If I Have to Be Haunted by Miranda Sun (HarperCollins)
Alice Jerman at HarperCollins has acquired Miranda Sun's debut YA contemporary fantasy, If I Have to Be Haunted, in a two-book, six-figure deal at auction. A Chinese American teen reluctantly embraces her ghost-speaking heritage to resurrect her nemesis, the local golden boy, from an otherworldly snake bite, rekindling a multi-generational feud—and maybe falling in love with him—in the process. Publication is scheduled for summer 2023 and summer 2024 respectively; Paige Terlip at Andrea Brown Literary Agency brokered the world English deal.

You Bet Your Heart by Danielle Parker (Joy Revolution)
Bria Ragin with co-founders and editors David and Nicola Yoon of Joy Revolution have acquired You Bet Your Heart by debut author and Pitch Wars alum Danielle Parker, a contemporary YA rom-com, bought at auction in a two-book deal, in which a star student finds herself academically tied for high school valedictorian with her childhood best friend-turned-rival and agrees to settle the score through a series of bets, even if it means putting her heart and happiness on the line. Publication is slated for spring 2023; Pete Knapp at Park & Fine Literary and Media negotiated the deal for U.S., Canada, and non-exclusive OPM rights.

The Kingdom of Without by Andrea Tang (Simon and Schuster) - moved from 2022, release date not yet updated on Goodreads.
Alyza Liu at Simon & Schuster has bought, in an exclusive submission, The Kingdom of Without by Andrea Tang (Rebelwing; Renegade Flight). Pitched as a cyberpunk Six of Crows and set in an alternate history class-divided Beijing, a desperate young thief agrees to help a band of revolutionaries, including a mysterious renegade known only as the Red Yaksha, break out the leader of a failed rebellion. Publication is planned for fall 2022; Thao Le at the Dijkstra Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste (Sourcebooks Fire) - moved from 2022, then from January 2023.
Annie Berger at Sourcebooks Fire has acquired debut YA contemporary fantasy The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste. In a country divided between witchers and humans, an 18-year-old Black brewer of love potions must protect her sister after she is coerced into making powerful potions to persuade and enslave Washington's most influential politicians, before they find themselves in the middle of a war that could cost them everything. Publication is scheduled for winter 2022; John Cusick at Folio Jr./Folio Literary Management brokered the deal for world English rights.

June 20th

An Echo in the City by K.X. Song (Little, Brown) - moved from September 2022.
Two star-crossed teenagers fall in love during the 2019 Hong Kong protests in this searing YA contemporary debut about coming of age in a time of change.

Sixteen-year-old Phoenix bombs her SATs, jeopardizing her dream of attending Yale in the United States. But when she goes to a Hong Kong protest with her brother and begins to document the growing movement, she realizes there might be more to life than grades and test scores.

Kai is a seventeen-year-old artist from mainland China. When his mother dies, he's forced to move back to Hong Kong and trains to become a police officer, just like his estranged father. When he accidentally swaps phones with Phoenix and discovers she’s part of a secret protest network, he's given an assignment: infiltrate the group and report their plans back to the police. 

As Kai and Phoenix join the struggle for the future of Hong Kong, a spark forms between them, pulling them together even as their separate worlds try to force them apart. Yet their relationship, built on secrets and deception, is on a collision course for disaster. When the lies fall away, will they still love the person left behind?

June 27th
Gloria Buenrostro Is Not My Girlfriend by Brandon Hoàng (FSG) - previously titled This Could Have Been a Love Story, moved from 2022, then from May 2023.
Trisha de Guzman at FSG has bought, in an exclusive submission, This Could Have Been a Love Story by former animation executive Brandon Hoàng. The debut contemporary YA follows a Vietnamese American boy who, in order to gain acceptance from his male peers, befriends the most beautiful girl in school, Gloria Buenrosto. When Gloria finds out about his deception, he is forced to confront how he's allowed his friends' toxic masculinity to sabotage his relationship with the best friend he's ever had. Publication is set for fall 2022; Alyssa Jennette at Stonesong Literary did the deal for world rights.

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