January 2023 New Releases




Splintered Magic by L.L. McKinney
(Disney Hyperion)


New York, New York

Twins Trey and Tai are not like other high schoolers. Besides his crushing lack of popularity, Trey struggles to suppress his surging magical abilities that continually impede his dream of making first chair cello in orchestra. A budding photographer, Tai just wants to take beautiful pictures and find a girlfriend, maybe the new first chair cello and Trey’s rival, Ayesha. But disturbing images keep appearing in Tai’s camera lens, bringing up forgotten memories of her mother’s disappearance ten years earlier and reigniting the twins’ search for her. As the two discover more clues, Trey and Tai also uncover strange secrets about their magical family and about cunning villains who resurface and threaten their very survival. Together, Trey and Tai must work to unearth the past and preserve the future of their family.

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night by Amélie Wen Zhao (Delacorte)
Krista Marino at Delacorte has bought, in an exclusive submission, Song of Silver, Flame Like Night by Amélie Wen Zhao (the Blood Heir series), first in a YA xiānxiá Chinese fantasy series, and a second, untitled sequel. The story follows a song girl in a conquered land whose last remnant of her mother—and the fallen Hin dynasty of her ancestors—is the symbol seared onto her hand, which, if the mysterious boy she encounters is to be trusted, may be the key to freeing her people by mastering the ancient, forgotten magic of practitioning. Publication is set for spring 2023; Pete Knapp at Park & Fine Literary and Media did the deal for North American rights.

January 3rd
They're Watching You by Chelsea Ichaso (Sourcebooks Fire) - previously titled The Gamemaster's Society and dated Spring 2022.
When a secret society has you in their sights, it can lead to power, privilege... or death.

It's been two weeks since Polly St. James went missing. The police, the headmistress of Torrey-Wells Academy, and even her parents have ruled her a runaway. But not Maren, her best friend and roommate. She knows Polly had a secret that she was about to share with Maren before she disappeared― something to do with the elite, ultra-rich crowd at Torrey-Wells.

Then Maren finds an envelope hidden among Polly's things: an invitation to the Gamemaster's Society. Do not tell anyone, it says. Maren is certain her classmates in the Society know the truth about what happened to Polly, though it's no easy feat to join. Once Maren's made it through the treacherous initiation, she discovers a world she never knew existed within her school, where Society members compete in high-stakes games for unheard-of rewards―Ivy League connections, privileges, favors.

But Maren's been drawn into a different game: for every win, she'll receive a clue about Polly. And as Maren keeps winning, she begins to see just how powerful the Society's game is―bigger and deadlier than she ever imagined. They see, they know, they control. And they kill.

The Roof Over Our Heads by Nicole Kronzer (Amulet) - moved from Spring 2022.
A charming YA novel about a family who puts on an immersive, interactive play to save their historical home

Finn lives in a family of theater lovers. His older brothers are both actors, and one of his moms is an actor and the other one is a director. They even live in an enormous historic mansion owned by the Beauregard, Minnesota's largest regional theater.

Finn is desperate to be an actor, too, despite the fact that he can never seem to remember his lines. When a new artistic director threatens to sell the Jorgensen house and kick out his family from the only home he's ever known, his family puts on a show—an immersive 1890s experience unlike anything else out there.

But will it be too much for his mom Lula, who is recovering from cancer? Will Finn connect with his crush and deal with his long-time rival, Jade? Will saving the house save Finn's acting career? Funny, warm, and full of Victorian hijinks, this is a novel for anyone looking for a place to belong.

A Ruinous Fate by Kaylie Smith (Disney Hyperion) - originally titled Witch's Dice, title changed in April 2022.
Fate does not choose the weak. Fate chooses the ready.

Calliope Rosewood is a witch with a long streak of bad luck. Like all witches in Illustros, her fate is directly tied to Witch’s Dice—powerful artifacts that have blessed her kind with limitless magic but also set them on a path toward destruction. Cursed with unspeakable powers that terrify even the most dangerous witches and fae, Calla deserted her coven four years ago and has been in hiding with her two best friends since. But Calla is also hiding a grave secret: She is only three Rolls away from becoming the last Blood Warrior and starting the Final War that will decimate her people and eradicate their magic.

After a betrayal from her ex leads her one step closer to fulfilling that age-old prophecy, Calla is desperate to do whatever it takes to reset her fate . . . even if that means journeying into the deadly Neverending Forest with said ex and his enticing, yet enigmatic older brother to find the one being who can help her forge her own path. As Calla ventures farther into the enchanted woods, she finds her heart torn between her past desires and the alluring new possibilities of her future and learns that choosing your own destiny may come with deadly consequences.

Featuring a charming and chaotic ensemble cast of characters, this first book in a planned series by debut author Kaylie Smith will sweep readers away with its utterly immersive world building, swoon-worthy romance, and action-packed storytelling.

The Love Match by Priyanka Taslim (Salaam Reads) - moved from May 2022, then from December 2022.
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets Pride and Prejudice in this delightful and heartfelt rom-com about a Bangladeshi American teen whose meddling mother arranges a match to secure their family’s financial security—just as she’s falling in love with someone else.

Zahra Khan is basically Bangladeshi royalty, but being a princess doesn’t pay the bills in Paterson, New Jersey. While Zahra’s plans for financial security this summer involve working long hours at Chai Ho and saving up for college writing courses, Amma is convinced that all Zahra needs is a “good match,” Jane Austen style.

Enter Harun Emon, who’s wealthy, devastatingly handsome, and…aloof. As soon as Zahra meets him, she knows it’s a bad match. It’s nothing like the connection she has with Nayim Aktar, the new dishwasher at the tea shop, who just gets Zahra in a way no one has before. So, when Zahra finds out that Harun is just as uninterested in this match as she is, they decide to slowly sabotage their parents’ plans. And for once in Zahra’s life, she can have her rossomalai and eat it too: “dating” Harun and keeping Amma happy while catching real feelings for Nayim.

But life—and boys—can be more complicated than Zahra realizes. With her feelings all mixed up, Zahra realizes sometimes being a good Bengali kid can be a royal pain.

Unseelie by Ivelisse Housman (Inkyard Press)
Twin sisters, both on the run, but different as day and night. One, a professional rogue, searches for a fabled treasure; the other, a changeling, searches for the truth behind her origins, trying to find a place to fit in with the realm of fae who made her and the humans who shun her. 

Iselia “Seelie” Graygrove looks just like her twin, Isolde… but as an autistic changeling trying to navigate her unpredictable magic, Seelie finds it more difficult to fit in with the humans around her. When Seelie and Isolde are caught up in a heist gone wrong and make some unexpected allies, they find themselves unraveling a larger mystery that has its roots in the history of humans and fae alike.

Both sisters soon discover that the secrets of the faeries may be more valuable than any pile of gold and jewels. But can Seelie harness her magic in time to protect her sister, and herself?

The Wrong Kind of Weird by James Ramos (Inkyard Press)
Cameron Carson has a big senior-year secret. A secret with the power to break apart his friend group.  

Cameron Carson, member of the multicultural Geeks and Nerds United (G.A.N.U.) club, has been secretly hooking up with student council president, cheerleader, theatre enthusiast and all-around queen bee Karla Ortega, since the summer. The one problem—what was meant to be a summer fling between coffee shop coworkers has now evolved into a clandestine school-year entanglement, where Karla isn’t intending on blending their friend groups anytime soon, or at all.

Enter Mackenzie Briggs, who isn’t afraid to be herself or wear her heart on her sleeve. When Cameron finds himself unexpectedly bonding with Mackenzie and repeatedly snubbed in public by Karla, he starts to wonder who he can truly consider a friend and who might have the potential to become more…

Immortality: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz (Wednesday Books)
The eagerly-anticipated sequel to Dana Schwartz's #1 bestselling gothic romance, Anatomy: A Love Story.

Hazel Sinnett is alone. She’s half-convinced the events of the year before—the immortality, Beecham’s vial—were a figment of her imagination. She doesn’t even know if Jack is alive or dead. All she can really do is run her free clinic, helping people and maintaining Hawthornden Castle as it starts to decay around her.

When saving a life leads to her arrest, Hazel seems doomed to rot in prison until a message intervenes: Hazel has been specifically requested to be the personal physician of Princess Charlotte, the sickly daughter of King George IV. Soon Hazel is dragged into the glamor and romance of a court where everyone has something to hide, especially the ladies of the princess’s close circle, who never seem to stay hurt for long…

Meanwhile, Jack Currer has been trying to find a way to die. He’s been traveling across the Atlantic, hoarding any information that could cure his immortality and let him spend a normal life with Hazel. When he hears that Beecham has died, he immediately goes to London to find out how he achieved it—and reunites with Hazel once again.

As their search for the immortality cure entangles them more and more with the British court, Hazel and Jack realize that a life together is not the only thing at stake. Malicious forces are at work in the monarchy, and they are very interested in living forever.

Dark Testament by Crystal Simone Smith (Henry Holt)
Kate Farrell at Henry Holt has acquired, at auction, Dark Testament by poet and Duke University Fellow Crystal Simone Smith. The volume of YA erasure poetry is drawn from text "found" in George Saunders's novel Lincoln in the Bardo. Smith's erasure of the original material connects the agonized voices haunting Lincoln to the grieving chorus of protests in today's Black Lives Matter movement. Publication is slated for winter 2023; Liz Nealon of Great Dog Literary brokered the deal for world rights.

Breakup from Hell by Ann Dávila Cardinal (HarperCollins)
Claudia Gabel at HarperCollins has bought Breakup from Hell by Ann Dávila Cardinal. Horror novel-obsessed Mica Angeles can't believe her luck when she starts dating Sam, the super-hot new guy she meets at church. The dream morphs into a nightmare, though, when she discovers his family roots stretch down into the underworld. Publication is set for winter 2023; Linda Camacho at Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

January 10th
We Are All So Good At Smiling by Amber McBride (Feiwel and Friends)

They Both Die at the End meets The Bell Jar in this haunting, beautiful young adult novel-in-verse about clinical depression and healing from trauma, from National Book Award Finalist Amber McBride.

Whimsy is back in the hospital for treatment of clinical depression. When she meets a boy named Faerry, she recognizes they both have magic in the marrow of their bones. And when Faerry and his family move to the same street, the two start to realize that their lifelines may have twined and untwined many times before.

They are both terrified of the forest at the end of Marsh Creek Lane.

The Forest whispers to Whimsy. The Forest might hold the answers to the part of Faerry he feels is missing. They discover the Forest holds monsters, fairy tales, and pain that they have both been running from for 11 years.

Cool. Awkward. Black. by Various YA Authors (Philomel) - release date not yet announced on Goodreads.
A multi-genre YA anthology of bestselling, critically acclaimed Black authors challenging the concept of “the geek.”

A girl who believes in UFOs; a boy who might have finally found his Prince Charming; a hopeful performer who dreams of being cast in her school’s production of The Wiz; a misunderstood magician of sorts with a power she doesn’t quite understand.
These plotlines and more comprise the eclectic stories found within the pages of Cool. Awkward. Black.–a dynamic, exciting, and expansive collection of stories featuring exclusively Black characters. From contemporary to historical, fantasy to sci-fi, magical to realistic, this anthology celebrates and redefines the many facets of Blackness and geekiness–both in the real world, and those imagined.
The collection will feature contributions from this powerhouse list of self-proclaimed geeks: Amerie, Kalynn Bayron, Terry Benton, Roseanne A. Brown, Elise Bryant, S. G. Demciri, Tracy Deonn, Desiree S. Evans, Isaac Fitzsimons, Lamar R. Giles, Jordan Ifueko, Leah Johnson, Amanda Joy, Kwame Mbalia, Tochi Onyebuchi, K. Arsenault Rivera, Ciannon Smart, Karen Strong (editor), Julian Winters, Ibi Zoboi, and New Voices contest winner, Shari B. Pennant.

A Tale of Two Princes by Eric Geron (Inkyard Press) - moved from May and June 2022, then from November 2022.
Will these long-lost twin princes be able to take on high school, coming out, and coronations together—or will this royal reunion quickly become a royal mess?
Edward Dinnissen, Crown Prince of Canada, loves getting the royal treatment at his exclusive Manhattan private school and living in a fancy mansion on Park Avenue. But despite living a royal life of luxury, Edward is unsure how to tell his parents, his expectant country, and his adoring fans that he’s gay.

Billy Boone couldn’t be happier: he loves small-town life and his family’s Montana ranch, and his boyfriend is the cutest guy at Little Timber High. But this out-and-proud cowboy is finally admitting to himself that he feels destined for more . . .

When Edward and Billy meet by chance in New York City and discover that they are long-lost twins, their lives are forever changed. Will the twin princes—“twinces”— be able to take on high school, coming out, and coronations together? Or will this royal reunion quickly become a royal disaster?

Botched by Shannon Gibney (Dutton) - YA memoir, moved from 2021.
Part memoir, part speculative fiction, Botched explores the often surreal experience of growing up as a mixed-Black transracial adoptee.

Dream Country author Shannon Gibney returns with Botched, a book woven from her true story of growing up as mixed-Black transracial adoptee and fictional story of Erin Powers, the name Shannon was given at birth, a child raised by a white, closeted lesbian.

At its core Botched is a tale of two girls on two different timelines occasionally bridged by a mystrious portal and their shared search for a complete picture of their origins. Gibney surrounds that story with reproductions of her own adoption documents, letters, family photographs, interviews, medical records, and brief essays on the surreal absurdities of the adoptee experience.

The end result is a remarkable portrait of an American experience rarely depicted in any form.

City of Nightmares by Rebecca Schaeffer (Clarion Books)
Gotham meets Strange the Dreamer in this thrilling young adult fantasy about a cowardly girl who finds herself at the center of a criminal syndicate conspiracy, in a city where crooked politicians and sinister cults reign and dreaming means waking up as your worst nightmare.

Ever since her sister became a man-eating spider and slaughtered her way through town, nineteen-year-old Ness has been terrified—terrified of some other Nightmare murdering her, and terrified of ending up like her sister. Because in Newham, the city that never sleeps and the only other home Ness has known, dreaming means waking up as your worst fear.

Whether that means becoming a Nightmare that is only monstrous in appearance but is otherwise able to live a semi-normal existence, to transforming into a twisted, unrecognizable creature that terrorizes the citizens of Newham, no one is safe. Ness will do anything to avoid becoming another victim, even if that means lying low among the Friends of the Restful Soul, a seedy organization that may or may not be a cult.

But being a member of the Friends of the Restful Soul has a price. In order to prove herself, Ness cons her way into what’s supposed to be a simple job for the organization—only for it to blow up in her face. Literally. Tangled up in the aftermath of an explosive assassination, Ness and the only other survivor—a Nightmare boy who Ness suspects is planning to eat her—must find their way back to Newham and uncover the sinister truth behind the attack.

Waking Fire by Jean Louise (Inkyard Press)
This incendiary YA fantasy debut follows a girl who will stop at nothing to save her village after it’s discovered by a dangerous warlord and his army of undead monsters.
Naira Khoum has only known life in Lagusa, a quiet village at the desert’s end. But to the rest of the world, Lagusa is a myth, its location shrouded in secrecy. While war rages to the north led by power-hungry Sothpike and his army of undead monsters called Dambi, Naira’s people live in peace.
Until the impossible happens—Lagusa is attacked by a Mistress sent to do Sothpike’s bidding with a hoard of Dambi under her control. The Mistress is looking for something, and she’s willing to let her Dambi destroy Lagusa to get it.
Desperate to protect her home, Naira convinces her twin brother Nez and handsome refugee Kal to join the newly formed resistance with her. Together, they’ll have to figure out what the Mistress wants—before there’s nothing left of Lagusa to save.

January 17th
As You Walk On By by Julian Winters (Viking)
The Breakfast Club meets Can't Hardly Wait with an unforgettable ensemble cast in another swoony YA contemporary from award-winning author Julian Winters!

Seventeen-year-old Theo Wright has it all figured out. His plan (well, more like his dad's plan) is a foolproof strategy that involves exceling in school, getting scouted by college recruiters, and going to Duke on athletic scholarship for track. But for now, all Theo wants is a perfect prom night. So when his best friend Jay dares Theo to prompose to his crush, Christian, at Chloe Campbell's party, Theo's ready to throw caution to the wind and take his chances.

But when the promposal goes epically wrong, Theo starts to doubt his friendship with Jay, and seeks refuge in an empty bedroom while the party rages on downstairs. Having an existential crisis about who he really is with and without his so-called best friend wasn't on tonight's agenda. But as the night goes on, Theo finds out he's not as alone as he thinks when, one by one, new classmates join him for unexpectedly deep conversations, competitive dance-offs, and to avoid who they're supposed be outside the bedroom door.
Saints of the Household by Ari Tison (FSG)
This haunting contemporary YA about an act of violence in a small-town--beautifully told by a debut Indigenous Costa Rican-American writer--will take your breath away.

Max and Jay have always depended on one another for their survival. Growing up with a physically abusive father, the two Bribri American brothers have learned that the only way to protect themselves and their mother is to stick to a schedule and keep their heads down.

But when they hear a classmate in trouble in the woods, instinct takes over and they intervene, breaking up a fight and beating their high school's star soccer player to a pulp. This act of violence threatens the brothers' dreams for the future and their beliefs about who they are. As the true details of that fateful afternoon unfold over the course of the novel, Max and Jay grapple with the weight of their actions, their shifting relationship as brothers, and the realization that they may be more like their father than they thought. They'll have to reach back to their Bribri roots to find their way forward.

Told in alternating points of view using vignettes and poems, debut author Ari Tison crafts an emotional, slow-burning drama about brotherhood, abuse, recovery, and doing the right thing.

She Is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran (Bloomsbury) - previously dated January 24th
Mary Kate Castellani at Bloomsbury has acquired, at auction, She Is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran. This YA coming-of-age ghost story sets a girl's navigation of her Vietnamese American bisexual identity against both the dark legacy of colonialism and a blossoming summer romance, when she visits her estranged father in Vietnam and learns that the house they share is haunted. Publication is scheduled for winter 2023, and an untitled YA novel is scheduled for winter 2024; Katelyn Detweiler at Jill Grinberg Literary Management negotiated the six-figure deal for world English rights.

Seven Percent of Ro Devereux by Ellen O'Clover (HarperTeen)
Ro Devereux can predict your future. Or at least, the app she's created can. Inspired by the iconic kids' game, MASH calculates details about your life with 93% accuracy, like where you'll live and what your career will be. It can even match you with your soulmate.

When MASH goes viral, swanky Silicon Valley app developer XLR8 swoops in to partner with Ro. She's thrilled until she's betrayed by her own algorithm and matched with her ex-best friend Miller, the person who hates her most in the world.

Thrust into the spotlight and labeled America's sweethearts, Ro and Miller watch MASH spread like wildfire. As the app takes on a life of its own, Ro realizes it's changing how people exist in society. And that if she can't regain control, MASH might take her—and everything she believes in—down with it.

Queen Among the Dead by Lesley Livingston (Zando) - previously dated November 2022, moved from Henry Holt.
A stunning Celtic YA fantasy adventure set in the ancient kingdom of Eire, inspired by the legend of the first true queen of Ireland, perfect for fans of Shelby Mahurin and Adrienne Young.

In the kingdom of Eire, banshees chill the air, and water-wights lurk in the rivers. But magic is outlawed by the king, and jealously hoarded by his Druid priests.

Neve is the youngest daughter of the king, and Ronan is a Druid's apprentice-turned-thief, making a living by selling stolen spells. They should be enemies, but their shared hatred of the Druids-and a dark magic that has marked them both-makes them unlikely, if uneasy, allies.

When Eire is threatened by a power struggle, Neve must seize the chance to take her rightful place on her family's throne, with the help of Ronan and the realm's most dangerous outcasts. Their journey takes them to the outskirts of Eire where magic still runs free . . . and where an outlaw and a warrior princess might carve out a future with spells and swords.

Lesley Livingston vividly reimagines Irish legends and fairytales to craft a YA fantasy adventure that will captivate readers of Brigid Kemmerer and Tricia Levenseller.

One Last Shot by Kip Wilson (Versify)
From critically acclaimed author Kip Wilson comes this gripping coming of age historical fiction novel in verse about Gerda Taro, a vibrant, headstrong photojournalist with a passion for capturing the truth amid political turmoil and the first woman photojournalist killed in combat.

The daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants, Gerta Pohorylle doesn't quite fit in with her German classmates. While she's away at boarding school, however, she becomes a master at reinventing herself as a vibrant, confident young woman. When she returns from school, she joins a group of young activists and is arrested for distributing anti-Nazi propaganda. Her family decides she must leave Germany.

In Paris, Gerta meets Andre Friedman, a Hungarian photographer eager for fame and fortune, who fosters Gerda's interest in photography. Together the pair reinvents their brand of photojournalism under the names Robert Capa and Gerda Taro, in part to gloss over their Jewish ancestry, and soon they're traveling to areas of military conflict and selling their photos for high prices. Gerda continues to travel solo through Europe, often the only woman in journalism circles. Her assignments eventually lead her to Spain to cover the growing conflict that is becoming the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), part of events leading to World War II.

True to her political beliefs, Gerda pushes closer and closer to the front line, eager to capture the lives and vibrant hopes of Spanish republican forces fighting against fascism, only to lose sight of her own safety.

Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame by Meg Long (Wednesday Books)

In Meg Long's Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame, a girl hellbent on finding the friend she lost races against time on a planet approaching corporate destruction. Only one way to find answers amidst the chaos: team up with a traitor to help stage a revolution...

This Is Not a Personal Statement by Tracy Badua (Quill Tree Books)
Jennifer Ung at Quill Tree has preempted rights to YA debut This Is Not a Personal Statement by Tracy Badua, which follows a teen who leaves home for the college of her dreams... that she wasn't actually accepted to, breaking into dorm rooms, dodging security, crashing classes, and figuring out how to actually get in next semester before she's caught. Publication is slated for winter 2023, with a second, untitled book to follow; Natalie Lakosil at Irene Goodman Literary Agency brokered the deal for world English rights while at Bradford Literary Agency.

January 24th
Begin Again by Emma Lord (Wednesday Books)
As usual, Andie Rose has a plan: Transfer from community college to the hyper competitive Blue Ridge State, major in psychology, and maintain her lifelong goal of becoming an iconic self-help figure despite the nerves that have recently thrown her for a loop. All it will take is ruthless organization, hard work, and her trademark unrelenting enthusiasm to pull it all together.

But the moment Andie arrives, the rest of her plans go off the rails. Her rocky relationship with her boyfriend Connor only gets more complicated when she discovers he transferred out of Blue Ridge to her community college. Her roommate Shay needs a major, and despite Andie’s impressive track record of being The Fixer, she’s stumped on how to help. And Milo, her coffee-guzzling grump of an R.A. with seafoam green eyes, is somehow disrupting all her ideas about love and relationships one sleep-deprived wisecrack at a time.

But sometimes, when all your plans are in rubble at your feet, you find out what you’re made of. And when Andie starts to find the power of her voice as the anonymous Squire on the school’s legendary pirate radio station–the same one her mom founded, years before she passed away–Andie learns that not all the best laid plans are necessarily the right ones.

Filled with a friend group that feels like family, an empowering journey of finding your own way, and a Just Kiss Already! romance, Begin Again is an unforgettable novel of love and starting again.

6 Times We Almost Kissed (+ 1 Time We Did) by Tess Sharpe (Little, Brown) - moved from February 2023.
An utterly compelling will-they-won't-they slow-burn queer romance from the author of THE GIRLS I'VE BEEN.

Penny and Tate clash. Their mothers have an epic friendship that's spanned decades, deaths and divorces. So, since they were toddlers, the girls have always been... a reluctant, quarrelling twosome.

But when a medical event forces their moms to move in together, Penny and Tate call a truce. There's just one little hitch: Penny and Tate keep almost kissing.

It just... happens. They've never talked about it. They've always ignored each other after.

But now, the girls find themselves living across the landing from each other. And when an almost kiss finally goes from almost to I am now wearing your lip gloss, they have to face the music... right?

The Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim (Delacorte) - moved from July 2021, then from 2022.
In the hidden desert city of Qalia, sixteen-year-old Imani dreams of joining the Council of Al-Zahim— the leaders who harness and protect her tribal nation’s secret tea magic. In neighboring Taeel-Sa, an orphan named Kazi has become an assassin to realize humbler dreams: regular food and a place to sleep. So when he’s offered unimaginable wealth to help a foreigner usurp Taeel-Sa’s throne, he jumps at it. What he doesn’t realize is he’s about to change the continent of Alqibah forever—and turn Imani’s dreams into a nightmare.

Upon seizing the throne, the new King invades Qalia, ruthlessly pursuing the source of the magic: a limitless power sealed in a magical vault beneath the city. The Council entrusts Imani with smuggling the vault’s key far away from the besieged city, thwarting Kazi’s attempts to secure it on behalf of the King. Furious, the King gives Kazi one chance to redeem himself: he must kill Imani and return the key.

But there are others who plot to steal it. If Imani and Kazi are to triumph, they’ll both need help— and maybe magic of their own. Little do they know, the ancient magic that divides them is what ultimately links them.

Live Your Best Lie by Jessie Weaver (Disney Hyperion)
Sometimes the prettiest Instagram feeds mask the darkest, and bloodiest, secrets.

Social media influencer Summer Cartwright leads a very charmed life: millions of followers, the hottest designer and vintage clothes at her fingertips, a newly minted book deal, the coolest friends, and, until recently, the hottest boyfriend at her über-elite prep school. Every moment of her life has been carefully planned and cultivated to complement her “imperfectly perfect” social media persona. She is truly #LivingHerBestLife.

But when Summer goes missing during her annual Halloween party and then an unscheduled post appears on her feed stating that she’ll be dead within the next five minutes, those closest to Summer know something isn’t quite right—or on-brand. Grace, Summer’s camera-shy best friend; Adam, Summer’s gamer ex-boyfriend; Laney, Summer’s moody camp roommate; and Cora, an influencer wannabe, all decide to investigate. And when they come upon Summer’s lifeless body, they soon realize that no filter is strong enough to mask the lies we tell ourselves.

Told in multiple POVs interspersed with social media posts and flashbacks, Live Your Best Lie has twists and turns that will keep readers turning the page and no one will be able to guess the ending.

Viva Lola Espinoza by Ella Cerón (Kokila)
Zareen Jaffery at Kokila has acquired, in a preempt, North American rights to Viva Lola Espinoza, the debut novel by author Ella Cerón. It's a coming-of-age romance with a dash of magical realism, about a booksmart teen whose summer plans are derailed when she is sent to live with her grandmother in Mexico City and learns a family secret that changes her life forever. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023; Viana Siniscalchi and Joelle Hobeika at Alloy Entertainment handled the two-book deal.

Into the Winds by Carrie Ryan (Dutton) - YA novel based on a true story, moved from February 2022, then from May 2022, then from November 2022. Some editions still dated November 2022.
"Ten young members of WILD-596 entered the Wyoming wilderness on May 29, 1995. Only one returned. Bestselling author Carrie Ryan will be the first to tell their little-known story.

January 31st
Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare (Margaret K. McElderry Books) - moved from March 2022, then from November 2022.

James and Cordelia must save London—and their marriage—in this thrilling and highly anticipated conclusion to the Last Hours series from the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Cassandra Clare. Chain of Thorns is a Shadowhunters novel.

Cordelia Carstairs has lost everything that matters to her. In only a few short weeks, she has seen her father murdered, her plans to become parabatai with her best friend, Lucie, destroyed, and her marriage to James Herondale crumble before her eyes. Even worse, she is now bound to an ancient demon, Lilith, stripping her of her power as a Shadowhunter.

After fleeing to Paris with Matthew Fairchild, Cordelia hopes to forget her sorrows in the city’s glittering nightlife. But reality intrudes when shocking news comes from home: Tatiana Blackthorn has escaped the Adamant Citadel, and London is under new threat by the Prince of Hell, Belial.

Cordelia returns to a London riven by chaos and dissent. The long-kept secret that Belial is James and Lucie’s grandfather has been revealed by an unexpected enemy, and the Herondales find themselves under suspicion of dealings with demons. Cordelia longs to protect James but is torn between a love for James she has long believed hopeless, and the possibility of a new life with Matthew. Nor can her friends help—ripped apart by their own secrets, they seem destined to face what is coming alone.

For time is short, and Belial’s plan is about to crash into the Shadowhunters of London like a deadly wave, one that will separate Cordelia, Lucie, and the Merry Thieves from help of any kind. Left alone in a shadowy London, they must face Belial’s deadly army. If Cordelia and her friends are going to save their city—and their families—they will have to muster their courage, swallow their pride, and trust one another again. For if they fail, they may lose everything—even their souls.

Dream to Me by Megan Paasch (Feiwel and Friends)
From debut author Megan Paasch comes a YA contemporary fantasy about generational magic, grief, and what it takes to forgive ourselves.

Eva Sylvan didn’t ask for any of this. Not the cross-country move with her sister to a town in the middle of nowhere, not the inherited family estate from a late great-aunt that’s falling apart at the hinges, and definitely not the sudden death of her beloved father. So when the locals react with hostility to the very mention of their last name, Eva’s pretty sure things can’t get any worse.

Until she has a dream about a gas station employee and the next day, he’s in a coma.

Until it happens again.

Something sinister is lurking in the corners of Eva's dreams - something that’s having devastating effects on the waking world. People are dropping left and right, and Eva is squarely in the town's crosshairs. In order to defeat the shadows in her unconsciousness, Eva must not only unearth the magic tied to her family history, but confront the guilt that has been following her since her father’s death. Only she can save the town from her dreams - if the threat is truly even her dreams at all.

Hex You by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (Wednesday Books)

Twin sisters, Mercy and Hunter are witches, direct descendants of the Goode family, the founders of their town. After the murder of their mother at the hands of a foul demon, they have become the protectors of the Gates to different underworlds--ancient portals between their world and realms where mythology rules and the darkest of creatures exist.

Mercy and Khenti are trapped in the Ancient Egyptian Underworld and need Hunter’s help to escape. But while Hunter searches for a way to save them, other threats loom over Goodeville. Amphitrite is still around–and she wants vengeance against Hunter. With the gates weakening with every passing day, Amphitrite lures out some deadly creatures and sets them free on the residents of Goodeville. It will take everything in Mercy and Hunter’s power to stop the goddess and seal the gates once and for all.

Jinx by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (Wednesday Books) - bind up of two previously released titles.
A 2-in-1 bindup of the first two books of the Sisters of Salem series, SPELLS TROUBLE and OMENS BITE by New York Times bestseller P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast!

One Girl In All the World by Kendare Blake (Disney Hyperion)
New York Times best-selling author Kendare Blake takes us back to the demon capital of the world in this highly anticipated sequel to In Every Generation, set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Frankie Rosenberg is coming to terms with the fact that she’s the newest slayer, but that doesn’t mean she has it all figured out just yet. She and her friends are still reeling from the deadly attack on the annual slayer retreat—and the new revelation that some slayers may still be alive. She’s got her own Scooby Gang, but sometimes feels more on the outside than ever. She throws herself into training with her mom, the great witch Willow, and her new Watcher, Spike, but they’ve got demons of their own to contend with (both of the real and metaphorical variety). Buffy made it look easy, but being a slayer is hard—and lonely.

But Frankie doesn’t have time to wander through Sunnydale Cemetery singing about her new responsibilities. With news of Buffy’s possible demise, Demons are making their way back to Sunnydale in droves, called by a Hellmouth that is starting to reawaken. And then an oracle brings news of a new Evil brewing…something called The Darkness. Could this be what attacked the slayers? And is it coming for Frankie?

With a satisfying blend of fresh and familiar, humor and (stakes through the) heart, One Girl In All The World is a breathtaking continuation of the series that Booklist calls “a worthy successor to the Slayer stories” (Starred Review on In Every Generation).

The Davenports by Krystal Marquis (Dial)
A frothy and wise Bridgerton-esque YA romance with an all-Black cast--the first book in a debut duology, set in turn-of-the-last-century Chicago.

The year is 1910. The Davenports are one of the few Black families of immense wealth and status in the United States, their fortune made through the hard work and entrepreneurship of William Davenport, a formerly enslaved man who founded the Davenport Carriage Company years ago.

Now, the Davenports live surrounded by servants, crystal chandeliers, and endless parties. This is the story of the Davenport daughters, their maid, and their best friend--Olivia, Helen, Amy-Rose, and Ruby--as the four find their way, and unexpectedly find love, in a rapidly changing country. Inspired by the real-life story of the C.R. Patterson dynasty, 
The Davenports offers a glimpse into a period of African-American history often overlooked, while delivering a totally escapist, swoon-worthy read.

Play the Game by Charlene Allen (Katherine Tegan Books)
Ben Rosenthal at HarperCollins/Tegen has bought YA novel Play the Game by debut author Charlene Allen, about a Black teenage boy who uses clues from a video game designed by his dead best friend to investigate the murder of the friend's killer, and is subsequently introduced to restorative justice. Publication is slated for winter 2023; Elizabeth Bewley at Sterling Lord Literistic handled the two-book deal for world English rights.

Then Everything Happens at Once by M-E Girard (HarperCollins) - moved from 2022.
Jill Davis at HarperCollins has acquired YA novel Then Everything Happens at Once by Lambda Literary Award-winning author M-E Girard (Girl Man's Up), a story about Baylee, an inexperienced girl pulled between an infatuation with a boy and a sweet courtship with a girl. The story explores lust, pleasure, love, internalized fat shaming, and selfishness. Publication is scheduled for fall 2022; Linda Epstein at Emerald City Literary brokered the deal for North American rights.

Reggie & Delilah's Year of Falling by Elise Bryant (Balzer + Bray)
Alessandra Balzer at HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray has bought Reggie & Delilah's Year of Falling by Elise Bryant (Happily Ever Afters). The YA rom-com follows two Black teens, the lead singer of a punk band and a D&D Dungeon Master, as they fall in love through a series of missed connections and chance meetings on holidays over the course of one year. Publication is scheduled for winter 2023; Taylor Haggerty at Root Literary negotiated the two-book deal for North American rights.

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