December 2024 New Releases




December 3rd
Dust by Alison Stine (Wednesday Books) - moved from 2023.
In Alison Stine's haunting young adult debut, a hard of hearing teen must find community and hope amidst the extreme and changing climate in the Colorado Bloodless Valley.

After her father has a premonition, Thea, her parents, and her little sister move to the Bloodless Valley of southern Colorado, hoping to make a fresh start. On their remote farm, they will “unschool”: take nature hikes, help with the animals, and learn outside. But the reason her parents could afford to buy land—sight unseen—is because nothing will grow without a fight, and soon they don’t have time to teach the girls despite forbidding them from learning elsewhere.

To make ends meet, Thea’s parents let her work at the café in town, and there she meets Ray, who is deaf and spends summers in the valley. Though she was born hard of hearing,, the rest of Thea’s family is not, and she has always been pushed to pass and pretend. But Ray—the first other deaf teen Thea has ever met—knows how to sign. When he agrees to teach Thea in secret, she begins to learn what she has been missing, not only another language but community.

The more time she spends with Ray, the further Thea ventures into the valley—and it is there that she connects the Dust Bowl from history and warnings from scientists with the weather she’s living through. The days are hotter than ever and Thea fears that history may be repeating itself. The river is drying up, crops are dying, and the black blizzards of Colorado have returned. But her father isn’t the only one who has dreams…

December 10th
What the Woods Took by Courtney Gould (Wednesday Books) - moved from Fall 2024, was intially dated 2025.
Yellowjackets meets Girl, Interrupted when a group of troubled teens in a wilderness therapy program find themselves stranded in a forest full of monsters eager to take their place.

Devin Green wakes in the middle of the night to find two men in her bedroom. No stranger to a fight, she calls to her foster parents for help, but it soon becomes clear this is a planned abduction—one everyone but Devin signed up for. She’s shoved in a van and driven deep into the Idaho woods, where she’s dropped off with a cohort of equally confused teens. Finally, two camp counselors inform them that they've all been enrolled in an experimental therapy program. If the campers can learn to change their self-destructive ways—and survive a fifty-days hike through the wilderness—they’ll come out the other side as better versions of themselves. Or so the counselors say.

Devin is immediately determined to escape. She’s also determined to ignore Sheridan, the cruel-mouthed, lavender-haired bully who mocks every group exercise. But there’s something strange about these woods—inhuman faces appearing between the trees, visions of people who shouldn't be there flashing in the leaves—and when the campers wake up to find both counselors missing, therapy becomes the least of their problems. Stranded and left to fend for themselves, the teens quickly realize they’ll have to trust each other if they want to survive. But what lies in the woods may not be as dangerous as what the campers are hiding from each other—and if the monsters have their way, no one will leave the woods alive.

Atmospheric and sharp, What the Woods Took is a poignant story of transformation that explores the price of becoming someone—or something—new.

The Rules of Royalty by Cale Dietrich
Wednesday Books)
Two princes from neighboring countries fall into a whirlwind royal romance in this sparkling spin on The Princess Diaries by Cale Dietrich.

Jamie Johnson has never been the centre of attention, and he’s perfectly okay with that. His entire world unravels as a hidden truth emerges: he's the heir to the throne of Mitanor, a sun-drenched southern European country, and the press is ready to expose this secret to the world. An invitation to spend the summer in his father's palace arrives, giving Jamie a chance to get to know the man he never thought he’d meet.

Meanwhile, in a northern European kingdom known for its cold climate and stoic royals, Erik Von Rosenborg, the spare prince, grapples with the upcoming marriage of his golden-boy elder brother. With the country’s spotlight trained on his family more than ever, Erik feels sidelined and tightly controlled. So when he receives an offer to tutor the newly found American prince in the ways of royalty, he accepts without hesitation.

At a magnificent summer palace, Erik guides Jamie through the intricacies of royal etiquette, politics, and history. What neither prince anticipates is the connection that sparks between them—one that challenges both of their futures. Now each must make a choice: follow their hearts, or the time-honored royal path where crown and country reigns supreme, no matter the personal cost.

December 31st
The Losting Fountain by Lora Senf (Union Square Kids) - moved from January 2025.
Ardi Alspach at Union Square Kids has acquired Bram Stoker-nominated author Lora Senf's (The Clackity) YA horror debut The Losting Fountain. Pitched as Wayward Children meets The Ocean at the End of the Lane, it follows three children who travel across time to reach a mysterious and often horrific fountain where lost things go to be found and where seekers are punished nearly as often as they are rewarded. Publication is set for January 2025; Ali Herring at Spencerhill Associates did the deal for world rights.

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