July 2025 New Releases




July 1st
Soulmatch by Rebecca Danzenbaker (Simon and Schuster)

1. Report to the government institute on your 18th birthday.
2. Get scanned and matched to your past lives.
3. Receive a career path and inheritance (if you’re lucky, a soulmate too).
4. Go about your merry way, knowing who you were and who you are.

Sivon should’ve known her visit wouldn’t be that simple. The signs were there - her uncanny knack for winning strategic games as well as her mom’s ability to read everyone’s auras, everyone's except Sivon's. With her indecipherable colors, she was just hoping she wasn’t a bad soul. You know, the tragic ones with criminal histories who leave the institute in handcuffs.

Sivon couldn’t have guessed her results would stir international frenzy, saddling her with an infuriating bodyguard who’s as stand-offish as he is off-limits. Hounded by the masses, driven into hiding, and hanging on to the guy she can never have, Sivon realizes the painful truth - this life isn’t a game, but to survive, she needs to play like it is.

July 15th
Unending by Ivelisse Housman (Inkyard Press) - moved from March 2024, then from June 2024.
In this high-octane conclusion to the Unseelie duology, which Andrew Joseph White calls “a portal to a world of glimmering fae and blistering magic,” two sisters discover that the things that make them different can lend them more power than they ever imagined.

Isolde Graygrove has always put her changeling twin sister first. But ever since Seelie returned from the faerie realms with a newfound confidence in her magic and secrets she’s keeping even from her twin, Isolde can’t help but wonder: who is she, if not her sister’s protector?

Seelie knows there are some problems even magic can’t solve. Like the distance between her and Isolde, the terror of her growing and unfamiliar emotions for Raze, or the fact that the world’s last firedrake has imprinted on her like a baby duckling. Still, she can’t help but try.

When Seelie accidentally splinters the three realms, tangling the human and faerie worlds together into something new, the vicious faerie Gossamer is determined to take full advantage of the chaos unleashed. Seelie and Isolde will need to spill their secrets, decide who they can trust, and navigate the sinister glamour of the faerie courts to save humankind and fae alike.

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