August 2024 New Releases



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The Loudest Silence by Sydney Langford (Holiday House)

Alexandra Aceves at Holiday House has bought YA contemporary debut The Loudest Silence by Deaf author Sydney Langford, a dual-POV story that follows the friendship between 16-year-old singer Casey, who is grappling with sudden hearing loss, and soccer captain Hayden, whose generalized anxiety weighs on his every move, after the two teens bond over the shared dream of a life in music. Publication is slated for summer 2024; Emily Forney at BookEnds Literary negotiated the deal for world rights.

Here Lies a Vengeful Bitch by Codie Crowley (Disney Hyperion)

Rachel Stark at Disney-Hyperion has bought, at auction, in a six-figure deal, debut author Codie Crowley's horror-infused YA thriller Here Lies a Vengeful Bitch. The biting wit of Jennifer's Body meets #GoodForHer's celebration of girls leaning into their monstrous urges in this novel starring Annie Lane, who's dead—but dead set against going quietly. Annie will stop at nothing to avenge her murder, just as soon as she figures out who put her in the ground. Publication is planned for August 2024; Larissa Melo Pienkowski at Jill Grinberg Literary Management represented the author for world English rights.

Loving, Ohio by Matthew Erman and Sam Beck (Dark Horse) - not yet added to Goodreads.
Konner Knudsen at Dark Horse has bought Matthew Erman and Sam Beck's Loving, Ohio, a YA graphic novel in which a teenager's suicide in the Midwest town of Loving, Ohio, leads a group of their friends down a path of cult conspiracy and supernatural horror. Teenagers in the town have been mysteriously vanishing day by day, but when a bizarre killer begins terrorizing the town and graduation is fast approaching, Sloane and her friends vow to make it out of Ohio, even if it kills them. Publication is planned for August 2024; Peter Ryan at Stimola Literary Studio sold world rights.

August 6th
Medici Heist by Caitlin Schneiderhan (Feiwel and Friends)
Welcome to Florence, 1517, a world of intrigue, opulence, secrets, and murder. The Medici family rules the city from their seat of wealth, but the people of Florence remember the few decades they spent as a Republic, free from the Medicis and their puppet Pope, Leo X.

Sharp-witted seventeen-year-old con-woman Rosa Cellini has plans for the Pope and the Medicis - and, more specifically, the mountain of indulgence money they've been extorting from the people of Tuscany. To pull off the Renaissance's greatest robbery, she'll recruit a team of capable Sarra the tinkerer, Khalid the fighter, and Giacomo, the irrepressible master of disguise. To top it all off, and to smooth their entrance into the fortress-like Palazzo Medici, Rosa even enlists the reluctant help of famed artist and local misanthrope, Michelangelo.

Old secrets resurface and tensions in the gang flare as the authorities draw closer and the Medicis' noose pulls tighter around Tuscany itself. What began as a robbery becomes a bid to save Florence from certain destruction - if Rosa and company don't destroy each other first.

Get ready for an absolute swashbuckling riot, beginning with a 'mud' pie to the Pope's face, and ending with a climatic heist that would give Danny Ocean a run for his money. Bursting with snark, innuendo and action, Medici Heist is your next un-put-downable obsession.

Better Left Buried by Mary E. Roach (Disney Hyperion) - moved from April 2024.
Lucy Preston just wants to go on vacation. The beach-swimsuit-sleeping-in kind. Not the impromptu stop in a creepy small town at the edge of the forest kind.

But being the daughter of a famous private detective means that sometimes, your beach vacay goes off the rails a bit. Because the first thing Lucy’s mom does? Takes her to the abandoned amusement park for a clandestine meeting—except instead of a meeting, they find a body.

Because of course they do.

As Lucy’s mom is swept into top-secret private-detective stuff, Lucy sets out on her own to investigate her mom’s mysterious connection with this town. Lucy’s snooping sets her on a collision course with Audrey Nelson, the mysterious girl on the motorcycle who Lucy could swear she saw near the amusement park the night the body was found.

If Lucy and Audrey can’t work together to uncover secrets that go back generations, there will likely be another body found at the base of the old vine-covered roller coaster outside of town. And this time it might just be Lucy’s.

The House Where Death Lives by Various YA Authors (Page Street YA) - YA anthology, previously titled This House Is Haunted.
A dance to the death. A girl who’s just as monstrous as H.H. Holmes. A hallway that’s constantly changing―and hungry. All of these stories exist in the same place―within the frame of a particular house that isn’t bound by the laws of time and space.

Following in the footsteps of dark/horror-filled YA anthologies like His Hideous Heart and Slasher Girls and Monster Boys , and Netflix’s ground-breaking adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House , this YA speculative fiction anthology explores how the permanence of a home can become a space of transition and change for both the inhabitants and the creatures who haunt them.

Each story in the anthology will focus on a different room in the house and feature unique takes on monsters from a wide array of cultural traditions. Whether it’s a demonic Trickster, a water-loving Rusalka, or a horrifying, baby-imitating Tiyanak, there’s bound to be something sinister lurking in the shadows.

The Girl with No Reflection by Keshe Chow (Delacorte)
When noblewoman Ying Yue arrives at the imperial palace to wed the crown prince, she is crestfallen at his cold reception. Even worse, he locks her up, preventing Ying from hunting, riding, or seeing her family. Trapped in a life of monotonous boredom, she thinks she’s losing her mind when she starts seeing strange movements in her mirrors.

She isn’t. The truth is, she’s inadvertently opened a gateway through the mirrors—conduits to another world. In the mirror realm, she finds love in the arms of the prince’s reflection. Their love transcends universes, as though the mirrors themselves opened just to unite them. But the mirrors also house an army of reflections that, wanting freedom from eternal mimicry, have waited centuries for the chance to emerge. And now?

Now they’re preparing for war.

Instead of opening the gateways, Ying must learn to hold them shut. Shutting them means cutting off her one chance at love. But leaving them open means destroying the world. Meanwhile, Ying is forced to question whether there really are monsters in the mirrors… Or whether they’re just reflections of ourselves.

Guardians of Dawn: Ami by S. Jae-Jones (Wednesday Books)
Sailor Moon meets Beauty and the Beast in Guardians of Dawn: Ami, the second book in a new, richly imagined fantasy series from S. Jae-Jones, the New York Times bestselling author of Wintersong.

When the Pillar blooms, the end of the world is not far behind.

Li Ami was always on the outside—outside of family, outside of friendships, outside of ordinary magic. The odd and eccentric daughter of a former imperial magician, she has devoted her life to books because she finds them easier to read than people. Exiled to the outermost west of the Morning Realms, Ami has become the sole caretaker of her mentally ill father, whose rantings and ravings may be more than mere ramblings; they may be part of a dire prophecy. When her father is arrested for trespassing and stealing a branch from the sacred tree of the local monastery, Ami offers herself to the mysterious Beast in the castle, who is in need of someone who can translate a forbidden magical text and find a cure for the mysterious blight that is affecting the harvest of the land.

Meanwhile, as signs of magical corruption arise throughout the Morning Realms, Jin Zhara begins to realize that she might be out of her element. She may have defeated a demon lord and uncovered her identity as the Guardian of Fire, but she’ll be more than outmatched in the coming elemental battle against the Mother of Ten Thousand Demons…unless she can find the other Guardians of Dawn. Her magic is no match for the growing tide of undead, and she needs the Guardian of Wood with power over life and death in order to defeat the revenants razing the countryside.

The threat of the Mother of Ten Thousand Demons looms larger by the day, and the tenuous peace holding the Morning Realms together is beginning to unravel. Ami and Zhara must journey to the Root of the World in order to seal the demon portal that may have opened there and restore balance to an increasingly chaotic world.

August 13h

Kisses, Codes and Conspiracies by Abigail Hing Wen
(Feiwel and Friends) - previously titled The Safe Side of Tomorrow.
Tan Lee finds himself embroiled in an unusual love triangle, all while trying to defuse a heist, unravel a conspiracy, and navigate the most complicated babysitting assignment ever in this YA novel by national bestselling author Abigail Hing Wen.

After a magical kiss at Prom, best friends Tan Lee and Winter Woo agree to cool it off, a plan that goes awry when their parents jointly head off to Hawaii and leave Tan and Winter to babysit Tan's sister Sana together. If that isn't complicated enough, Tan's ex-girlfriend from Shanghai arrives on his doorstep with money stolen from her billionaire father and thugs on her heels.

Tan soon finds himself on the run, trying to out-manuever international hackers and protect his friends, family and sister - and his own heart.

Ash's Cabin by Jen Wang (First Second) - YA graphic novel.
Ash has always felt alone.

They love natural spaces and the feeling of wind wooshing around their bicycle, but their heart constantly breaks by their family and classmates, who all seem hellbent on destroying the planet through uncaring consumption.

Growing up, Ash remembers hearing a story that Grandpa Edwin had built a secret cabin deep in the California forests. These days, Ash has started thinking that Edwin's maybe-mythical cabin sounds like the perfect place to start a new life...and escape the miserable alienation of teen life.

But wilderness survival isn’t easy. And as much as Ash disdains other people... they’re human too. Can Ash be happy alone? Can Ash survive alone?

The Dark We Know by Wen-yi Lee (Gillian Flynn Books)
A lyrical YA horror debut from Gillian Flynn Books about a teen girl who must team up with her last surviving childhood friend to confront the evil in their hometown.

Stephen King’s IT meets Rory Power’s Wilder Girls in Wen-yi Lee’s gorgeously gruesome YA horror debut. After escaping her abusive father, eighteen-year-old Isadora Chung swore never to return to her dead-end hometown of Slater. The town has already claimed the lives of her two best friends, who died by suicide during their senior year.

But when Isa’s father dies, she can’t resist the chance to claim an inheritance that will pay her art student loans, even if that means going home one last time. Except it’s not that simple. Because according to Isa’s last living childhood friend, Mason Kane, the ones they've lost are still there, and their deaths were not accidents or suicides.

Something is waiting in the shadows of Slater, something that feeds on the pain and heartbreak of its children—and whatever it is, it knows Isa’s back and it won’t let her escape twice.

August 15th
The Exile's Gift by Tamora Pierce (Random House) - originally dated September 2021, then moved from 2023.
In which we learn of Numair's last years at the university of Carthak, the beginning of his conflict with the newly-made Emperor Ozorne (Numair's best friend), his quick departure from Carthak, and how he survives afterward.

August 20th
Something Like Right by H.D. Hunter (FSG) - moved from 2023.
A contemporary young adult novel about a biracial Black and white teen boy who contends with a life-altering year at an alternative school, showing a raw glimpse into the systemic inequality experienced by young people in racialized communities.

Zay’s ma always said his mouth would get him in trouble. Sure enough, it got him into his first and only fight in his junior year of high school. Expelled from his district, Zay’s only hope for redemption is to transfer to Broadlawn Alternative School and complete the year.

Zay isn’t thrilled about the disgusting school lunch and classroom trailers at Broadlawn, and boarding with his aunt Mel and her live-in boyfriend isn’t the greatest. But he’d rather be there than in the city dealing with his estranged father, his overbearing mother, and the fallout from his fight. Besides, Broadlawn has Feven, the beautiful new student Zay is starting to get to know—and fall for.

Still, first love is rarely a fairy tale, and as Zay’s time in Broadlawn comes to an end, he learns that shaping yourself within a new place is a lot harder than letting it shape you. But worth it, nonetheless.

A tender contemplation of first love, broken families, and healing generational trauma.

Helga by Catherine Yu (Page Street)
Helga is not the obedient science experiment her father intended. And though she has only just awoken, he leaves her in the care of his lab assistant Penny to go on a business trip.

Bursting with curiosity, Helga quickly escapes from the well-meaning Penny and heads into Amaris City. There Helga finds she is as untamable as the invasive blackberry vines overtaking the island. And because of the misdeeds of her father’s scientific community, the natural world grows more volatile.

Helga soon discovers the night market, rowdy clubs, delicious food, and cute boys. Enamored with city life, she’ll do anything to find love―but she has only two weeks until her father gets back, and besides there are ominous rumblings from the volcanic island that could put her dating schemes, and even her own life, in grave peril.

Mighty Millie Novak by Elizabeth Holden (Jolly Fish Press)
Ashtyn Stann at Jolly Fish Press has acquired Mighty Millie Novak, a lower YA sapphic contemporary by debut author Elizabeth Holden, in which 16-year-old Millie must navigate her parents' divorce, tumultuous friendships, and her own self-doubt while exploring her new passion for roller derby. Publication is scheduled for fall 2024; Allison Hellegers at Stimola Literary Studio negotiated the deal for world English rights.

Wisteria by Adalyn Grace (Little, Brown)
A third deathly and decadent book in the New York Times bestselling Belladonna series.

Holy Terrors by Margaret Owen (Henry Holt) - moved from June 2024.

August 27th
Mysterious Ways by Wendy Wunder (Wednesday Books) - moved from 2021.

A sharp and hilarious coming-of-age novel about a girl who quite literally knows everything, from award-winning author Wendy Wunder.

Seventeen-year-old Maya knows things. When she looks at someone, she instantly knows everything about them: their history, their private thoughts, their secret desires, their most tragic failures. She walks around with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Which is why she was sent to the Whispering Pines Psychiatric Facility, and also why starting at a new school is going to be such a challenge. Especially when Maya meets a guy she actually wants to be around, and must grapple with whether there’s such a thing as knowing too much.

Don't Let It Break Your Heart by Maggie Horne (Feiwel and Friends) - previously titled Stay Here With Me.
Rachel Diebel at Feiwel and Friends has bought, at auction, Stay Here with Me, Maggie Horne's (Hazel Hill Is Gonna Win This One) YA debut. Pitched as a cross between Some Girls Do and Netflix's The Half of It, the novel is a queer love story that centers on two best friends (and recent exes, after one of them came out as gay) who find themselves developing feelings for the same girl. Publication is planned for fall 2024; Claire Friedman at Inkwell Management did the deal for North American rights.

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