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Seven for a Secret by Mary E. Roach (Disney)

Seventeen-year-old Nev has done everything she was supposed to since she was emancipated and left the group home a year ago. Build a routine. Work hard. And learn to forget all the missing girls she left behind.

But when a man connected to her old group home turns up dead a few blocks from her apartment, Nev is sure it’s connected. She drives back to Avan Island, the small Maryland town known only for all the girls who went missing.

When she arrives, she expects to be alone in a town of smiling churchgoers and surrounded by a looming forest that seems to whisper to Nev. Or maybe that’s just the PTSD her social worker kept talking about. Instead, she is met with familiar faces—other girls who had lived in the group home, and the men who ran the home, who are going missing and turning up dead, one by one.

As Nev is pulled deeper into Avan’s secrets—and more bodies pile up—Nev must unravel the mysteries locked in her own mind as they hunt down a killer who is willing to do anything to make sure the past stays buried.

Vesuvius by Cass Biehn (Peachtree Teen)

Zoie Konneker at Peachtree Teen has acquired Vesuvius by debut author Cass Biehn, a queer YA historical fantasy pitched as They Both Die at the End by way of The Song of Achilles, set in Pompeii days before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in which two boys, Felix and Loren, must grapple with their closely guarded secrets and untangle their fates to make it out of the burning city alive. Publication is planned for summer 2025; Annalise Errico at Ladderbird Literary Agency did the deal for world rights.

Steel & Spellfire by Laura E. Weymouth (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
A devastatingly gifted mage with clandestine romantic connections to a Royal Guard joins the court social season in an attempt to undo past wrongs, only to fall under suspicion when a creature with powers shockingly like her own begins slaughtering her fellow debutantes.

Pandora Small has two ruling objectives: first, to keep the prodigious extent of her power secret, in a world where mages are feared and governed by suffocating laws. Second, to find her wealthy and noble-born patron, a shadowy figure bound to Pandora by magic, who stole her childhood and grew her power until she became a weapon rather than a girl. To that end, she’s posing as an Ingenue, a privileged and petted young woman of strictly limited abilities, who is allowed access to the royal court’s social season in order to find a husband and patron to control her magic.

But on Pandora’s arrival at court, Kit Beacon, one of the most promising members of the Royal Guard, inadvertently learns the true scope of her power. Privately sympathetic towards mages and the difficulties they face, Beacon decides to keep Pandora’s secret. But when someone or something with powers terribly like Pandora’s own begins slaughtering her fellow Ingenues, Beacon’s resolve to keep what he knows about her private is put to the test.

Tasked with protecting all the girls in the palace, not just one, Beacon will have to decide whether Pandora is a suspect or an ally, while to win his trust, Pandora will have to let him know more of her still—the worst of who she is and what she’s done. Because only unity between them during the social whirlwind to come will enable Pan to find her patron and Beacon the killer, and ensure they both see justice meted out.

I'll Find You Where the Timeline Ends by Kylie Lee Baker (Feiwel and Friends)
Holly West at Feiwel and Friends has acquired, at auction, I'll Find You Where the Timeline Ends by Kylie Lee Baker (The Scarlet Alchemist), a YA speculative adventure pitched as The Umbrella Academy meets K-drama, in which an undercover time traveler searches for her missing sister in contemporary South Korea while fighting a potential time-related dystopian future. Publication is scheduled for fall 2025; Mary C. Moore at Aevitas Creative Management sold North American rights.

Good Mourning by Circe Moskowitz and Caleb Hosalla (Dial) - YA graphic novel, moved from 2024.
Michelle Lee at Dial has bought, in a preempt, world English rights to Good Mourning, the debut YA graphic novel by Circe Moskowitz, pitched as Schitt's Creek meets HGTV. Black vampire Theo trades in the city and her coven for a quiet, New England inn only to find it more rundown than advertised. After (accidentally) murdering the current owner, Theo places herself in charge and ends up falling in love: with running a bed and breakfast... and with Ronny, the handywoman, who knows Theo's vampiric secret. Caleb Hosalla will illustrate; publication is slated for fall 2024. Natascha Morris at the Tobias Literary Agency represented the author, and Thao Le at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency represented the illustrator.

August 12th
The Spell for Unraveling by Rochelle Hassan (Roaring Brook Press)

August 26th
Into the Winds by Carrie Ryan (Dutton) - YA novel based on a true story, moved from February 2022, then from May 2022, then from November 2022, then from August 2023 and May 2024.
Eleven members of wilderness expedition WILD-596 entered the mountain pass. Only one would return. Bestselling author Carrie Ryan will be the first to tell their little-known story in this cunning and layered nesting-doll story.

Nine students and two instructors set out on a six-week-long wilderness expedition into the Wind River Range of the Rocky Mountains. Only one returned alive. On May 14, 1996, a group of students arrived at the Wilderness Intensive Learning and Development (WILD) outpost in Ames River, Wyoming. When the van arrived at the trailhead to pick them up a month and a half later, the team, known as WILD-596, was nowhere to be found. In the end, only one of the missing hikers was found alive―Josh Otero.

The remaining ten members of WILD-596 died in the Wyoming wilderness. Through extensive research using journals, documents, and interviews, Carrie Ryan has crafted a riveting page-turner, bringing a fiction writer’s touch to tell the little-known story of the tragic events of those six weeks and the courageous will to survive exhibited by the team members of WILD-596.

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