August 2023 New Releases


Do This One Thing for Me by Laura Zimmermann (Dutton)
Andrew Karre at Dutton has bought Laura Zimmermann's sophomore YA novel, Do This One Thing for Me, a con-artist thriller about three siblings in rural Wisconsin who risk everything on the grift their mother started so they can keep their family together. Publication is scheduled for August 2023; Tina Dubois at ICM Partners sold world English rights.

August 15th

Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker (Putnam) - moved from August 2022, then from October 2022.
In this near-future searing indictment of the juvenile justice system, one incarcerated teen weighs what she is willing to endure for forgiveness.

All it took was one night and one bad decision for fifteen-year-old Violetta Chen-Samuels’ life to go off the rails. After driving drunk and causing the accident that kills her little sister, Violetta is incarcerated. As a juvenile offender, her fate is in the hands of those she’s wronged—her family. With their forgiveness, she could go home. But without it? Well…

Denied their forgiveness, Violetta is now left with two options, neither good—remain in juvenile detention for an uncertain sentence or participate in the Trials, potentially regaining her freedom and what she wants most of all, her family’s love. But the Trials are no easy feat and in the quest to prove her remorse, Violetta is forced to confront not only her family’s pain, but her own—and the question of whether their forgiveness is more important than forgiving herself.

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