February 2021 New Releases

The Secret Blade by Tricia Levenseller (Feiwel and Friends)
The Secret Blade follows a blacksmith with social anxiety who can forge magical blades. When she accidentally builds an all-powerful sword with the ability to extract secrets from those it cuts, she has to protect it at all costs. Publication is set for February 2021.

Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft (Wednesday Books)
Jennie Conway at Wednesday Books has bought, in a two-book deal, Down Comes the Night by debut author Allison Saft, a gothic romance set in a Guillermo del Toro-esque world. The book is about a healer torn between duty and her heart, a soldier broken by his crimes, and the darkness that threatens to consume them. Publication is planned for winter 2021; Claire Friedman and Jessica Mileo at InkWell Management brokered the deal for U.S./Canadian rights.

A Pho Love Story by Loan Le (Simon Pulse)
Jennifer Ung at Simon Pulse has acquired A Pho Love Story by Loan Le, a YA romantic comedy about two Vietnamese-American teens who fall in love and must navigate their newfound relationship amid the whirlwind caused by their respective families' age-old feud about their competing neighboring restaurants. Publication is set for spring 2020; Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret brokered the deal for world rights.

American Betiya by Anuradha D. Rajukar (Knopf)
Katherine Harrison at Knopf has acquired Anuradha D. Rajurkar's SCBWI 2017 Emerging Voices Award-winning contemporary debut novel, American Betiya, a sex-positive story of a teen artist's forbidden, interracial first love, her close-knit Indian family, and her boyfriend's desperate attempts to fit into it--even if that means betrayal. Publication is planned for Feb 2021.

The Problem With Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream by Kwame Ivery (Soho Teen)
Soho Teen has acquired The Problem with Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, a debut YA novel by Kwame Ivery. Set in present-day New Jersey, it follows an interracial teen couple's blossoming romance, which is tested when their older sisters run against each other for student-body president. Race relations come to dominate an increasingly vitriolic campaign. Publication is set for February 2021.

St Rosetta's Academy #2 by Sandhya Menon (Simon Pulse) 

February 2nd 
Liberte by Gita Trelease (Flatiron Books) 
40953656. sy475 Magic. Betrayal. Sacrifice...Gita Trelease’s Liberté is the transporting, magical sequel to Enchantée, hailed by NPR as a "soaring success"!  

This Golden Flame by Emily Victoria (Inkyard Press)
Flee across the sun-and-shadow islands of Eratia, where runes have the power to unleash monsters…

Seven years ago, Karis was forced to become an acolyte for the Scriptorium, the rune scholars who rule Eratia. For centuries, these Scriptmasters have sought the key to reanimating the country’s fearsome automaton army, and anyone they deem unable to help them achieve their goal is sent away…including Karis’s brother, Matthias.

Then Karis discovers a unique human-sized automaton and unintentionally wakes him up. Intelligent, with a conscience of his own, Alix has no idea why he was created. Or why his father—Eratia’s greatest traitor—once tried to destroy the automatons.

Upon learning Matthias is being held by the Scriptorium’s sinister leader, Alix and Karis set out to rescue him and uncover the truth about Alix’s past. But when Karis is faced with an unthinkable choice, betraying everyone she cares about may be her only desperate chance to save their world.

Muse by Brittany Cavallaro (Katherine Tegan Books)
Set in an alternate history World's Fair Chicago, where America is a monarchy, science is king, and magic shouldn't exist - and one girl's touch has the power to grant wishes.
February 9th 
Curse of the Divine by Kim Smejkal (HMH) 
48947245Return to the world of inklings, tattoo magic, and evil deities as Celia uncovers the secrets of the ink in order to stop Diavala once and for all. This eagerly anticipated sequel to Ink in the Blood is perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Wicked Saints. 

February 23rd
Some Other Now by Sarah Everett (HMH)
48946811This Is Us for teens, this luminous and heartbreaking contemporary novel follows a girl caught between two brothers as the three of them navigate family, loss, and love over the course of two summers. For fans of Far From the Tree, Emergency Contact, and Nina LaCour.

Before she kissed one of the Cohen boys, seventeen-year-old Jessi Rumfield knew what it was like to have a family—even if, technically, that family didn’t belong to her. She’d spent her childhood in the house next door, challenging Rowan Cohen to tennis matches while his older brother, Luke, studied in the background and Mel watched over the three like the mother Jessi always wished she had.

But then everything changed. It’s been almost a year since Jessi last visited the Cohen house. Rowan is gone. Mel is in remission and Luke hates Jessi for the role she played in breaking his family apart. Now Jessi spends her days at a dead-end summer job avoiding her real mother, who suddenly wants to play a role in Jessi's life after being absent for so long. But when Luke comes home from college, it's hard to ignore the past. And when he asks Jessi to pretend to be his girlfriend for the final months of Mel’s life, Jessi finds herself drawn back into the world of the Cohens. Everything’s changed, but Jessi can’t help wanting to be a Cohen, even if it means playing pretend for one final summer.

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