August 2023 New Releases


Do This One Thing for Me by Laura Zimmermann (Dutton)
Andrew Karre at Dutton has bought Laura Zimmermann's sophomore YA novel, Do This One Thing for Me, a con-artist thriller about three siblings in rural Wisconsin who risk everything on the grift their mother started so they can keep their family together. Publication is scheduled for August 2023; Tina Dubois at ICM Partners sold world English rights.

Forty Words for Love by Aisha Saeed (Kokila)
Zareen Jaffery at Kokila has acquired Aisha Saeed's YA magical realism novel, Forty Words for Love, in an exclusive submission. The love story follows two teens, Yas and Raf, as they reel from a tragic death and the economic collapse of their town. When a mysterious family arrives full of questionable promises, the townspeople must decide whether to break apart or heal. Publication is scheduled for August 2023. Taylor Martindale Kean at Full Circle Literary brokered the deal for world rights; Saeed is now represented by Faye Bender at the Book Group.

August 1st

I'll Tell You No Lies by Amanda McCrina (FSG)
Wesley Adams at FSG has bought historical thriller I'll Tell You No Lies by Amanda McCrina (Traitor; The Silent Unseen). This Cold War novel set in upstate New York features the teenage daughter of an Air Force officer who becomes entangled with a young Soviet pilot accused of being a spy. Publication is slated for spring 2023; Jennie Kendrick at Red Fox Literary negotiated the deal for world rights.

August 15th

A Tall Dark Trouble by Vanessa Montalban
(Zando) - moved from March 2023.

Practical Magic meets Erika L. Sanchez in this propulsive YA fantasy about a Cuban American family of brujas who get entangled in love, magic, and murder, alternating between 1980s Cuba and present-day Miami.

Twin sisters Ofelia and Delfi know better than to get involved with magic. Their Mami has seen to that. After all, it was magic that cursed their family, turning love into a poison. Romance is off the table for the Sanchez women. They’ve seen the curse take hold enough times to know how that road ends. And yet. Sometimes a girl catches feelings and just can’t help herself.

When Ofelia and Delfi begin having premonitions of a series of murders, the sisters know it is time to embrace their magical inheritance to get to the bottom of the mystery and save innocent lives. Teaming up with their best friend Ethan and with brooding detective-in-training Andres, the sisters set out to learn the truth. They just need to make sure Mami doesn’t find out what they’re up to.

Meanwhile, in 1980 Cuba, Anita struggles with a different magical conflict. Her mother, Mama Orti, is a bruja who belongs to a secret coven of elders and Anita knows she will be forced to join the coven herself one day. She sees no escape, though the thought of staying and letting this future claim her is terrifying. Ofelia, Delfi, and Anita’s stories collide as each woman steps into her power and embraces who she truly is, refusing to be subdued by any person, coven, or curse.

In this stunning YA contemporary fantasy, debut author Vanessa Montalban explores the interlocking struggles of three generations of women in one family. An unputdownable debut for anyone who roots for magic, sisterhood, and love.

Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker (Putnam) - moved from August 2022, then from October 2022.
In this near-future searing indictment of the juvenile justice system, one incarcerated teen weighs what she is willing to endure for forgiveness.

All it took was one night and one bad decision for fifteen-year-old Violetta Chen-Samuels’ life to go off the rails. After driving drunk and causing the accident that kills her little sister, Violetta is incarcerated. As a juvenile offender, her fate is in the hands of those she’s wronged—her family. With their forgiveness, she could go home. But without it? Well…

Denied their forgiveness, Violetta is now left with two options, neither good—remain in juvenile detention for an uncertain sentence or participate in the Trials, potentially regaining her freedom and what she wants most of all, her family’s love. But the Trials are no easy feat and in the quest to prove her remorse, Violetta is forced to confront not only her family’s pain, but her own—and the question of whether their forgiveness is more important than forgiving herself.

Disappearing Act by Jiordan Castle (FSG)
Moving and evocative, this YA memoir-in-verse follows author Jiordan Castle's coming-of-age as her family reckons with the aftershocks of her father's imprisonment.

It was the summer before high school,
the beginning of everything.
But also an end.

Jiordan’s family was never quite like everyone else’s, with her father’s mood swings, her mother’s attempts at normalcy, and her two older sisters with a different last name. But on the surface, they fit in.

Until the day the FBI came knocking on the door.

After that, her father’s mood plunged to a dangerous new low. After that, there was an investigation into his business and a sentencing in court. Soon Jiordan’s father would have to leave home, and her family would change forever.

Reckoning with the aftershocks of her father’s incarceration, Jiordan had to navigate friends who couldn't quite understand what she was going through, along with the highs and lows of first love. Under it all was the question: If Jiordan’s father was gone, why did she feel like the one who was disappearing?

Recounting her own experiences as a teenager, poet Jiordan Castle has created a searing and evocative young adult true-story-in-verse about the challenge to be free when a parent is behind bars.

Tilly In Technicolor by Mazey Eddings (Wednesday Books) - previously titled Tilly's Great Escape.
Eileen Rothschild at Wednesday Books has acquired, in an exclusive submission, Tilly's Great Escape, a YA debut by romance author Mazey Eddings. Recent high school graduate Tilly (who has masked her ADHD for years) is spending the summer touring Europe where she meets an attractive stranger on the plane in a series of opposites-attract in-flight disasters, in a story that celebrates neurodivergent love and making your own space in a world that wasn't built for you. Publication is slated for summer 2023; Kelli Martin at Wendy Sherman Associates negotiated the deal for world rights.

August 22nd
Teach the Torches to Burn: A Romeo and Juliet Remix by Caleb Roehrig (Feiwel and Friends) - moved from 2022.

In Teach the Torches to Burn, a breathlessly romantic remix of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and seventh book in the Remixed Classics series, a queer teen boy discovers first love amid a bloody, centuries-old feud.

Verona, Italy. Seventeen-year-old aspiring artist Romeo dreams of a quiet life with someone who loves him just as he is. But as the heir to the Montague family, he is expected to give up his "womanly" artistic pursuits and uphold the family honor—particularly in their centuries-old blood feud with a rival family, the Capulets. Worse still, he is also expected to marry a well-bred girl approved by his parents and produce heirs. But the more Romeo is forced to mingle with eligible maidens, the harder it is to keep his deepest secret: He only feels attracted to other boys.

In an attempt to forget his troubles for just one night, Romeo joins his cousin in sneaking into a Capulet party. During a fateful encounter in the garden, he meets the kindest, most beautiful boy he's ever encountered, and is shocked to learn he's Valentine, the younger brother of one of his closest friends. He is even more shocked to discover that Valentine is just as enamored with Romeo as Romeo is with him.

So begins a tender romance that the boys must hide from their families and friends, each of them longing for a world where they could be together without fear. And as the conflict between the Montagues and Capulets escalates out of control, Romeo and Valentine find themselves in danger of losing each other forever—if not by society's scorn, then by the edge of a blade.

Love and Other Wicked Things by Philline Harms (Wattpad Books)
Rebecca Sands at Wattpad Books has bought world rights to Love and Other Wicked Things by Philline Harms (Never Kiss Your Roommate), a witchy, sapphic romance set in a small, magical town. It's slated for spring/summer 2023; the author represented herself.

August 29th
Guardians of Dawn by S. Jae-Jones: Zhara (Wednesday Books) - moved from 2019, then from 2022, then from April 2023.
Eileen Rothschild at Wednesday Books has acquired world English rights to Guardians of Dawn, an East Asian-inspired fantasy series by Wintersong author S. Jae-Jones. Inspired by girl-centric narratives like Sailor Moon, four girls must combine their elemental magic to defeat a growing evil and restore the rightful heir to the throne. Publication is slated to begin in spring/summer 2019; Katelyn Detweiler at Jill Grinberg Literary Management brokered the four-book deal.

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