Undated 2018 New Releases


The Never and the Now by Justina Ireland (Tor Teen)
The Never and the Now, a futuristic spy duology about cyborgs' multigenrational battle to be recognized as people, not property.

Untitled by Tracey Baptiste (Del Rey)
Sarah Peed at Del Rey has bought world rights to Tracey Baptiste's YA untitled Minecraft tie-in novel. The book is about 14-year-old gamer Bianca Marshall, who gets trapped in the game world after an accident and can't ascertain what's real and what's not. Publication is set for summer 2018; Marie Lamba at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency did the deal on behalf of Minecraft creator Mojang.

Untitled by Isaac Fitzgerald (Bloomsbury)
Bloomsbury has acquired world rights to an untitled YA novel loosely based on Fitzgerald's BuzzFeed article “Confessions of a Former Former Fat Kid,” to be published in early 2018 and edited by Nancy Miller.

Untitled by Danielle Paige (Bloomsbury)
Cindy Loh at Bloomsbury has acquired two novels in a new series by Danielle Paige, author of Stealing Snow and the Dorothy Must Die series; Vicky Leech at Bloomsbury U.K. will edit. This YA fantasy series will weave a unique spin on the “"airy godmother" character and explores this infamous heroine's origin story from charmed teen to wish-wielding enchantress. The first novel launches in fall 2018, followed by the sequel in fall 2019. Joanna Volpe at New Leaf Literary & Media sold world English rights.   

Jabs by Sharine Hamdy and Myra El Mir (Dial)
Dial has won Sherine Hamdy and Myra El Mir's black-and-white YA crossover graphic novel, Jabs, about a Muslim-American girl growing up and grappling with her identity – and whether or not to wear hijab. Publication is set for fall 2018.

Untitled by Huntley Fitzpatrick (Dial Books)  


 No releases currently scheduled.

No releases currently scheduled.

Walk it Down by Ashley Hope Perez (Dutton) 
Walk It Down concerns the deaths of two teenagers in a corn storage bin in rural Indiana. The boys die – literally drown in grain – doing the dangerous job known as "walking down the corn." A third boy survives, trapped for hours after witnessing the deaths of his brother and best friend.

The Green Witch by Corin Howell (Oni Press)
The book follows Anne, a troubled teenager who befriends a witch living in the woods near her house and learns about the forest and all of its magical creatures – both good and evil.

Untitled by Jennifer Niven (Knopf)
Knopf has bought the next two YA novels by Jennifer Niven, bestselling author of All the Bright Places and Holding Up the Universe. Publication for the first book, which will be in the vein of her previous two YA novels, is slated for 2018.   

I Want You by Madeline Flores (Oni Press) 
The story follows a girl working in her brother's cat cafe who has a secret magical ability that allows her to get whatever she wishes for whenever she says “I want.” YA graphic novel.

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