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The Scorpion and the Night Blossom by Amélie Wen Zhao (Delacorte) - UK release not announced but not US.
In a world falling into eternal night, Àn’yīng is desperate to protect her family from the demons that hunt mortals. Armed with her crescent blades, she decides to journey to the fabled immortal realm with the hopes of winning a pill of immortality that will save her sick mother. But first, Àn’yīng must survive the ruthless practitioners who are after the same prize… and guard her heart from an irresistibly wicked rival.

A dark Chinese romantasy coming from New York Times bestselling author Amélie Wen Zhao.

February 4th
The Beasts We Bury by D.L. Taylor (Henry Holt)

Daughter and heir to the throne, Mancella Cliff yearns for a life without bloodshed. But as a child, she emerged from the Broken Citadel with the power to summon animals—only after killing them with her bare hands. Her father, ruler of the realm, wants her to summon him an army, and isn’t afraid to lock her in a room full of predators to get it. Now her magic is a constant reminder of the horrors he has forced upon her to strengthen their realm’s power.

Silver is a charming thief struggling to survive in a world torn apart by Mancella’s father’s reign. When a mysterious benefactor recruits him for the heist of a lifetime, a chance to rob the castle, Silver relishes the opportunity for a real future—and revenge. But he’ll have to manipulate Mance and earn her trust to pull it off.

As the deception and carnage mount, Mance must find a way to save her realm without becoming the ruthless monster she’s been bred to be. And when Silver discovers that his actions are fueling the violence that Mance wants to prevent, he’ll have to choose between his ambition and the girl he’s falling for.

A captivating and profoundly moving novel with hints of supernatural intrigue, blending We Were Liars and Your Name into a can’t-miss read for fans of You’ve Reached Sam.

Thirty years ago, Grace’s mom left her hometown of Hermitage, Florida and never looked back—which is exactly why Grace thinks it’s the safest place to spend her summer now. Since her mom died in a car crash, Grace has been desperate to get away from the memories and reminders of her loss. Spending the summer transcribing cassette tapes for the Hermitage Historical Society might be boring, but boring is just what Grace needs.

Until she hears the voice of Jake Underwood—the boy who first recorded the cassette tapes back in 1992. When Grace realizes he can hear anything she records, despite thirty years of time between them, she strikes up an impossible conversation with Jake through the tapes.

But the past isn’t any simpler than the present, and a mystery has haunted Hermitage through the generations. In the 1970’s, a hurricane made landfall and resulted in the tragic death of Jake’s uncle Charley. In a town as suffocatingly small as Hermitage, it’s impossible not to notice how no one talks about that storm, or Charley, and as the mystery unfurls, Grace can’t help but realize a worse truth: No one talks about Jake either.

A beautifully written exploration of grief and what happens when untreated wounds bleed into future generations, The Underwood Tapes is the perfect read for anyone in need of a good, cathartic cry.

Illusions of Fire by Nisha Sharma (Union Square & Co.) - moved from February 2024.
Unlike most of her classmates, Laila Bansal doesn’t roll out of bed and head to school. Instead, she wakes up early and trains in hand-to-hand combat with her adopted aunts who, when not tending to their thriving vineyard, are immortal Rakshasi demons sworn to protect Laila. Laila was born into a mythological bloodline—one infused with magic and entrusted with Lord Krishna’s secrets of the universe. By all appearances, though, Laila leads a peaceful, protected life. 

Then Ahvi, the new boy in town, arrives and immediately seeks out Laila. He happens to be a descendant of a demi-god. Both his and Laila’s origin stories (found in the Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu epic poem about the great war between demi-gods, witches, and demons) come crashing to the forefront. Magical powers are activated, dark forces converge, and it looks like Laila’s quiet town in upstate New York might be the setting of the next epic battle. 

Author Nisha Sharma deftly weaves together romance, magic, and mythology in this contemporary young adult urban fantasy novel.

Why On Earth by Various YA Authors (Page Street YA)
It all started when…

Teenage aliens crash on earth to rescue one of their own, a Hollywood star, and everything goes wrong, chaos ensues, and we learn that aliens… they’re just like us.

Each contributor’s story links to “The Event” with tales ranging from teens longing for a glimpse of the unknown, catfishing aliens excited to meet gossip bloggers, and people just trying to figure themselves out when they encounter the truly alien.

Edited by beloved YA author Rosiee Thor and YA talk show host and bookseller Vania Stoyanova, the anthology crosses genre bounds to bring in tropes from romance and contemporary adventure with stories from Alex Brown, Beth Revis, Emily Lloyd-Jones, Eric Smith, Julian Winters, Laura Pohl, Maya Gittelman, M. K. England, Rebecca Kim Wells, and S. J. Whitby.

These Vengeful Wishes by Vanessa Montalban (Zando) - title and release month anounced on instagram, not yet updated on Goodreads.
A teen girl moves to a small town and discovers a mysterious wishing well possessed by La Cegua, a vengeful female spirit with the face of a horse skull, in Vanessa Montalban’s new YA fantasy standalone.

When her stepfather is arrested, aspiring artist Ceci moves back to her mother’s hometown of Santa Aguas, an eccentric small town steeped in the legend of La Cegua, the specter of a wronged witch who appears on lonely roads at night, luring untrustworthy men to their deaths.Ceci and her mother take up residence in the abandoned manor of the Sevilla family, rumored to have been cursed by La Cegua, where she begins to uncover a past that seems to be connected to her mother. The more she learns of the Sevillas, the more Ceci finds herself forming a strange affinity with the feared Cegua, who she suspects is the one inspiring her paintings of a mysterious door in the forest. When the very door Ceci has been painting appears in the woods, she decides to venture through it with her new friend, Jamie.

Together, they discover a well, guarded by the statue of a veiled woman. A well for granting wishes. The well of La Cegua.What starts off as harmless fun quickly escalates into something sinister when Ceci realizes that the wishes are putting the people she loves in danger and testing her own penchant for vengeance. After learning others are also searching for the well, Ceci must confront the truth of her mother’s past and prevent La Cegua’s wishes from being used for the wrong reasons. Ceci knows too well how much people will sacrifice for power. Every wish has its price, and La Cegua never forgets the ones who have wronged her.

Dating and Dragons by Kristy Boyce (Delacorte)
From the author of the nationally bestselling Dungeons and Drama comes another gaming romance that's sure to win you over!

After moving to a new high school, Quinn is desperate for friends, so she joins a D&D group with their own livestream and serious rules—most no dating fellow party members.

But when sparks fly with a cute but irritating player, and ex-friends from an old campaign start stirring up trouble, she’ll need to figure out where her loyalties—and heart—lie beyond the game.

Capitana by Cassandra James (Quill Tree Books)
Karen Chaplin at HarperCollins/Quill Tree has bought, in a preempt, Cassandra James's YA debut Capitana, a fantasy inspired by Florida folklore of Captain Gasparilla, which follows Ximena Reale, the daughter of executed pirates and top candidate at La Academia, who has trained to become a seafaring hunter to capture pirates pillaging the Luzan Empire before setting off on a journey that challenges everything she's been told. Publication is set for early 2025 with a sequel in 2026; Andrea Morrison at Writers House sold North American rights.

February 11th
Under the Same Stars by Libba Bray (FSG) - moved from 2023, then from October 2024. New release date not yet updated on some editions on Goodreads but publisher confirms this date.
From New York Times-bestselling author Libba Bray comes an evocative and groundbreaking young adult historical mystery that examines truth, rebellion, reconciliation, and what must be sacrificed for a better world.

It was said that if you write to the Bridegroom’s Oak, the love of your life will answer back. Now, the tree is giving up its secrets at last.

In 1940s Germany, Sophie is excited to discover a message waiting for her in the Bridegroom's Oak from a mysterious suitor. Meanwhile, her best friend, Hanna, is sending messages too—but not to find love. As World War II unfolds in their small town of Kleinwald, the oak may hold the key to resistance against the Nazis.

In 1980s West Germany, American teen transplant Jenny feels suffocated by her strict parents and is struggling to fit in. Until she finds herself falling for Lena, a punk-rock girl hell-bent on tearing down the wall separating West Germany from East Germany, and meeting Frau Hermann, a kind old lady with secrets of her own.

In Spring 2020, New York City, best friends Miles and Chloe are in the first weeks of COVID lockdown and hating Zoom school, when an unexpected package from Chloe’s grandmother leads them to investigate a cold case about two unidentified teenagers who went missing under the Bridegroom’s Oak eighty years ago

Needy Little Things by Channelle Desamours (Wednesday Books)
Sariyah is determined not to let her missing friend become just another statistic, one of many vanished Black girls.
But despite her talent for ESP, Sariyah is struggling, even when the clues point surprisingly close to home.When Sariyah's birthday celebrations at a music festival turn sour with the disappearance of one of her friends, she knows she can't rely on the police to find her. The authorities are no more help than they were when her friend's twin sister, another young woman of colour, went missing five years earlier. Sariyah feels guilty that her uncanny ability to predict people's needs didn't help to keep her friends safe. She is determined to find out what's happened to Deja.

But the more she cracks the clues leading to her, the closer she gets to home...

A brilliantly page-turning thriller with an unusual psychological twist, which fans of One of Us is Lying and A Good Girl's Guide to Murder will love.

Recommended Reading by Paul Coccia (Zando Young Readers)
In this opposites-attract YA rom-com inspired by Emma, a failed romantic gesture puts a damper on a queer teen bookseller’s summer of book matching and matchmaking until a handsome lifeguard and romance skeptic waltzes into his bookstore.

Sometimes you get a second chance at happily ever after when you least expect it...

Curvaceous, clever, and an avid reader, seventeen-year-old Bobby Ashton never misses a main character moment. So when it comes to asking out his crush, he plans a romantic gesture grand enough to go down in local history. Unfortunately, though, his extensive knowledge of every rom-com trope ever doesn’t prepare him for how tragically he misreads the situation.

Suddenly Bobby’s very public romantic gesture turns into an ordeal so embarrassing it could be a villain origin story. Having masterfully shattered every plan for his perfect summer before college, Bobby’s last resort is working at his uncle’s sleepy bookstore. Soon, Bobby is expertly recommending books for customers to perfectly cure what ails them. Attempting to rebound after a breakup? There’s a book for that. Trying to tame your crochety coworker? There’s a book for that too. Then a plot twist Bobby never saw coming walks through the door in the form of Luke, an unfairly attractive and staunchly anti-romantic lifeguard. Bobby’s blossoming connection with Luke reminds him of some of his favorite grumpy-sunshine, quippy banter, and even forced proximity.

But after his last romantic disaster, should Bobby use all the tricks in his arsenal to turn Luke’s head? Or is he misreading all the signs again? Do grand gestures really need to be so…grand?Perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, Kacen Callender, and Jason June, Recommended Reading is a big-hearted rom-com about discovering love beyond what’s in the books... but hey, the perfect recommendation can get you pretty far!

Wicked Darlings by Jordyn Taylor (Delacorte)
From the author of The Revenge Game comes a twisty YA thriller about the underbelly of Manhattan’s high society, where nothing is off-limits—not even murder.

Aspiring journalist Noa has a secret she’s been keeping. Ever since her sister’s tragic death, she’s felt almost…relieved. Noa and Leah had been locked in competition with one another since childhood, and things came to a head when her sister scored a glitzy internship at a New York society newspaper. Noa can’t help but revel in her new found autonomy.

But when she gets a lead about the sketchy circumstances surrounding her sister’s untimely death, she knows she needs to investigate−she owes it to Leah.

Noa sets out to infiltrate the seedy underbelly of Manhattan high society to investigate her sister’s final days. Along the way she finds herself entangled with the glamorous Avalons’ and their close-knit circle of friends and frienemies. But will Noa be able to resist the allure of the Avalons’ world and uncover a shocking scandal. Or will she find herself in over her head…like Leah?

The Romantic Tragedies of a Drama King by Harry Trevaldwyn (Wednesday Books)
Heartstopper meets Derry Girls in this wonderfully hilarious rom-com about finding your first love when your personality might be too big for the world around you.

Patch Simmons has decided that this is the year he will get a boyfriend, so it's goodbye to his French pen-pal Jean-Pierre and hello to the world!

Unfortunately, the only other "out" boys in his school year are dating each other, so finding a boyfriend isn't going to be easy... Until fate finally intervenes and two new mysterious boys join drama club: Peter, who’s just moved from New York (very chic) and his best friend, Sam.

Patch is confident that one of them (although either of them will do!) will be his first boyfriend. So armed with his single mum’s outdated self-help books, his over-supportive best friend Jean and an alarming level of self-confidence, Patch is confident that this mission will be a complete success. Whether or not they actually like boys or him is a problem for later.

The Romantic Tragedies of a Drama King is a heartfelt, laugh-out-loud comedy from rising star Harry Trevaldwyn, a story about boldly being yourself, going for what you want, but never losing sight of who truly has your back.

Where Shadows Bloom by Catherine Bakewell (HarperTeen)
Stephanie Guerdan at HarperTeen has acquired Where Shadows Bloom by Catherine Bakewell, a YA romantasy where two girls battle shadow monsters—and their growing feelings for each other—as they seek truth in a beautiful, mysterious palace. The story follows 17-year-old Ofelia and her lovelorn knight, who must face shadow monsters, a mysterious garden, and a king hiding dark secrets to find Ofelia's mother. Clare Vaughn will complete edits; publication is set for spring 2025. Jordan Hamessley at JABberwocky Literary Agency sold world English rights.

The Forest King's Daughter by Elly Blake (Little, Brown) - moved from 2023 and 2024, previously titled Thistwood, title and release date announced on instagram but not updated on Goodreads.
Deirdre Jones at Little, Brown and Molly Powell at Hodder & Stoughton have acquired Elly Blake's new three-book fantasy series. The first installment, Thirstwood, features a sylvan princess and a demon boy whose forbidden friendship causes a war between their kingdoms. Several years later, the friends-turned-enemies must again learn to trust one another to save themselves and everyone they love. It's slated for summer 2023; Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary and Media brokered the deal for world English rights.

S(kin) by Ibi Zoboi (HarperCollins)

February 18th
Rebel Witch by Kristin Ciccarelli (Wednesday Books) - moved from 2024.

The stakes are even higher in this epic, romantic conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Crimson Moth duology

Rune Winters is on the run. Ever since the boy she loved, Gideon Sharpe, revealed who she was and delivered her into enemy hands, everyone wants her dead. If Rune hopes to survive, she must ally herself with the cruel and dangerous Cressida Roseblood, who’s planning to take back the Republic and reinstate a Reign of Witches—something Cressida needs Rune to accomplish.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Rune to deceive Gideon; she’s now betrayed him by allying herself with the witch who made his life a living hell. Gideon won’t allow the Republic to fall to the witches and be plunged back into the nightmares of the past. In order to protect this new world he fought for, every last witch must die—especially Rune Winters.

When Rune makes Gideon an offer he can’t refuse, the two must pair up to accomplish dangerous goals. The more they’re forced into each other’s company, the more Gideon realizes the feelings he had for Rune aren’t as dead and buried as he thought. Now he’s faced with a terrible choice: sacrifice the girl he loves to stop a monster taking back power, or let Rune live and watch the world he fought so hard for burn.

In Kristen Ciccarelli's Rebel Witch, the exciting conclusion to The Crimson Moth duology, love has never been so deadly.

Rebel Girls of Rome by Jordyn Taylor (HarperTeen)
Claudia Gabel at HarperTeen has acquired Jordyn Taylor's historical YA thriller Rebel Girls of Rome, a dual-timeline story of Lilah, a Jewish girl whose understanding of her family's history is upended when a locket stolen by the Nazis during WWII is rediscovered, launching her on a journey of discovery through Rome as she tries to find out what happened to her great-aunt Bruna, long believed to have died in Auschwitz. Emilia Rhodes will edit; publication is set for winter 2025. Danielle Burby at Mad Woman Literary Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

The Girl You Know by Elle Gonzalez Rose (Bloomsbury)
Alex Borbolla at Bloomsbury has acquired The Girl You Know by Elle Gonzalez Rose, a dark academia YA thriller that follows Luna to Kingswood Academy, where she must pose as her late twin sister in order to uncover Kingswood's secrets and find her sister's killer. Publication is scheduled for winter 2025; Uwe Stender at Triada US handled the deal for world rights.

The History of Everything by Victoria Evans (HarperAlley) - YA graphic novel, moved from 2024.
Andrew Arnold at HarperAlley has acquired Victoria Evans's debut, The History of Everything. The graphic novel tells the story of two best friends who decide to tackle everything on their friendship bucket list during their last summer together before one has to move across the country—only for a boy to complicate their plans (and their friendship). Publication is scheduled for 2024; Britt Siess at Britt Siess Creative Management negotiated the deal for world English rights.

February 25th

Hunger's Bite by Taylor Robin (Union Square Kids) - YA graphic novel, previously titled The Hunger on the S.S. Lark.
A YA horror-lite graphic novel in which a ravenous creature haunts the halls of a lavish 1920s ocean liner, perfect for readers who love the weird mystery of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and for younger fans of the expressive art style of Lore Olympus.

Teen vampire Warwick (“Wick”) Farley is dispatched by his shifty employers—the international paranormal investigation organization Goldfinch—to look into an ocean liner whose mysterious new owner could threaten Britain’s maritime business. What Wick discovers is a supernatural threat frightening even to him. Teaming with brave Neeta Pandy, the teenage ward of the ship's captain, Wick stands against Honeycutt—who appears to be a merely crass American businessman but is in fact an energy-sucking entity intent on destroying the ship.

Told in bold, moody colors and a vivid graphic novel style, Hunger's Bite throws readers into a life-or-death horror adventure filled with peril, flirtation, and swarms of cubist zombie passengers!

The Wildest Things by Andrea Hannah (Wednesday Books) - moved from 2024.
In this sapphic Snow White retelling, if Snow is to save her kingdom from being ravaged by the Blight, she’ll have to kill the Evil Queen’s daughter…if she doesn’t fall in love with her first.

When her glass coffin unexpectedly shatters, Snow White awakens to anything but a dream. The land is rotting. The animals have mutated. In the twenty years that have passed since Snow bit into the poisoned apple, the kingdom of Roanfrost has transformed from a luscious wild land to a blight-ravaged nightmare.

In search of answers and a way to restore her kingdom to its former glory, Snow sets out on a dangerous journey that will test the strength she never knew she had.Friends will become foes.New alliances will form.The Queen with the blood red lips will stop at nothing to seize her power as well as her heart.If Snow has any chance to survive and restore not only her kingdom, but all of Garedenne, her only option is to become the Seasonkeeper and access the life-giving magic that will heal the plague.

But the path to becoming the Seasonkeeper is more treacherous than she could ever imagine—because the wild things have awakened and Snow’s darker impulses yearn to set them free.

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